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  1. Chest & Triceps-
    (a very light workout)

    Incline DB Fly-40lbs/8/3
    Incline DB Press-80lbs/8/3
    Pec-Deck Fly-180lbs/8, 190lbs/8, 200lbs/8

    Close Grip Flat BB Bench Press-225lbs/6/3
    (Rope)Cable Pressdowns-100lbs/8/3
    EZ Bar Skull Crushers-85lbs/8, 105lbs/8, 115lbs/6

    *I put a decent sized avulsion on a toe the other day, so I've been incapacitated as far as lifting goes. Today was my first day back in the gym for about 3 days. I only have around four days worth of Drive, so I will end my log around next Thursday. Anyhow, I've dropped down the dosage, but I have still been experiencing some mild stomach discomfort and gas. This is noteworthy, b/c it started two weeks ago and has remained ever since .

  2. Back & Biceps-

    SLDL-225lbs/8, 315/8, 405lbs/6
    Reverse Grip Cable Pulldowns-150lbs/8/3
    Bent Over BB Rows-135lbs/8/3(underhand)135lbs/8/3(overhand)

    Incline DB Curls-35lbs/8/3
    Single Arm DB Preacher Curls-35lbs/8/3
    Standing Straight Bar Cable Curls-120lbs/8/3

    *My stomach issues have me believing that there may be an underlying cause, so I've scheduled an appointment for this Friday. I will try for some PR's on my next workout day. Right now, I'm just focusing on my health, but I will continue using the supplements for the next couple of days as planned.

  3. Last Day of Cycle-

    Legs & Shoulders

    Squats-225lbs/12, 315lbs/8, 365lbs/6
    Hack Squat Calf Raises-225lbs/25/3
    Leg Extension Machine-120lbs/8/3

    Seated BB Military Press-185lbs/10, 225lbs/8, 255lbs/6, 285lbs/2(new PR )
    Cable Lateral Raises-30lbs/8/3
    DB Forward Raises-20lbs/8/3

    *Last day of cycle as initially laid out. I will continue the Neovar and Lipotrophin PM, but I'm going to shelve the remaining RPM. Overall, I have been impressed by the positive effects of the products, but the stomach discomfort from the Forskolin has been a big let down. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see if there were any underlying medical issues for my problems. I did manage to score a PR, so it hasn't been a complete loss.

  4. Final Thoughts-

    Drive- Product delivers as claimed, but it caused me some serious stomach discomfort towards the end of the cycle. I attempted to adjust dosages throughout the cycle, but I never quite found a spot I was comfortable with. Initial reports of an increased libido leveled off after two weeks, although ejaculatory volume remained high. Strength and endurance remained high throughout the last month.

    RPM-I have used this product(2 other bottles)before in the past, but was never really satisfied with the results. It seemed as if other users were getting gains that I wasn't, so I dismissed it entirely until this cycle. Overall, I think it helped to balance out the dosaging of Drive. If I were to ever use these products again(will see after Friday), I'd likely use it again in this manner. I definitely liked it better stacked with Drive than by itself.

    Neovar-Not a whole lot to say, except that this is a solid, capsulated, creatine product(although I like powders more). It does what its supposed to do and at a reasonable cost.

    Lipotrophin PM- This product has to be a diamond in the ruff as far as I'm concerned. It delivered everything it was supposed to and more. I was able to fall asleep quicker, and sleep much deeper, as a result of using Lipotrophin PM. For the going price of well under $20 for around 40 days, it will become a staple in my supplement usage for now on.


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