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  1. DAY 12, chest(Yesterday)

    2 RPM + 3 DRIVE upon waking. 2 RPM + 3 DRIVE about 1.5 hrs pre workout.

    75g rolled oats + 50g wpi.

    Incline db press up to 85s. Down 5 lbs, was 90s last week. But it was a different gym with different type weights which were rubber and bigger than the normal ones I use.

    Decline db press 75s. I hate this damn decline bench they have at this gym. It's really only made for doing situps and doesn't make doing chest very easy.

    Incline iso hammer press 45+35 3 sets.

    DB flies, 45s.

    Low pully standing cable flies 40 lbs.

    Most of my lifts were about the same or down a little from last week. I feel a little like I'm under attack from some cold virus so that probably has something to do with it. I'm not sick yet and hopefully won't be but I'm just feeling a little bit like something's coming on.

    Strength: down a little on some excercises
    Bodyweight/Body Comp: I still think I'm a little leaner. Looking better in the mirror IMO but nothing huge yet. One area I'm noticing is my shoulders. I believe I'm seeing more separation now than a few weeks ago. I'm really hitting my shoulders hard the last 6 months, especially rear and lateral delts and they've come up quite a bit.
    Pumps/Vascularity: Still good in forearms and shoulders area for vascularity. I don't get too big of a pump besides vascularity unless I do higher reps, like 15-20 which is almost never.
    Endurance: Good, could have kept going but I don't want to over train.
    Aggression: seems to come and go.
    Focus: nothing more than normal
    Libido: definitely up from 2 weeks ago. Lots more indecent thoughts.
    Muscle Density/Hardening: still not sure, not lean enough to easily tell
    Overall Energy: still good. If I take even 1 more RPM it makes me too stimulated. Which is good for me because it lasts much longer
    Personal Commentary: I'm not sweating quite as much as the first week but now it's gotten much cooler out. I did notice today that most people at school were wearing jackets but I was just wearing a tshirt so I'm sure I'm still putting out more heat than most people. Although, I'm usually like that anyways, I don't get cold as much as some people.

  2. Day 13, arms

    2 RPM + 3 DRIVE upon waking. 2 RPM + 3 DRIVE about 1.5 hrs pre workout. 75g rolled oats + 50g wpi.

    I got up pretty early today and I was tired for a while. But I did wake up pretty good after taking the RPM and DRIVE.


    DB curls 50s, 3 sets.
    Decline skull crushers 40 lbs per side + bar weight. This bar was longer than the one last week and I'm pretty sure it weighed at least 5-10 lbs more.

    EZ curl bb curls, up to 100 lbs.

    Lying db extensions, 45 lbs 2 sets
    Sitting db extentions 35 lbs 3 sets

    Preacher curls with the longer bar + 40 lbs per side. Then 30 lbs per side.

    V-bar tricep extensions 80 lbs. This one doesn't have many pulleys to make the weight easier. On a different cable machine I can usually do the entire stack of 150 lbs + 25 lbs because of the pulley arrangement.

    Single arm DB curls on the preacher bench with 35s.

    Strength: A little bit less on db curls. They felt heavier for 50s. Did 55s last week for a couple of sets.
    Bodyweight/Body Comp: Still thinking I've lost some fat. I can see lots of little veins branching off the larger more visible veins.
    Pumps/Vascularity: Great vascularity in my forearms as usual. Nice bicep veins and tricep veins are becoming noticeable. Triceps were pretty pumped up after only a few sets. My shoulders were looking pretty pumped up. I'm starting to get that big roundness to my shoulders although not huge yet, but better than about a year ago.
    Endurance: Good, did cardio after and had lots of energy. The only thing is was my legs were hurting really bad from Sunday. A little more than usual.
    Aggression: seems to come and go.
    Focus: nothing more than normal
    Libido: still up
    Muscle Density/Hardening: still not sure, not lean enough to easily tell
    Overall Energy: still good
    Personal Commentary: my face got drenched from cardio and I was sweating pretty good during the workout but still much less than last week. I'm no longer the freak who's soaked at the end of a workout. Now I'm just only half soaked.
    One thing I've noticed before when I was just taking RPM is an increase in confidence. Anyone else notice this? It's still continuing so I tend to believe it's from RPM and/or DRIVE.

  3. Day 14, off
    Day 15, back

    2 RPM + 3 DRIVE upon waking. 2 RPM + 3 drive about 1.5 hrs pre workout.
    Pre workout meal: 80g rolled oats + 50g WPI

    Deadlifts up to 245 5 reps. Got a few more reps than last week. I'll probably take next week off from deads.

    Close grip t-bar rows up to 4 plates + 10 lbs.
    I believe this is up 10 lbs from last week. I thought I wrote that down in the last back day post but I guess not.

    Weighted pullups, shoulder width, body weight + 35 lbs. 3 sets 8-10. Up 10 lbs from last week!

    Iso incline row
    2x45 per side 10 reps.
    3x45 per side 8 reps.
    2x45+35 per side 10 reps 2 sets.

    DB rows 85s 10 reps.
    DB rows up to 90 lbs for 2 sets of 10.

    DB shrugs 80 lb dbs 3 sets.

    Shrug machine
    Standing shrugs 1 sets with 2x45 per side
    3 more set 2x45 + 40 per side. +30 lbs from last week :O

    HOWEVER, I plan to keep logging anyways for at least another 2 weeks if not more.

    SO, here is my assessment of DRIVE+RPM after 2 weeks:

    Strength: up a little on pretty much everything.
    Bodyweight/Body Comp: I'm sure I'm a little leaner. I plan to take some pictures this weekend and compare it to a few months ago. I've been basically at maintenance for a while so no huge changes in the last few months in weight, but I have made some strength gains in that time.
    Pumps/Vascularity: Great vascularity in my forearms as usual.
    Endurance: Good endurance. Still not really all that exhausted after the workout, but weaker.
    Aggression: seems to come and go.
    Focus: nothing more than normal
    Libido: still up
    Muscle Density/Hardening: still not sure, not lean enough to easily tell
    Overall Energy: still good
    Personal Commentary: The sweating is back. I think the reason I didn't get it the last few days was my timing before meals. I took it about 15 mins before my pre workout meal with about 250 ml of water to wash it out of my stomach fast. I don't think it was fast enough though and hindered or slowed absorption. Today I took it 1/2 hr before my pre workout meal and I was sweating a lot again. It was a heavier lift day but I don't think that had much to do with it because it felt the same as last week.

  4. DAY 16, shoulders(yesterday)
    Day 17 off(today)

    Took 2 RPM+3 DRIVE upon waking 1/2 hr or so before breakfast. 2 RPM+3 DRIVE about 1.5 hrs pre workout. 50g WPI, 75g rolled oats 1 hr pre workout.

    DB shoulder press 65 for 3 sets.

    Rear delt flies with 40s 3 sets of 8-10.

    BB military press 105 lbs 4 sets.

    Lateral DB raises 30 lbs 2 sets.

    Bent over reverse cable flies 45 lbs 3 sets. +5 lbs

    Front db raises 35 lbs 3 sets.

    Reverse fly machine 160 lbs.

    Wide grip bb rows 100 lbs 3 sets.

    Shoulder press machine 45 lbs per side 2 sets.

    Front cable raises 50 lbs

    Cardio, 15 mins hr ~135-140 bpm

    Strength: up in reps on shoulder press and some other exercises
    Bodyweight/Body Comp: same
    Pumps/Vascularity:Shoulders were very pumped up at the end of my workout. Good vascularity in my forearms and shoulders near anterior delt.
    Endurance:Better on db press this week
    Aggression: seems to come and go.
    Focus: nothing more than normal
    Libido: up from normal
    Muscle Density/Hardening: not sure.
    Overall Energy: still good energy.
    Personal Commentary: taking more time between DRIVE and eating definitely helps with absorption.

  5. i agree with u, eating defintely helps with absorption

  6. DAY 18, LEGS(Yesterday)

    4 RPM + 6 DRIVE total.

    As promised, I took my bp measurements before working out. This is exactly 1 week after the 1st measurement which was after my leg workout. Result: 117/60, which is extremely good. Resting heart rate was 68 bpm.


    Front squats up to 205 lbs. +10 lbs from last week!

    Hack squats up to 210. +40 lbs from last week.

    Glute ham raises, not quite straight body, 4 sets. These are getting much easier. I could barely do 2 sets when I first started.

    Leg curls, about 65 lbs on the machine, 4 sets.

    Leg extensions, whole stack which is 235 lbs, 3 sets.

    Calf machine ~175 lbs 3 sets, body weight single leg calf raises 4 sets.

    Leg press 460 lbs

    Strength: UP on most stuff AGAIN. Kind of crazy this isn't a steroid.

  7. DAY 19, Chest(yesterday)

    4 RPM + 6 DRIVE total

    Incline db press up to 90s 6 reps. +5 lbs from last week

    Decline db press 80s 3 sets. +5 lbs from last week.

    Hammer grip incline 35+45 per side 3 sets

    Machine flies 2 sets 160 lbs

    Cable flies 3 sets 60 lbs

    20 mins cardio.

  8. it seems that empty stomach is key

  9. Yeah, I agree. At least 1/2 hr seems to work for me.


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