Getting Big with AN...Neovar & RPM style

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    i've been on drive for a bout 2 1/2 weeks and next week im adding rpm and neovar....i cant wait!!!....nice gains by the way!
    Thanks. If I can give any advice to you I'd say take NeoVar pre and postworkout. It seemed to really kick ass for me @ 5caps and 50-75gr oats with that. Get ready for some crazy energy with the drive,rpm neovar pre-workout.

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    perhaps do 50g oats with a banana or apple or pear
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    perhaps do 50g oats with a banana or apple or pear
    S h i t, I forgot. Yea I was doing 50gr oats with a small/reg apple preworkout and I was crazy full. Like almost as pumped on superdrol full, no Im not joking.

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    I would marry neovar if it was a woman. It doesn't cost much, it does its job, makes you feel good all the time, even smells nice
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