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  1. DAY 18, LEGS(Yesterday)

    4 RPM + 6 DRIVE total.

    As promised, I took my bp measurements before working out. This is exactly 1 week after the 1st measurement which was after my leg workout. Result: 117/60, which is extremely good. Resting heart rate was 68 bpm.


    Front squats up to 205 lbs. +10 lbs from last week!

    Hack squats up to 210. +40 lbs from last week.

    Glute ham raises, not quite straight body, 4 sets. These are getting much easier. I could barely do 2 sets when I first started.

    Leg curls, about 65 lbs on the machine, 4 sets.

    Leg extensions, whole stack which is 235 lbs, 3 sets.

    Calf machine ~175 lbs 3 sets, body weight single leg calf raises 4 sets.

    Leg press 460 lbs

    Strength: UP on most stuff AGAIN. Kind of crazy this isn't a steroid.

  2. DAY 19, Chest(yesterday)

    4 RPM + 6 DRIVE total

    Incline db press up to 90s 6 reps. +5 lbs from last week

    Decline db press 80s 3 sets. +5 lbs from last week.

    Hammer grip incline 35+45 per side 3 sets

    Machine flies 2 sets 160 lbs

    Cable flies 3 sets 60 lbs

    20 mins cardio.

  3. it seems that empty stomach is key

  4. Yeah, I agree. At least 1/2 hr seems to work for me.


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