I finally got around to using my free bottles Syntrax sent me, thank you very much!

I took the Guggul 1 tab 3 times a day and the Fyre 2 tabs twice a day, morning and noon. I am somewhat sensitive to stimulants and I didnt want to be up all night so I didnt take the Fyre in the evenings. That worked out perfectly for me though since both bottles lasted exactly 30 days that way.

I didnt notice any "ovious" effects from the Guggul, but I wouldnt expect to other than weight loss. So, no side effects either.

The Fyre on the other hand - WOW - I love this stuff. As I said I am usually sensitive to stimulants like I will get the jitters or be unable to sleep, etc. I had absolutely NO negative side effects from Fyre. I felt awesome when I was taking it. I actually felt happier, more upbeat, just plain good! I didnt notice any jitters at all, and the energy was smooth and long lasting, not like being hyper for an hour and then crashing. I also noticed that I didnt feel as hungry while on it.

I started out at 198lbs and ended at 193lbs. Losing 5 lbs in a month is pretty darn good for me, especially when I wasnt being that careful with my diet duting this time. There was quite a bit of beach parties etc )

In short I love this stuff, its by far my favorite energy booster now.