Chlorodrol + Epistane

  1. Chlorodrol + Epistane


    50mg Chlorodrol (pulse) EOD
    + recommended dosage of Aplodan ED


    30mg Epistane ED


    60mg Epistane ED


    30mg Nolvadex ED


    20mg Nolvadex ED


    10mg Nolvadex ED

    Anyone see any problems with this cycle? I'm going to start it by the end of the week. Any input will be greatly appreciated. I'm finally ready to kick this plan into action. This is just my final "sanity check" before I take the plunge into these next couple months.
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  2. HD takes 3 weeks to kick in thus it is not the good compound to pulse. I am not a big fan either of running 2 methyls at the same time and your cycle seems a little reversed imo. I would run the halo straight and pulse the epi if you are set on running both of these. Otherwise i would just run one at a time.
    Have you ran a solo cycle of epi or HD before?

  3. No I haven't run either compound solo before. However I do know that if I pulse the Chlorodrol, I will drastically reduce any side effects and the Epistane should yield decent results with VERY low sides at that dosage level. Some would go as far as to say that with Epistane OR just pulsing the Chlorodrol that I wouldn't necessarily need a PCT. I decided that adding a SERM for PCT would be the responsible thing to do seeing that even though both compounds are mild, I am taking them both at the same time.

    I know you said my cycle looks a little reversed, but now that I've explained my thinking...What's your take on it?

    As far as taking 2 methyls at the same time... I don't think these specific compounds will cause any problems. If I do in fact have any trouble, I'll drop the Chlorodrol.

    I'm pretty sure my thinking is correct, though I still invite any further comments and appreciate the concern.

  4. What are your stats(including age), goals and cycle History?

    I don't think you understood what i was saying. CHlorodrol will take 3 weeks to kick in even when taking 50mg/day everyday. Thus it is a poor choice to pulse chlorodrol and you will see little results by pulsing it. If you want to pulse something some better choices would be epi, sd or pp.

    Epi and Chlorodrol, although mild compared to pp or sd, are still methylated steroids and will always require a PCT. Sides may not be as harsh but there will still be some sides and shutdown to some extent. In theory Pulsing them will just allow for a more mild pct that may or may not require a SERM and reduce the risk of severe side effects and shutdown.

    Since you haven't ran either of these before you definitely do not know exactly how you will react to them thus it is always better to Run the Epi or Chlorodrol Solo first and then maybe in a future cycle you might get better results Stacking. Personally i would not stack epi and Chlorodrol because they are both dry and it will be killer on the joints. Trust me you will see good results Running one of these solo and taking it everyday for 30days as long as your diet, training and pct/support supps are all in order.

    Bottom line is just choose the epi or chlorodrol and run it solo for 30 days and if you really want to pulse then choose the epi and not the chlorodrol. (pulse + chlorodrol = no good )

  5. Well that's an interesting take on the whole situation. The Chlorodrol is stronger than the Epistane, but if you really think that the Chlorodrol takes 3 weeks to kick in, maybe I should run it ED for the first 15 days or so and then run the Epistane ED alongside for 30 days.

    I do have the Nolvadex on hand for PCT as you can see... As far as the joint problems, that's anyone's guess.

    Who knows, I get so many different opinions on this that it's very difficult to make an educated decision on my own. I've done the research and I honestly thought my plan was in good shape. Maybe I need to take a second looks at the whole situation.

    BTW--I'm 21y/o, 5'10" 180" approx 14% body fat.
    Goals: Lose approx. 5 lbs of fat and gain approx 10 muscle.
    I think I'm setting my sights a little high as far as losing the fat and adding muscle but my daily routine outside the weight room is quite physically taxing in itself so it's very possible.

    It's not that I don't trust your opinion, I'm just interested to see what someone else will say when it comes to this cycle.



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