Urban Monk's Xtend Grape Review - BRAND NEW FLAVORING

  1. Urban Monk's Xtend Grape Review - BRAND NEW FLAVORING

    Xtend Grape - New Flavoring

    I'd like to start by saying thank you to the team at Scivation for sending out tubs of this to sample. Also a big congrats to Marc for his amazing showing at his first show of the season.

    Taste: 9.5/10

    The taste of this is amazing. I was an avid user of all the old Xtend flavors and had definitely gotten tired of the old grape. This completely blows it out of the water. It tastes very similar to grape kool-aid or grape big league chew (flashbacks, I know). It has just the right amount of sweetness and is actually refreshing to drink (maybe even moreso than the lemonade!).
    The only reason I docked it .5 is because like every single amino acid product I've tried, there is that sweet lingering aftertaste that just sticks w/ you through your work out.

    Mixability: 10/10

    This is heads and tails above the old xtend. I shake this for a few minutes and I see no specks of bcaa floating around at all. Everything mixed very smoothly, and the flavoring was even throughout.

    Price: 9/10

    The price I got this for is great (free :-)), but this is now something I will continue to buy as soon as it debuts in the larger tubs.

    Overall: 9.5/10

    Already being an avid xtend user, I have to say this is a huge hit. I am so happy with the product and I will definitely be purchasing more. Scivation has hit a home run with this.

    Additional Notes:

    1. The flavoring is strong, and masks any additions. I was using 2 additional scoops of bulk bcaa's which always have a bitter flavor to me, but the new xtend grape covered them up amazingly. A little more water than recommended on the bottle may be helpful.

    2. This is BY FAR the best flavor of Xtend now. :-)

  2. Thumbs up

    I've tried all three flavors and I like the GRAPE the best; the Lemonade is nice because it is the most "thirst quenching"; Watermelon is my least favorite flavor...it is a bit too perfume sweet.

    The Citruline Malate in Xtend gives a nice bit of non-stim energy and makes this a great workout drink to sip on. I just take a bottle of water, put in a few scoops of powder, put the top back on and shake...mixes great.

    This is a great way to get those BCAA's...very nice product by Scivation.

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