Best supplements

  1. Best supplements

    Im on creatine, L-argine l-lusine and high does of BCAA power

    I take 3 pills a day of the 2 pills and I take 4 pills a day of the creatine.

    I feel I diet well taking in over 3000 calories and over 200 grams of protien but I dont feel like im gaining weight. My body looks better and more defined but the weight doesnt seem to come on.

    If there are any other supplemtns let me no

  2. WTF is this doing here?! haha

    Anyways, you sounds like an Ecto if you cant put on weight but are staying/getting lean. You need to up the calories, idealy carbs.
    Oats 2-3 times a day. Morn and Post WO for sure.
    Other than that i would say look into adjusting your diet then supps. Just casue you THINK youre well over 3000 doesnt mean you diet, height may be and issue and current weight. We can get no where talking about supps if you suck at eating. Trust me, alot of guys were goin to say this to so dont think im being a prick.

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