This is my first time trying WMS of any kind. I am using this instead of dextrose / Malto for postworkout

1. It mixes easily even in my mug just stirring it in.
2. It does not give me the bloating feeling that dextrose does, or make me have to run to the bathroom and empty my insides if I take too much (like dextrose does).
3. It tastes fine...a little chaulky but basically non tasting so that's a good thing.

1. More expensive than dextrose
2. May not have the proven history of dextrose / malto

I'm waiting to decide on 3 items:
1. Does it put fat on my stomach area like dextrose tends to do?
2. Is it as effective as dex/malto? More effective?

Overall First impression?
I love this stuff compared to dextrose and malto. The stomach feeling alone and avoiding the occaissional make it worth it to me.