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  1. Update 10/04
    We have decided it is time to throw drive into the mix. I have a pretty good feel now, of the neovar. I am going to start a new log tomorrow that will be a continuation of this log + drive. The only change that will be made will be the addition of DRIVE.

    Summary of NEOVAR so far

    I have noticed increased pumps, and fullness in my muscles. That is the most notable for me. I have also noticed my appetite is elevated, and i find myself craving carbs. I feel that with extended use strength and size gains will come. I will continue to log my thoughts on NEOVAR, throughout my supply.

    Thanks for following.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by TheMyth View Post
    Dang man, you are just getting all the good stuff to log arnt ya!!!
    Does that mean you are sending me some IGF-2? Thanks MYTH, your the besstest.yo!..lol

  3. you won't need it with Neo and Drive, the results are too much for you to handle!
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