Found my new favorite Whey Isolate

  1. Found my new favorite Whey Isolate

    I have been trying different brands of Isolate and finally found one I will purchase again. The Universal Nutrition UltraWhey WPI in Chocolate. Tastes good, does not taste artificial, mixed well, goes down clean. Some wheys are syrupy or dont mix well and floats to the bottom. This is with water so I am not sure how it tastes with milk. Thought I would throw in my 2 cents for anyone else looking for an isolate. No carbs, no fat, they also say they do not use any gum, fillers, thickeners, etc.

    Here is the profile of the fruit punch (found off website),

  2. Have you tried NOW's Whey isolate

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Deccadick View Post
    Have you tried NOW's Whey isolate

    I have, its one of the better ones but not a big fan of the taste

    So far I have tried

    NOW Whey Isolate
    GF Pro
    Anabolic Inovations (I know ppl love this stuff but I hated it, I still have an almost full bag)

    still couple I am missing to try like ISOPURE and then there are some manufacturers I have heard mixed things about that I havent tried because of reputation

  4. Substance is a pretty good one, but i think they stopped making it.......

    I'll have to try the Universal brand. THANKS!

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