Jet's 2 Week Test DRIVE

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  1. Day 13

    Switched up my workout today to more of a Rippetoe routine. Dosed at 2 Drive + 2 RPM, and had some good results.

    Strength: Strength felt really high today. Made a couple of PR's
    Bodyweight/Body Comp: I think I'm starting to get leaner. I've started to notice I look more cut up, especially while workout out.
    Pumps/Vascularity: Veins are starting to stay around for longer, pumps are good.
    Endurance: Great endurance today
    Aggression: Perfect amount from the RPM
    Focus: Good focus
    Libido: No change
    Muscle Density/Hardening: Bis and back seem hard today
    Overall Energy: Good overall energy and sense of well being

    Personal Comments
    I was feeling really dead this morning when I was getting ready to take my Drive dose and make my way to the gym, so I decided to pop 2 RPM. I ended up really enjoying the combo. The focus of Drive, paired with the aggression of RPM made for some good synergism. It normally takes me 3 to (usually) 4 RPM to get a good effect, but 2 RPM with my Drive was perfect. Got a good thermo effect throughout my workout, and good pump. Did some cardio at the end and felt like I could lift again when I was done. I think I'll be dosing 2RPM pre-workout with my Drive for the remainder of my bottles

  2. Day 14

    Off day today, dosed at 2x2.

    Tomorrow I'll write up a list of my impressions so far. Two weeks is up tomorrow, but I'll continue the log for a while

  3. Day 15

    I'm giving my body a few extras days of rest, and won't be lifting until Monday. I dosed at 2x2 today and did some fasted cardio this morning. Endurance and thermo effect were good, as usual.

    So today is the 2 week point, so I'll sum up my impressions so far:

    Strength: Strength has started to steadily rise my last few lifting sessions
    Bodyweight/Body Comp: I'm starting to look more cut, but I think the thermo effect will really kick in now that I'm doing cardio.
    Pumps/Vascularity: Veins are definitely more prominent, and get larger during workout.
    Endurance: Endurance has been great throughout
    Aggression: Aggression has been pretty high since the first few days of use
    Focus: Focus is usually hit or miss, but with RPM it seems really improved
    Libido: Libido hasn't really been any higher than usual. There were a couple of days where it was pretty out of control, but besides that it has been normal.
    Muscle Density/Hardening: Muscles seem slightly harder than usual
    Overall Energy: Affect on energy differs daily, but RPM remedies this.

    I'm going to continue this log for a while to see what results I get stacking with RPM. I think it took a few days longer than average for Drive to kick in because I have been following the old dosing scheme (2x2) not the new one (3x2). Now that I'm adding in RPM, and I've already been running Drive for 2 weeks, my cAMP levels should be where they need to be for me to see great results.

    I have requested another bottle of Drive as my gift product, and have a second bottle ready to go

  4. Day 19

    Had a great workout today, those extra few days off were definitely needed. Dosed 2 Drive + 2 RPM pre workout.

    Strength:Strength was definitely up today, PR's on three exercises
    Bodyweight/Body Comp: Still looking slightly leaner
    Pumps/Vascularity: Impressive vascularity in my arms today.
    Endurance: Great, especially with RPM added in
    Aggression: Pretty high, wanted to destroy the weights
    Focus: I'm really liking the focus/aggression synergism between Drive and RPM, best of both worlds.
    Libido: Libido was a little higher today, was more distracted by girls in the gym
    Muscle Density/Hardening: Muscles seem a little harder than usual
    Overall Energy: Good energy, especially since adding in RPM.

    During my days off I did a few cardio sessions, all went well with good endurance and thermo effects.

    Workout today was great, had good focus, energy, strength, etc. I think Drive really shines when stacked with RPM, it's hard to explain, but you get a very good synergy of aggression and focus, neither one too overbearing, putting you in a pretty great mood for lifting. Keep in mind I'm only dosing RPM on workout days to keep my tolerance for the stims in it down.

  5. Day 21

    Dosed 2 caps Drive + 2 caps RPM preworkout, will dose additional 2 Drive caps later in the day.

    Strength: Up again, more PR's today
    Bodyweight/Body Comp: Look a little fuller in the mirror
    Pumps/Vascularity: Veins were very noticeable today
    Endurance: Endurance was good, not as good as usual. Probably due to the heavier weights I was lifting
    Aggression: Not too high today
    Focus: Good
    Libido: Heightened
    Muscle Density/Hardening: Slight muscle hardening
    Overall Energy: Good

    Personal Commentary:
    I have been really tired all day, but after taking my RPM and Drive doses, I still got in a productive workout. Still seeing great strength increases, especially since adding RPM. Libido was very high today, which is the first time in this log. Pumps and vascularity were up as usual.

  6. Got my bottle of Drive in the mail from AN today!

    Thanks for getting it to me so quick guys, and thanks again for the opportunity

  7. No, thank you man!

  8. Day 23

    Dosed 2 caps Drive + 2 caps RPM preworkout, will dose additional 2 Drive caps later in the day.

    Personal Commentary:
    I'm just going to go straight to personal commentary today. Great workout today, more PR's, great focus and energy, and libido was up again. Seems like all the effects have kicked into full gear, especially since adding RPM preworkout.

    If you're going to buy Drive, do yourself a favor and stack it with RPM

  9. Day 26

    Personal Commentary
    2 Drive + 2 RPM today. I was extremely tired all day today, and was dragging ass in the gym. Struggled with DB presses but added weight to my squats, so it was a mix of good and bad. Pumps and vascularity were up as usual, libido was slightly heightened.

    Only one more workout left with my first bottle of Drive, then I'm going to have to save my other bottles for after my nEuphoria log

  10. Final Review

    Wanted to give my final review/thoughts about my run of Drive. I know it's a little delayed, but I wanted to give myself some time in the gym without Drive so I could evaluate what it did for me more effectively.

    The Good:
    I think the thing I liked most while on Drive was the strength gains I made, coupled with the great sense of mind/muscle connection. I feel that Drive improved my form, and I've been able to maintain my form even after discontinuing Drive. The pumps and vascularity were nice also, and to my surprise, much of my vascularity has remained after discontinuing Drive. I'd guess that this is from fat loss, which was another thing I really enjoyed about Drive. Like I said earlier in the log, Drive really helped with endurance, and made me enjoy my cardio.

    The Bad:
    The only real downside that I could find in Drive was the bowel irritation that it caused me. It was pretty mild, but remained through much of my use. When I run Drive again, I'll be sure to ramp up my use steadily to remedy the problem. I also didn't really notice much of a libido increase, but I think this may be more of a personality trait. I've never had extremely high, uncontrollable libido like some people, but did notice occasional libido increases with Drive.

    What I Would Do Differently:
    There are two major things I would have done differently. Drive took a while to kick in for me, nearly two weeks to start getting the full effects. Keep in mind that I was dosing at 2x2 for the majority of the log. I would recommend that anyone starting Drive steadily ramps up from 1x1 to 2x2, then finally to 3x3. After running 3x3 for around 5 days, I'd go back down to 2x2.

    The other thing I would change is RPM. When I first started the log, I wasn't dosing RPM. When I started adding in RPM on workout days (and only on workout days) I really started to notice a difference in my workouts, with lots of PR's and motivation. I was only using 2-3 RPM per workout session, as opposed to my normal 3-4.

    I really enjoyed my run of Drive, and will definitely be using it again. I still rank RPM as my favorite staple supplement, the cost/benefit ratio is pretty incredible with RPM if you only use it preworkout. To me, Drive is something I will be throwing in when I hit plateaus in my training, and I'm sure it will help me to break those plateaus. I have two bottles of Drive and a bottle of RPM waiting in my drawer for when I hit those plateaus, and I can't wait to use them.

    I'd again like to thank AN for this log opportunity, and I hope this log was helpful for those of you interested in Drive


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