Activate Xtreme/Eform Stack Review

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    After being on the Activate Xtreme now for about 6 weeks, I can truly say it is a solid product. Hard to really tell if it all was due to the combination of the Eform or more like both played a valuable role.

    As for the claims of AX:

    1. Increase Lean Mass - definitely noticed this; didn't really gain much weight if any as this was my goal was more to lean out. Noticed the biggest gains in my arms.

    2. Increase Sex Drive - took about a week or two, but this was also noticeable; probably the Icariin also helped as I have noticed this with RPM

    3. Amplifies Testosterone - very noticeable; had some acne off and on over the week; in the gym and out, there was much more of a strong headed attitude; not overly aggressive, but very positive.

    4. Promotes Strength and Performance - Very noticeable; some days when I was selected my weights I thought I had the wrong amounts as the ability to lift was enhanced; had to keep adding some more weight which is obviously a good thing.

    The only negative effect I had which was probably not due to the AX at all was some joint pain that started several weeks ago when I was also trying to use Lean Xtreme which looking back on it probably was not a good idea given the already suppression level of estrogen.

    All in all, definitely recommend the Activate Xtreme/Eform stack and will likely use it again sometime.

    Rating: 9 out 10

  2. Do you have any quantitative measurements from this cycle?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Unfortunately not; however in size, my stomach went down and my chest/arms went up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Do you have any quantitative measurements from this cycle?

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