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    I couldn't agree more with that. I can't stand being out of the gym, but when I do take a week off it feels incredible to get back there fresh that next week.
    i've made some dramatic gains since i started taking a week off every 8-12 weeks of training. thats opposed to going months and months on end without any time off.

  2. for sure, i'm actually at about 12 now, my week on vacation in july was my last time I was off, that was like the 14-21st

  3. Day 22

    Back and Biceps today

    Wow I could see veins in my shoulders I've never noticed before. It was pretty cool. I was really trying to improve my "mind / muscle" connection when working my back. I got a solid back pump. I was pretty energetic and had a good workout.

  4. Day 23

    192 lbs 16.6% BF

    I certainly don't feel it, but it looks like The BF is slowly coming off. I'm sure if I incorporated morning cardio into the mix it would be even faster. I'm just not motivated enough to do it. No excuses.

    Got real tired today at work around 4. Pretty typical for me realy. Drank an energy drink and took some Drive and was ready for my workout at 5. Shoulders today.

    Good workout. Not exceptional, but good. Steamroom was niice. Was happy to see the improved BF numbers.

    It's time to take the week off. Next Sunday will kick off Legs. Until then, I'm on workout vacation! haha

    I'll do some stairstepping and bike work three times this week. I also bought some PFO Pure Fish Oil that is Orange Flavored. I have to cut calories someplace else, but I'd like to incorporate it into my diet.

    Two more days of post cycle therapy and I'm DONE Everything looks pretty good from the cycle.


    I originally gained 10 lbs on cycle. From 188 to 198.
    I was 18.5% BF and had 161lbs LBM.
    Now I am 192 and have 16.5% or 160.3 LBM.
    So thats a loss of .6 lbs of LBM since I started post cycle therapy and a loss of 5 lbs of fat. Not bad.

  5. Should I keep up the Drive supplementation during my off week?

  6. thanks. Should i cut my calories by a tiny bit this week since i'm not working out? Maybe from 2400 to 2200 or so on non-cardio days?

  7. You could cut some carbs out, since you're not doing weights. Maybe around 40 a day would suffice.

  8. right on

  9. You could work abs with your cardio on your week off - if you wanted. Regardless, enjoy the break!

  10. Sounds good. I am cutting the "oats" i mix in my protein shakes and I'll do abs during cardio. Tues/Wed/Fri.

  11. Well my Blood Pressure was at 135/90 which is considered "Normal High." It normally is much lower. I wonder if this is residual from the hdrol/epi or if this is due to the Drive.

  12. Alrighty then - breaks over, get back to WORK!!!! Ha-Ha!

  13. edwards,

    Icariin actually has positive effects on BP. I am guessing it's residual effects from cycle.


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