Down on the farm with ErgoPharm by ReaperX

  1. Down on the farm with ErgoPharm by ReaperX

    I'm sure most of you have seen the Clear Shot bottles sold by ErgoPharm, but there is a picture of the (2) that I recieved. Earlier in my energy drink log I made an issue about the taste of Clear Shot. My problem with the original Clear Shot is that the taste was not to my liking. The zingerone in it gave off the spice taste, but that was it. It was a bland, spicy taste....not a good thing. Well, Patrick went to work and started testing new possible flavors for Clear Shot.

    The catch with trying to flavor the zingerone is that due to the 'spice' flavor it naturally gives off, it is necessary to find a flavor that acts as a synergistic towards it, instead of against it. Meaning ? Well, grape, orange, all fruit flavors and sweet flavors are out of the question b/c of how zingerone would affect the taste.

    I believe both are the same flavor, but I tried 1 out of the 2 bottles that were sent to me. I slowly sipped the bottle which was room temperature slowly off and on for about 10 minutes to really get a feel for the taste.

    The taste of the Clear Shot I had was a mild apple cinnamon taste. The spice from the zingerone was still noticible, but it also enhanced the apple cinnamon flavor. At first I was wondering if the cinnamon flavor was going to be too over-bearing and made even worse due to the zingerone's effect, but I was very surprised and the apple cinnamon flavoring balance is just right.

    If you didn't like the taste of the original (I know I didn't) you'll like this new taste much better.

    RATING: It is hard to give a rating on taste since it is so subjective, but I give it a 10 because it is very subtle and is offset well with the zingerone.

  2. Real men dont sip, they chug that stuff I drank that by the glassfulls at the Arnold and became addicted very fast. I like the heat rush you get in your chest and the all over body warmth that occurs, then the great energy and focus.

    I thought it was a different flavor than anything I had ever tried but the effects made me not give a hoot !

    Be careful, you will spend your whole paycheck on this stuff

  3. I only sipped it b/c I knew specifically that I was judging the taste vs. the overall product. I enjoy Clear Shot and it is up there in my fav. drinks. The problem is that it is still relatively expensive. When I first tried Clear Shot a couple months ago I chugged the whole bottle. It works as a great nootropic.

  4. Finally, a supplement that tickles your fancy

    I look forward to trying this too.. should taste better than the bulk I'm taking now.

  5. Sounds good. I'm looking forward to the new flavor hitting the market.

  6. hmm yeah, I may give it a shot


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