Aggravated's Stack Log.

  1. Aggravated's Stack Log.

    Ok, heres the deal. I am going to do my first ever log. I am going to tell future viewers what supps I will be taking, how I feel on a daily basis, dosage, whether I am pleased with the progress, how my workout felt, and any side effects I am experiencing. First off, I don't think this log will be very informative or helpful to anyone unless I give you guys a little info about my experience (with lifting a supps), general stats and measurements, and background IE, why I started lifting in the first place.

    Suscribe if you want, even if you do not like the supplements. I tend to find something on the cheap side that no one has written reviews for. As long as I can read the label and see what is in the supp, then I am good.

    To kick things off lets tell you a little about myself. I started lifting when I was 21. Literally right after my 21st b-day. I went with an un-dependable friend for 4 months give or take. I loved the feeling, but never really gained any weight etc, etc...At this time I came to cope with the fact that I am a hard gainer and stepped up to the plate to defy genetics. For one, at 6-6'1 I have never really weighed more than 160! After the 3 month fiasco or so with my friend, I weighed in at about 165. I was not completely dissapointed! I gained 5 pounds! To make a long story short I didn't work out again for another 1.5 years! SAD HUH! I started a diff job, diff shift, and I never had energy.

    It wasn't until I started working for "", that I could afford energy to use in the gym. The official start date that I use is 08-01-2006. That puts me at just over a year of full time training. The only time I took off was 2 weeks when I had a sinus infection. My stats then are as follows:

    6-6'1 feet tall
    162 lbs
    no idea of BF, because I didn't work out. I was a soft 162 lbs.


    6-6'1 feet tall
    201 lbs @ 15% BF

    So over the course of a year just supping with protein,creatine,some form of an NO product, one 30 day of tribulus,and one 30 day of novadex xt, I am looking @ 39 lbs of weight gain. I have allways had a high metabolism, so I eat everything in my path.

    ------------------Current 1 rep maxes-------------------

    All of these are free weight.

    Flat Bench - 285
    Deadlift (stiff legged) - 405
    Deadlift - 450
    Squat - 375
    Shoulder Press - 195


    That pretty much sums up my background and experience. Now for the future.


    ----------------------Here are the supplemnts I will be running.----------------------------

    Protein - ON 100% Whey Gold Standard - Extreme Chocolate flavor
    Creatine - Size ON - by Gaspari Nutrition
    NO agent - Superpump250 - by Gaspari Nutrition

    The above supps are those that I take regardless. I only cycle off the creatine for a week in between tubs, and only lose 1-2 lbs of water. I tend to stay pretty dry all the time.

    ----------------------Additional supplements.-----------------------

    Anti Aromatase / Aromatase Inhibitor - Novadex XT - by Gaspari Nutrition
    Hopefully a test / energy booster - Testofreak - by Colossal Labs

    Guys. I am posting this to just give people something to read, and progress to watch. Please do not get into a debate on the brand names / supps I am taking. I would appreciate no FOOLIN!!!

    Before pics will be posted this weekend sometime. I have to get ahold of a friend to get a decent digi camera.

    Workouts? I have a program, but it is lengthy. If I can coax my GF into typing it up for me I will post it with the before pics.

    Thanks in advance to all that subscribe and I hope you enjoy the show!

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  2. great good luck, maybe Jay can move this to the logging section, best of luck bro

  3. great start! I think you should put this in the supplement review section however.

    edit - yeah this section gets a lot of threads going on and you might get bumped off the page.

  4. Sorry.

    I didn't tell you why I started lifting... I was a skinny chump, and I was tired of it to be honest.


  5. Woops! Can a MOD please move it to the appropriate section? I would appreciate it!


  6. ^Bump

    Need a MOD to move this to the appropriate section please

  7. give Jayhawkk a PM. He's currently the only mod online I believe.

  8. Yo Yo!

    Been a couple days since I reserved space for this log. It starts tomorrow. I will be recording beginning weight. I am not sure what BF% I'm at so we will say roughly 15%. The supps I am taking are listed in the first post. When I get time I will update my food log. I will try to throw in a few ideas for meals and some of the things that I like to eat. Maybe you might want to give them a try. So here goes. The pics posted are taken while I am cold...horrid lighting, and not too much clarity, but you can see me ok. The expressions on my face kill me HAHAHA!

    There we go. So I will be back tomorrow to update starting weight and ****.


  9. Chest Day...Tris still hurt a tad from Saturday, so I might do Back instead. Will let you all know when I get back.

    Ok, I am right at 2,931 cals prior to workout. Took SP250 and already feel pumped 15 mins later. I will be taking the SizeOn intra WO. Heading out in 15 min or so and will update when I return!

  10. Went ahead and worked out Chest.

    Weighed in at 201.2.

    WO went awesome. A little more energy than before and it was only the first day. No noticeable strength gains yet, but they will come. During this stack I am attempting to eat between 3500 and 4k calories while taking in as much protein as possible. I weighed myself before I took in any water. I usually weigh about .5-1lb more after workout. I don't count water weight though. Things are going good so far. I noticed last night I had a very vivid and disturbing dream. Scared me.

    Will update you guys in a couple days.

  11. Taking in 8oz of 2% milk before bed with the Novadex XT. I saw a post somewhere that said a little fat would help.

    Total calorie intake for today was 4000 even. I had got it to 3941 and decided to eat a handful of grapes to fill in the gap. Surprisingly I did not have trouble getting the food in and I am not a very big eater. I understand that you have to be to get any size on yourself.


  12. Did Jay move this to the invisible section? lol!

  13. Today was an off day. Still got in 3500 cals. I took the first TFreak pill, and have to say my aggression did jump. I got irritable a couple hours later. I like it though, lets me know something is going on. I will see how it acts on an actual workout day though. Back day tomorrow. Can't wait.

  14. Well I guess I will be updating this everyday. Just so I can look back at it. Took TFreak with my lunch. I noticed this morning my aggression was up a bit, and I was very irritable. When I saw my task this morning I got pissed, but usually do when I get tasks like the one I got this morning. Going good, can't wait until tonight. Bad thing is my bi's are sore, and its back day. Kind of a good thing cause it will make me use my back muscles I guess.

  15. Back WO went good. Like I said before I am not expecting this stuff to kick in right away. Hopefully in 1.5-2 weeks I will start seeing some good energy levels and a couple lbs of gains. Legs tomorrow. I'm dreading it.

  16. Leg day. Leg day is never fun. I noticed my squat was up some. All in all I was toast when I left the gym. That is always a good thing though!

  17. Yesterday was shoulder day...went nice. Got up to 205 for 4 reps on military press (smith machine).

    Today was arm day. It went good as well.

    I have switched half the dosage of the TF to one pre WO, and the other before bed w/ the recommended dosage of Novadex XT.

    I noticed a slight change in energy today. Hopefully this stuff is getting into my system.

    Tomorrow is an off day.

    Monday will be chest as long as my tris aren't still sore. Trying to take in as much protein as I can with meals and shakes.


  18. Chest workout went insane today. Got down 4k cals. Also I pretty much stopped drinking Mountain Dew so that is also another goos thing lol. I got a 2nd wind of energy tonight from somewhere, which took me back to the weights from the locker room. 4 more sets of decline bench with moderate weight. I had an insane pump tonight. Lasted for a couple hours instead of the usual...get home and its gone lol.

    Off day tomorrow.

    C ya Wed night.


  19. Ahhh, last night was awesome. My back routine went GREAT!!! I did lat pull downs and repped all the weight on the machine 4 times. Other than that my back is killing me today lol.

    Tonight is leg night.

    My eating has been consistent throughout this log. I am happy with the way I feel on a day to day basis. Soreness is higher than usual though.

  20. Leg day went well last night. Weight lifted was up overall. Thing I noticed is I am still sore form back day! Man I haven't been sore like this in a WHILE! Tonight is shoulder day and I really hope it will go well. I want to see if I can repeat last weeks intensity. Should be interesting.

  21. Tonight was shoulder night! Was as intense if not more than last week. I think after tomorrw I am going to drop down to 3-4 days a week. It just seems as sore as I am getting I mnay be overtraining. Not to worry though, I have learned to listen to my body fairly well.

    See you guys tomorrow!

  22. Arm day last Sat, Chest on Mon, and Back tonight all went well. I got really tired this morning. Could be that I took in too many carbs when I woke up and it made me tired! Will try not to do this tomorrow. The stack is going really well. I cannot wait to post the results, as if anyone is watching roflmao!


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