Twitchs (insert cool name here) stack

  1. Twitchs (insert cool name here) stack

    So i will once again try to log my stack.
    AX - MAss FX
    AX - Hyperdrol
    Shock Therapy
    Storm-Almost gone havent decide what to switch too.
    4 more servings of Incarnate
    ProComplex Whey but almost out and will switch to Muscle Milk due to past experience.

    Accessory supps are - GABA, Melatonin, Poseidon, 5HTP, B12.
    These are taken on a need to need basis except Poseidon everyday morn, afternoon or postWO.

    Work schedule fluctuates alot but i can often get in 4 days of training.

    Cardio - session by session basis - HIIT if i have the energy if not 3.5mph walk for 5 minutes-10 minutes

    Lifting - 8-12 rep range.
    i often "wing it" per say but i do have structure, you will se when i log.

    Diet - Carbs, all whole grains, will still be stopped at 8 unless i have work till 10 then a small amount will be needed after.
    Protein will be at the typical 1.5g per lb of body weight

    I am still tryin to cram in some more fruits and veggies as i am only at 1-3 servings a day.

    I wont log my diet becasue i dont cal count and i know i eat fairly well as it is, i may post someof it here and there.

    I am taking sat and sunday off.

    I will start dosing sunday.

    I am hoping to be able to keep up with this as to i want it to be a reference for new product logs in the future.
    I will post weight and measurements tomorrow after work.

  2. Subbed! Looks like the makings of a soild log!


  3. Shock Therapy- taken friday. 30 minutes prior to lifting. 1 hour after a PB & J on whole wheat with water.

    I am not a fan of the "thick" consistancy. Very tolerable taste, at first a bit scary but within 3-4 seconds of drinking nothin big. Energy was ok, noticed increase in focus and wanting to lift.
    Vasculrity - fair. Nothing great but noticable. WTF Pumped helped much mor in this department for me.

    Stomach feeling - fair. settles well does not make me "rummbly" and not excessive urinating like with NO-Xplode and sometimes WTF.

    All in all - MAy see improvement with use of current. Will ty to stick with it every WO.

    Tomorow i begin dosing my AX stuff. . Monday i will be doing back & bi's.
    cardio will be 5min. 3.5mph walk between each one(back, cardio,bi's, cardio.)

  4. Weighed in at 180 yesterday.
    Been studying alot so havent had time to post. updates tonight after my WO about yesterday and todays.

  5. Damn hopefully this log you can keep up with. I like going to the same one to check out how ur doin.

  6. I think I'm gonna buy both Ragnarok and Focus XT next supp run.

    WTF Pump'd is awesome.

    MHP's Trac NO-Extreme wasn't for my liking.

    I tried this energy drink called 'HOOAH!' that was supposedly made by the Department of Justice for soldiers and took 2 years....which is pathetic.

    All it is is simple sugars. That's it, nothing else. No stims, no vitamins, no herbs, nothing but simple sugars.

  7. Yea i like wTF more than Shock therapy already. oh well. Wish they had a stim free WTF....

    I just bought some focus XT, lipo Ultra, Piracetam, Na-RALA.


  8. I like WTF's stim. It is extremely mild compared to SuperPump/NO-XPLODE. WTF is really a great product I'll admit.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    I like WTF's stim. It is extremely mild compared to SuperPump/NO-XPLODE. WTF is really a great product I'll admit.
    For sure. i just want to try Chaos still.
    Im bout to shower, have a shake then hit up subway. Then updates.

  10. Ok, little out of it due to 8 hours of napin from Gaba and Melatonin but here we go....

    1 hour prior - 2 caps MFX & HDx2
    25 prior - Shock Therapy
    this happens always, if anythign else added ill inform.

    During WO drink - Storm and Poseidon

    Flat bench -135x15 185x8 135x15 185x7
    Decline - 135x15 185x9
    Cable crosses- 25x12 30x10 30x8
    Pushs up- 12
    DB kickback- 20x12
    DB curls - 40x10(each arm)
    Hammer -35x 10
    Seat calf raises-45x15 90x10 135x8
    Front Leg extensions(machine) -100x15 90x10
    Wide stance smith squat-ATG - 100x10 100x8
    Close stance(feet 8 inches apart) ATG- 100x8 100x8

    Yes it seems like a lot but.
    1.tryin to burn cals.
    2. high reps for strength
    3. The supps must be helping.

    I did notice today i was ready to go sooner and that my sets were not as "tiring" i am contributing this to my during mix. Today was the first day of adding poseidon and i will continue to do so.
    I have noticed i have the across my bi vein showin now during workouts.
    The AX stack is only on day 2 so i feel right nwo i cant fel it even though i have been feeling stronger in the gym.
    These could also be the Shock Therapy, it is not an insane RPM/WTF Pumped type energy but more focused and you get that "time for business" feeling.

    I am on shoulders, cardio, abs tomorrow.
    Cardio will consist of a 20-30 min session due to Tripdog and MAtthew76 advising so. I will prolly switch next wek back to lower reps it up for debate still.

    Once again. I know my training and body. I knwo i need high volume. My chest is laggin casue my genes suck so i work it a bit more and the rest a day then wokr it heavy. i found what workd. if yo uahve suggestions im up for it completly just dont tell me im wrong.

    Thank you

  11. Some suggestions for Chest:

    I have to work mine all around with a decent amount of volume because I used to have a lagging chest about one year ago, this is what I've used that has really brought it up:

    Flat bench: 4x12
    Incline bench: 4x12
    Decline bench: 4x12
    Dumbbell flies: 4x12

    The high volume I used for a good 10 months which really helped. The dips I did on tricep days and they looked something like this:

    Dips: 20 reps (bodyweight) x 4

    Doing decline/dips will help with the lower chest...anyways give it a try, it might help you.

    Now that my chest is sorta up to speed 1 year later I do all exercises in sets of 3

    Dumbbell flat: 12, 10, 8
    Dumbbell flies: 14, 12, 12

    I made the mistake before of only doing barbell chest exercises too, now that I do both it has been quite a change.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by MentalTwitch View Post
    Work schedule fluctuates alot but i can often get in 4 days of training.

    Cardio - session by session basis - HIIT if i have the energy if not 3.5mph walk for 5 minutes-10 minutes

    Lifting - 8-12 rep range.
    i often "wing it" per say but i do have structure, you will se when i log.
    What is your overall objective with this log? Mass, recomp, cut?

    Anywho, good luck subbed.

  13. Great detail...Nice log!

    I also echo xjsynx's question, What is your objective?


  14. It's tough to say i huess more recomp than cut. I'm tryint o lean out and stay strong. I finally got ober not being hung up on actual size.
    So im tryin to drop fat, mainly ab area, more vascular, endurance, stronger/stay same.
    I have to skip cardio today, my right testi is a bit uncomfortable. It may not be exactly it but that general area, nto constant but here and there i notice it. I may try the eliptical today, stretch at home and see how it goes.

    As i type this i just got my new package. FocusXT, Lipo Ultra, Piracetam, and the new helper recomended by TripDog...NA-RALA!

    I have incorperated more veggies and fruit already. i have been gettin hungry around 8-9 due to the no carbs after 7-8. I am managing it well though.

    Thanks everyone.

    EDIT: took garbage out, felt it, not real strong but its more at the base of my "business" not the actuall worker. Prolly from my squats yesterday, not heavy i know but still.

  15. Went for a bit. Not so bad.

    Pull up palms out - 12-10
    Pushups - 10 10
    Cable side pulls- 15x10 10x8
    Front EZ bar raises -60x12 50x10
    DB press- 45x10
    Upright rows- 60x10

    DB leans? hold DB in one hand standing and lean to that side then return to upright.
    50x15 45x12 45x10

    Leg raises-15 15 10

    Ran for 10 minutes @ 160 heart rate. Ill work my way up, dint wantt o push witht the minor injury.

    I skipped the Shock Therapy and Storm today and i could tell. Vascularity and focus was down a bit.

    I used my Lipo U early morn and some NA-RALA preWO.
    For the record - NA-RALA burns the throat, bad! Trip said it was dumpable but i disagree, water or Gatrorade from now on.

    Also picked up some Muscle Milk today, love that stuff only neg. is 8g sat fat...ugg.

    I use Poseidon during my WOs now and i like it.

    Tomorrow is off for sure.
    Fridays goin to be a late night with work ending at 6pm.

  16. Off day AKA Bump. haha
    Diet was kept in check.
    Dosed some NA-RALA after my last full meal at 7:30.

    Tomorrow i may do my cardio in the morn before work at 12pm. Then after go lift.

    If i lift it'll be back day if not sat. is back day.

    Also, i'm down 1 lb.

  17. Today was sic!
    Woke up ate.
    Went to work.
    My lame a$$ gym closes at workin on it.
    So ran around my neighborhood for 25minutes at what i felt to be the pace i kept at the gym which equaled a 160 heart rate as recomended. I may have been a bit higher though cause i assume you work alil harder running regular than on a treadmill.
    The run was great, i felt like i could go a bit more but din't want to push it. I only had poseidon in the morn. I had my NA-RALA 15minutes prior, AX stuff at double dose 1 hour prior and applied LipoU in the morn before work(11:30) and 1 hour 15 before my run.

    I for some reason went down in vascularity? It make be becasue of the poseidon keepin me very hydrated but i can see more dfinition in my ab area, shoulders and tricep. So im kind of happy? Anyways down 1lb still and feel liek endurance is up. Havemt had a chance to test out strength yet but monday is back day for sure and that is my fav.

    My week fell apart last wek with studies and work but this log is about to take off.
  18. Thumbs up

    Should be a great log!


  19. I've thought about running the pair myself (hdx2 + massfx), or running it at the "ultimate cycle" as they have it listed on their site. how long are you running it for?

  20. Full bottle. 4 weeks and mid way ill take the extra caps. 8 days ill be taking 3 Pre WO instead of 2(of each) That will actually start wed. i think.

    Today was off cause i want to be ready for tomorrow.
    I will be taking Shock Therapy PreWO and Strom w/poseidon during.
    Today bat wokr i felt stronger if thats asignof anything. I move tile and carpet rolls alot.

  21. Today was great!
    Last night i got sick...not sure why. I took some neurobalance and melatonin before bed. I din't throw up but almost did.
    Anyways, Today was great...
    Supps::::::>2 MFX, 2 HDx2, Retain 2, WTF Pumped, Storm, NA-RALA, Lipo Ultra.
    I also had a shake hour and half before. Im back to muscle Milk
    Weighed in at 176 this morn.
    Ill try to post pics soon also.

    (Warm up)
    Pullups -15
    Pushups 15
    Pullups -10
    push ups - 8
    Cleans 95 x 15

    Cleans - 135x 15
    Bent BB rows - 135x15
    Cleans - 185x10
    Bent BB rows - 185x8
    Lift n Clean - 185x8 135x6
    Bent DB Lat rows - 75x12
    Hammer curls - 45x10 20x8 40x10
    Regular curls - 40x12
    Bent side DB rasies(back of shoulder/trap area) - 25x12 20x12
    Front EZ bar raises-? Arms like youre goin to curl but instead use shoulder and keep arms straight lift above head.
    60x12 60x10 40x10

    Smith Calf rasies - 180x20 180x20
    Smith Wide stance squats - 180x12 180x12

    Today i felt good mentally and physically. The only problem i had was that half way i started to get a feeling like i was goin to get sick but i think its from the creatine and pushing myself hard. I have had it before i just slow myself down for a few minutes.

  22. Have you noticed anything from the NA-RALA yet? Also, have you used something like anabolic pump to compare it too?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Botch View Post
    Have you noticed anything from the NA-RALA yet? Also, have you used something like anabolic pump to compare it too?
    I kind of went against my own idea and no i cant diretly tell casue im using a few different things. Yes after a carb meal when i take it i do notice i dont' feel as full for as long. Energy, non from it. I know Rodja takes it and he uses it as a general well being/cosmetic sup.
    I plan on using some Drive, AP or Pslin after this after a few weeks off.
    I am goin to finish this. Continue Poseidon and Na-RALA and see how it goes.

  24. Today was good, felt very strong.
    Shock Therpay and double dose of AX stuff.
    Storm during WO.

    Slight increase of acne, not bad though.
    Havent taken poseidon in 2 days so im guesin thats why vascularity went down due to hydration.

    Flat bench-135x15 185x10
    Incline DB- 60x10 70x10 75x8
    Decline- 135x13 185x7
    Dips - 1x18 1x16
    DB kickback 20lbx10
    Triangle pushups(triceps) - 2x10
    Smith Squats ATG Wide-185x20 185x15
    Smith Squats ATG feet close -185x12 185x10
    10 minutes cardio @ 160 bpm

    It was a good day, felt like i could do more but keeping myself under control. I know i did legs yesterday but i dont hit them heavy often so i do them for 3-4 days fairly consecutive and then 2-3 days off and do them heavy.
    Chest felt full. I was in the zone.

    I;m startin to up the carbs again also but will still cut them off at 7-8.


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