Getting Big with AN...Neovar & RPM style

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  1. Last Hams/Calf Workout

    Stiff Deads
    Warm-Up 135 @ 12 reps8-0-2
    225 @ 10
    245 @ 8
    275 @ 6
    295 @ 4
    -Felt good, wanted to get a good strength measure-
    315 @ 4 (100% RAW)

    Good Mornings
    85 @ 12
    95 @ 10
    115 @ 8
    125 @ 6

    Seated Leg Curl
    90 @ 12
    110 @ 10
    110 @ 8
    130 @ 6
    -Super Set-
    Seated calf raise
    150 @ 15
    170 @ 12
    180 @ 10
    190 @ 8

    Standing Calf Raise
    Toes IN
    250 @ 12
    250 @ 10
    Toes Out
    250 @ 13
    250 @ 11
    500 @ 6 (4 good/2 momnetum)

    Weight: 181.0

    Man I think 5 caps +75gr Oatmeal is the sweet spot for me with NeoVar, or it could be now Im takein the 2 products together but im ALWAYS hungry and my waist hasn't gotten any bigger (maybe smaller ) Explosive Strength is crazy. I've but an unreal amount of weight to me stiff deads over the last 4-5 weeks. I would have never guessed I could have got 315 for 4 reps RAW!!!! Although I did take 3 Drive 2day also...

    Lanbane: I got 3 of my buddies on RPM!!! I gave out some samples over the past few days, nothing but positive feedback . They all hit up the sale at NP. Great stuff guys!!!

  2. Chest
    Flat DB Bench
    95 @ 8
    100 @ 8
    105 @ 6
    110 @ 6

    Hammer Decline Machine
    270 @ 12
    280 @ 10
    290 @ 5

    10 Degree Incline Fly
    35 @ 15
    45 @ 12
    55 @ 10

    Cable Fy
    High 60 @ 10
    Med 50 @ 10
    Low 35 @ 10

    Lying Straight Bar Ext.
    110 @ 8
    115 @ 6
    125 @ 5

    Rev. EZ bar Push Down
    60 @ 12
    70 @ 10
    80 @ 8

    Behind back Dips w/ 45lb plate
    1 set til failure

    I took my 3 RPM+3Drive with 5 NeoVar pre-workout and going into the gym I didnt feel much and was kinda pissed. My 1st set was even tough, then my 2nd set was smooth as butter and it was on. Then after my 3rd set there was some big powerlifting guy talking s h i t about me and my boy out loud for some reason I have never talked to him or about him before so who knows. After that I got real pissed and had one of the best workouts of my life.

    After my workout in the locker room I finally did some poseing and I was so full and hard looking. Too bad im so pale because it was hard to see my viens "pop" but they were def out. Weight was 183.1lbs

  3. Thumbs up

    Great workout...amazing how a little anger channeled the right way can have such an impact!


  4. Yea that paired with the "kick in" of the RPM + Drive.

    Good to see someone's watching this stil Workin. I was starting to feel lonley just reading my posts,lol.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    Yea that paired with the "kick in" of the RPM + Drive.

    Good to see someone's watching this stil Workin. I was starting to feel lonley just reading my posts,lol.
    I think you have a few viewers...they just don't post much.


  6. Back/Bi's

    I had a ****ty workout 2day. My 10am class got canceld and it screwd up my whole day and not to mention I trained at a gym I have never been at before so I had to use equipment I havent used since High School (alot of Hammer Strength). I'm not even gonna post what I did as it was unimpressive. I think the new gym+messed up schedule gave this **** workout.

    With that said I stil had a GREAT pump and stil have it 7hrs later I ate alot of fruit 2day so maybe that's it

    Almost done.....2more days

  7. Last Day

    Going to hit shoulders here in a little bit then I'm done guys. I'll upload pic's (hopefully) 2maro morning and then do a full review in the afternoon.

  8. Can't wait to hear it. More people should give neovar a chance, it gives better results for its price than just about anything I can think of

  9. Hit shoulders last night

    Behind the neck shoulder press (52lb BB)
    95 @ 15
    115 @ 12
    125 @ 9
    135 @ 6

    Rev Pec Dec
    160 @ 10
    180 @ 8
    200 @ 5

    DB side Raises
    30@ 10
    35 @ 8
    35 @ 6
    25 @ 11

    Smith Machine Behind the back shrugs
    245 @ 12
    275 @ 10
    315 @ 8
    365 @ 5

    Free Motion Shrugs
    120 @ 15
    140 @ 12
    160 @ 10

    Great pumps & intensity, I could really see my shoulder striations when doing shrugs. When I was doing DB raises, picking up the weight for my next set I wondered how I'd get thru the set but each time I did.

    I am stil holding a little bit of fluid in some muscles and I want the measurements to be as real as possible along with the pictures so I'll do all that 2maro morning.
  10. Final Review

    Ok I couldn't wait. I'm way too bored at work. I'll upload the pictures 2maro morning.

    Strength Increase
    Flat DB bench: +15lbs
    Skull Crushers: +20lbs
    CG Pulley Row: +25lbs
    Seated DB curls: +10lbs
    Seated Shoulder Press : +10lbs

    * I dont really have much of a baseline with these because I switched my workout for legs so many times. Each of the big lifts I did for both quads and ham's went up each workout, but I also was getting use to doing legs on diff days so I can't really attest anything to it.

    With this new training style geared towards adding strength, it has something to do with the number going up but...... I dont really think it would add 15-20lbs onto most lifts after 3-4weeks. Thats almost newbi strength gains.

    When scaling these products they are put up against the likes of Superdrol, M1T, Phera-X and Havoc also. I'm getting the whole spectrum so REMEMBER PEOPLE THESE ARE NATTY PRODUCTS GETTING SCALED AGAINST EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Overall Impressions
    I wasn't impressed with RPM the 1st week I was taking it. I think it may have been taken too close to my pre-workout meal. Either way after a week I could start to feel it work. Slowly the intesity, focus and energy would come. My explosive strength was unreal on this. I have always had more 1RM explosive strength but RPM complimented it. I'd smoke out my 1st few reps on anything. If you had seen my throw up the 110 DB after my first 2 reps it looked like I could have gotten 8-10, but only got 6. I would set high goals and hit them. I overall just felt "good" while working out. I can say with 100% certainty I will use RPM for each and every P.C.T. I also got 3 of my buddies on it as a result of this log.
    Strength: 8/10
    As shown above these are about 1/2 the numbers from an avg PS.PH cycle for me. Seeing how this is from an all natural product is crazy. I gave an 8 because some of the strength also came form the better utilization of carbs with NeoVar
    Size: 6/10
    If your eating enough to gain size with RPM you will surely gain it form the increased weight you're lifting.
    Pumps: 6/10
    By itself I thought the pumps were kinda weak. They were slightly improved but nothing crazy.
    Intensity & Focus: 9/10
    When it came 12 every day I wanted to lift and lift heavy. I was "in the zone" so to speak when in the gym and on the playing field.

    I had used AP with great success in the past so I had something to compare NeoVar to. I had also used CEE by itself and did not like it AT ALL. So Neovar was really put to the test. I like how AN put a dosing chart in their products like this, great guidence. I started out with 4 caps and 50gr carbs and could feel me going just a little hypo before eating meals. Then after I was done with my meal I'd get hungry again about 45min later. The muscle fullness took a minute to really work but towards the end of the bottle pumps and fullness were amazeing!!! I did pump to 5 caps and 75gr carbs only because I felt I was leaning out at 4caps and 50gr. I was eating alot of carbs in the last weeks and I think my waist went down. I haven't taken any measurements yet but I KNOW IM BIGGER AND LEANER!!!!!
    Strength: 7/10
    With eating more carbs I get stronger. With this product I could and wanted to eat more carbs and didnt gain fat. Strength increases were great because of this. I stil dont know if im sold on the CEE but for the Post-workout purpose it is good
    Size: 7/10
    Again I was able to eat alot of carbs and stil stay lean and add mass. I finally look normal in my XL t's again (after beeing deathly ill,lol) It's not quite PH/PS size but from a natty product it's impressive.
    Pumps: 9/10
    When doing this pre-workout with 75 gr carbs there are few things that can rival this NON-Cosmetic pump. It's a diff pump feeling that that you get from an NO type product, more satisfied maybe.

    NeoVar and RPM AS A STACK
    When taken together the effects of NeoVar are tremendously enhanced. Within minutes I felt hypo and my capacity for eating carbs was amplified. I also felt heightened effects from the RPM also. Even after eating about 15-20minutes later. In the gym the pumps and fullness were insane. I adjusted my diet to try and gain weight and well I really didnt. I was eating close to 400carbs and 3,300cals a day and didnt gain any fat to my mid-section. Just lean muscle. Together these 2 products are awesome. I am def. using them for my TKD next summer

    Overall Rating as s Stack for the aforementioned categories: 9/10
    Thats comparing these to EVERYTHING (PS/PH included)!!!! I felt the gains from this were very comparable to my Havoc pulse last summer. If I had not gotten so sick for that week in the begging I think I could be sitting here a few lbs heavier (lost 20lbs that week), a few cm' bigger and a few lbs stronger. All with no worries of a P.C.T of feeling crummy (M1T and Superdrol)

    These products would be great for anything IMO....cutting,recomp,lean bulk, or all out bulk.

    Now bring on the questions!!!!!!!

  11. AWESOME end review, and review format.

    I may use this as an example of a format for future people to use as an end review.

  12. DAMN BRO!! AWESOME GAINS !! Man, I didn't even know you had this log running, or else I would have been on here since the begining! I DEFINAITELY want to use Neovar. I was going to use it now, but was advised not to by some of the guys here, cause of my low crabs, and it could make me very hypoglycemic, and I would not get the best results from it! But I am definitely going to use it once I start upping my carbs up a bit again. Again, AWESOME gains bro....OOOPS I mean , LOL!

  13. Thanks fella's.

    I know I said I would get up pic's 2day but my computer at work doesn't have any photo shops to upload the pictures We had a kid catch a virus form MySpace so we had to reboot everything and start from scratch. I will put them up with measurements 2maro morning.....they look a very nice (borat voice,lol)

  14. neovar needs more love

  15. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    neovar needs more love
    Yea for sure. This is a great product!!!!

    Unfortunately people think of it as complicated. When my buddies were looking at the bottle they were getting confused . It's not tough and it works better than most supps promising what NeoVar delivers on.

    The majority of people just want to take something and go about their normal business and get results. Which RPM would be best suited for them

  16. for its price vs results, I have yet to find anything like it. Even drive is still 5-10 more per bottle, and the bottle doesn't quite last as long. Not that drive isn't worth it, but neovar under $30 for a month is an easy choice

  17. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    for its price vs results, I have yet to find anything like it. Even drive is still 5-10 more per bottle, and the bottle doesn't quite last as long. Not that drive isn't worth it, but neovar under $30 for a month is an easy choice

  18. This is the only picture that comes up on my computer Well it'll have to do for now. You can see the size and fullness I have added from this picture in my arms, forearms, shoulders and lats.

    Waist: -1/4
    Right Arm: +1/4
    Left Arm: +1/4
    Chest: -1/8
    Right Thigh: +1/4
    Left Thigh: +1/4
    Left Calf: 0
    Right Calf: +1/8

    There are the final measurements. I lost size on my chest but I think this is fat because me chest strength went way up and I'm starting to see more striations.

    I didn't account for weight. After beeing sick and loseing 20+lbs in a few days, if i could get back to where I was I'd be happy and I think I did.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  19. Sorry guys I couldn't recover the other pictures which is real sad. My most muscular pose really tells all. My bi's,traps, and chest are all alot fuller (is that a word?) But my waist is down and the rest is up (other than chest)

  20. i've been on drive for a bout 2 1/2 weeks and next week im adding rpm and neovar....i cant wait!!!....nice gains by the way!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    i've been on drive for a bout 2 1/2 weeks and next week im adding rpm and neovar....i cant wait!!!....nice gains by the way!
    Thanks. If I can give any advice to you I'd say take NeoVar pre and postworkout. It seemed to really kick ass for me @ 5caps and 50-75gr oats with that. Get ready for some crazy energy with the drive,rpm neovar pre-workout.

  22. perhaps do 50g oats with a banana or apple or pear

  23. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    perhaps do 50g oats with a banana or apple or pear
    S h i t, I forgot. Yea I was doing 50gr oats with a small/reg apple preworkout and I was crazy full. Like almost as pumped on superdrol full, no Im not joking.

  24. I would marry neovar if it was a woman. It doesn't cost much, it does its job, makes you feel good all the time, even smells nice


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