M1-4ADD/Tren-X/Phera-Plex log O_o...

  1. M1-4ADD/Tren-X/Phera-Plex log O_o...

    Well, this will be my 2nd prohormone log. My first one... jth18's first ph cycle: Phera-plex + Prostanozol WOO HOO!
    didn't turn out so well as far as me logging everything, and I never got ahold of the WinZtrol (Prostan/Orastan-E remake). As far as gains went it was great. 12lbs that stayed after post, 50lbs on deadlift, substantial increases in all my lifts. I don't know why my deadlift increased so much. My max at the beggining was 500, and by the end I was repping it 3-4 times.
    Anyway, here is the gameplan:
    42 day cycle

    M1 4ADD:
    Days 1-3:
    Days 4-7:
    Days 8-14:
    Days 15-21:
    Days 15-21:
    Days 22-28:
    Days 29-36:
    Days: 22-28
    Days: 29-35
    Days: 35-42

    I haven't figured everything out, and over the course of the next few days I will come back and edit the post with new plans.
    Right now for support supps I will be taking fish/flax/borage oil, and Cycle support by AI, and as far as post cycle Ill be running a combination of Toremifene/Tamoxifen (simply because I have some left), an AI which I haven't decided on yet, DHEA and tribulus simply for any libido problems.

    It has been suggested that I take some sort of AI during the M1 4ADD portion of the cycle since D-Bol aromatises. Ok, so before someone jumps down my throat about this, i was planning on doing Methyl 1-D as the AI during cycle. The new one Methyl 1-D XL only has an AI and some herbs in it so I thought it would be fitting, and I already have the bottle so I might as well use it.

    Thanks for any advice,


  2. Drop the Methyl 1-D man - HyperDrol would be a good fit for you...

  3. I would start the M1,4add at 90mg. I don't see it doing anything noticeable below that dosage.

  4. I would do HX2, but I already have the M1D XL from when I worked at a GNC.

    You don't think I should ramp up the dose like most PHs? I considered doing that but I wont be able to hit 120mgs+ like most recommend. So my options are...
    1)Run the M1-4ADD for less than 3 weeks but at 120mgs.
    2)Run M1-4ADD at 90mgs from start to finish for three weeks
    3)Ramp like I have written out now.

    Hold on, I've been looking through some M1 4ADD logs and people are going as high as 300mg-1G... Am I way underdosing this this stuff?

  5. I have decided to run the M1 4add at 90mg for twenty days, because apparently that is the lowest dose I will get anything from it. I wish I had more money or something (wink wink at companies who want to me sponsor) because buying two bottles seems like it would be optimal even for running it for 3 weeks.



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