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  1. sorry about that...

    anyway goodluck with the rest of ur stack, im currently runnin drive and loving it....i hear great things from 5-6 caps a day so i went an bought another bottle

  2. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    sorry about that...

    anyway goodluck with the rest of ur stack, im currently runnin drive and loving it....i hear great things from 5-6 caps a day so i went an bought another bottle
    Thanks for following, I'm sure you'll be happy at that dosage. Personally, I've found me sweet spot with four of RPM and four of Drive every day.

  3. I haven't posted a workout in a couple of days, but I've been in the gym. It was a busy week and weekend for me. Anyhow, I noticed some diarrhea when dosing 4 caps of Drive by itself, so I've been keeping it at 2 with 2 of RPM twice a day. Everything is on track and I'm noticing a good bit of thermogenesis going on at night and throughout the day. I'll post my current numbers later tonight.

  4. Back/Biceps

    Pull-Ups- 15/3(no weight, strictly for warm up)
    SLDL-225lbs-10, 315lbs-7, 405lbs-3
    Bent Over BB Rows-(under)135lbs-8/3(over)135lbs-8/3
    Single Arm DB Rows-90lbs/8/3

    Incline DB Curls-35lbs-8/3
    Single Arm DB Preacher Curls-30lbs10/3
    Standing Straight Bar Cable Curls-120lbs/10, 130lbs/8, 140lbs/6

    *My wokout was decent today. I was a bit overstimulated after dosing the Drive/RPM so close to the first dose(before workout dose occured at 11:30am, first dose was at 7:00am). Overall, things have been consistant since starting the RPM/Drive stack. Nothing new to note.

  5. Legs&Shoulders-
    Squats-225lbs/8, 275lbs/8, 305lbs/6
    Calf Raises-180lbs/25/4
    Leg Curl Machine-120lbs/8/3
    Leg Extension Machine-140lbs/8/3

    Lateral Cable Raises-30lbs/12/3
    DB Military Press-50lbs/12/3
    Forward DB raises-20lbs/10/3
    Hammer Smith Military Press-160lbs/10, 180lbs/8, 180lbs/6

    *The weather has changed around here, so my joints have been acting up a bit. Overall, my workout today went well. Sleep is still great, mood is still good, but DOMS has been creeping up on me lately. I'm hoping this is only temporary, b/c next week I'll be trying for PR's in a few major lifts.

  6. Chest & Triceps-
    (a very light workout)

    Incline DB Fly-40lbs/8/3
    Incline DB Press-80lbs/8/3
    Pec-Deck Fly-180lbs/8, 190lbs/8, 200lbs/8

    Close Grip Flat BB Bench Press-225lbs/6/3
    (Rope)Cable Pressdowns-100lbs/8/3
    EZ Bar Skull Crushers-85lbs/8, 105lbs/8, 115lbs/6

    *I put a decent sized avulsion on a toe the other day, so I've been incapacitated as far as lifting goes. Today was my first day back in the gym for about 3 days. I only have around four days worth of Drive, so I will end my log around next Thursday. Anyhow, I've dropped down the dosage, but I have still been experiencing some mild stomach discomfort and gas. This is noteworthy, b/c it started two weeks ago and has remained ever since .

  7. Back & Biceps-

    SLDL-225lbs/8, 315/8, 405lbs/6
    Reverse Grip Cable Pulldowns-150lbs/8/3
    Bent Over BB Rows-135lbs/8/3(underhand)135lbs/8/3(overhand)

    Incline DB Curls-35lbs/8/3
    Single Arm DB Preacher Curls-35lbs/8/3
    Standing Straight Bar Cable Curls-120lbs/8/3

    *My stomach issues have me believing that there may be an underlying cause, so I've scheduled an appointment for this Friday. I will try for some PR's on my next workout day. Right now, I'm just focusing on my health, but I will continue using the supplements for the next couple of days as planned.

  8. Last Day of Cycle-

    Legs & Shoulders

    Squats-225lbs/12, 315lbs/8, 365lbs/6
    Hack Squat Calf Raises-225lbs/25/3
    Leg Extension Machine-120lbs/8/3

    Seated BB Military Press-185lbs/10, 225lbs/8, 255lbs/6, 285lbs/2(new PR )
    Cable Lateral Raises-30lbs/8/3
    DB Forward Raises-20lbs/8/3

    *Last day of cycle as initially laid out. I will continue the Neovar and Lipotrophin PM, but I'm going to shelve the remaining RPM. Overall, I have been impressed by the positive effects of the products, but the stomach discomfort from the Forskolin has been a big let down. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see if there were any underlying medical issues for my problems. I did manage to score a PR, so it hasn't been a complete loss.

  9. Final Thoughts-

    Drive- Product delivers as claimed, but it caused me some serious stomach discomfort towards the end of the cycle. I attempted to adjust dosages throughout the cycle, but I never quite found a spot I was comfortable with. Initial reports of an increased libido leveled off after two weeks, although ejaculatory volume remained high. Strength and endurance remained high throughout the last month.

    RPM-I have used this product(2 other bottles)before in the past, but was never really satisfied with the results. It seemed as if other users were getting gains that I wasn't, so I dismissed it entirely until this cycle. Overall, I think it helped to balance out the dosaging of Drive. If I were to ever use these products again(will see after Friday), I'd likely use it again in this manner. I definitely liked it better stacked with Drive than by itself.

    Neovar-Not a whole lot to say, except that this is a solid, capsulated, creatine product(although I like powders more). It does what its supposed to do and at a reasonable cost.

    Lipotrophin PM- This product has to be a diamond in the ruff as far as I'm concerned. It delivered everything it was supposed to and more. I was able to fall asleep quicker, and sleep much deeper, as a result of using Lipotrophin PM. For the going price of well under $20 for around 40 days, it will become a staple in my supplement usage for now on.


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