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    Leaving for Jamaica in seven hours. When I get online I'll post my comments on my arm workout today. Felt great!
    Have fun.
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  2. Well I'm back from Jamaica and I must say that I DEFINITELY think diet played a huge role this past week (as well as IGF-2). Just being at an all-inclusive where you can walk up at any time of the day and get an order of Jerk Chicken with veggies on the side and a Jamaican Smile (strawberry mix, pina colada mix, one banana, rum, amaretto, and cream, blended with ice) made a world of difference. I can't tell you how much I ate and drank poorly this past week and I didn't gain a pound! Anyhoo, enough about food, on to the workouts. They had a great fitness center at Sandals Whitehouse and I was able to mix in some cable exercises I normally wouldn't be able to. I won't go into all of the details, but everything was up. I felt like I could have gone for hours! It was amazing. I'll get back into daily logging tomorrow.

  3. Well it felt good to get back to my routine at home again. I think the muscle confusion of doing everything different for a week made a big difference.

    Strength: Great, and I kept adding more to my routine. Normally I start my hammer curl drop set with 40lb each at 8 reps but today I banged out 5 reps with 50lbs in each hand!

    Bodyweight/Comp: Same.

    Pumps/Vascularity: Good pumps. I felt really tight towards the end.

    Endurance: Energizer bunny syndrome again....

    Agression: No added agression.

    Focus: Focus was OK except for the TV that was on showing the wildfires in CA.

    Libido: No higher than usual

    Muscle Density/Hardening: Very tight towards the end.

    Overall Energy: This is up with the endurance.

  4. Yesterday was a pretty good day. I planned on just doing chest but decided to do a little chest and add shoulders in since shoulders are where I'm lacking...

    Bodyweight/Comp: Same.

    Pumps/Vascularity: Average pumps today because I really didn't hit my chesst that hard. My shoulders were pretty sore afterwards.

    Endurance: About average here but it could be because I had a lousy night's sleep.

    Agression: No added agression.

    Focus: This was pretty good today. I was pretty much dialed into what I was working on with no distractions.

    Libido: No higher than usual

    Muscle Density/Hardening: No extra hardening, but felt like I got in a great workout.

    Overall Energy: This is up with the endurance.

    Today is my last full day using Drive. I am doing back today so I'll hit it as hard as I can.

  5. OK, so yesterday was my last full day of Drive and the back workout was pretty good. My left shoulder was a little sore so that hindered it a bit. Here are my overall judgements of Drive....

    Bodyweight/Comp: Same. I really only have about 45 minutes a day to work out and I didn't expect my body to change THAT much in a few short weeks.

    Pumps/Vascularity: The pumps were definitely better than what I've had before Drive!

    Endurance: This also went up while using Drive. This was an added bonus.

    Agression: No added agression.

    Focus: I don't think this changed for me at all.

    Libido: Hard to tell since I think I'm always walking around horny.

    Muscle Density/Hardening: During the workout, this was up but just like NO2 products, this went away.

    Overall Energy: This is up with the endurance.

    Would I suggest this to someone.. of course. It wasn't that expensive and I did see results.

  6. HHH,

    Thanks for the log man! Great job!


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