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  1. AX Mass FX, HD2 & Stim X log

    After training for 10 years on and off...last 3 ON, I decided to try something new on the supplement scene. I'm 34yrs old, 6"1., 99.5kg (218lbs), 18% BF. Still trying to lower my BF after thinking that a guy in his 30s could eat the same cr*p as a 20yr old and still pack on the muscle.

    So, on my last visit to the uk I decided to buy some AX products. I'm cursed with the cr*p from GNC here in Qatar.

    So far, I've been taking 4 FX and 4 HD2 and 2 stim X twice a day. Now day 4

    Unfortunately, I only brought enough for 1month. This was because I didn't know what customs would make of them. Didn't want to lose a sh*t load of money.

    Goals: Trying to reduce my bodyfat without losing too much body weight . If I stay the same weight and drop a percent or two, GREAT. Anything more would be marvelous.

    Training: is 5-6 times a week. Cardio 5 times, between 30-1hr on the treadmill on full incline fast walk. Weights, each bodypart once a week. Compound exercises. Max 12reps and 12 sets, 3 different exercises.

    Diet: 2100-2500cals. Clean, carbs 40%, protein 50%, fats 10%. Was on less carbs but my sweat started smelling of ammonia so I increased them. Eat 5 times a day. Should I increase my cals? Or change ratios? Get a bit paranoid about putting fat on. Or not losing the fat.

    So far, I've notice a big difference in my mind to body focus. I don't want to stop. After day 2, I started feeling that I just wanted to throw some fu***ng weights around. I could go to the gym twice a day!! I know it's not just the Stim X because I was taking that a week before the cycle. And it's not a placebo effect because I've tried many fad supplements with no effect. Weights on the back (always my strongest part) have gone up already.....after 4month plateau. Sorry for not going into detail about exact weights but will do on my next 12wk cycle.

    I've also started getting oily skin.

    Agression? Always been a misserable bas***d. But no change.

    Sex drive? Got a new girlfriend.......so, yeah, it's high.

    Feeling positive about the next month. Looking forward to deads tomorrow. And, will weigh myself at the end of the week.

    I'm also not going to include any before an after photos becase I feel that on such a short course, the changes are going to be more in the the numbers than the eye.

    will try my best toupdate this log every coupe of days.
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  2. Just another question, I also bought the AX PCT. Which I now realise I don't need with this cycle, (and also doesnt seem strong enought for the methylated stuff). But would it be of any benefit to run it after the cycle to retain any gains OR during the cycle?

  3. first, good luck with your stack! Nice choice!

    I like to run aPCT and HD X-2 together. I run aPCT throughout the day (3 per day spread out) and then dose 2 HD X-2 right before bed. This gives amazing sleep.

    Try it out. Plus, they will last you longer!

  4. So just the 2 HDX2 a day rather than 4? 3 of the PCT. Then continue with the HDX2 after the Mass FX ends? I like that idea because I don't want to waste anything

  5. Quote Originally Posted by chalk View Post
    So just the 2 HDX2 a day rather than 4? 3 of the post cycle therapy. Then continue with the HDX2 after the Mass FX ends? I like that idea because I don't want to waste anything

    Genius, isn't it! I thought of it all by myself, with the help of Dr. D, ofcourse!

  6. end of wk 1

    Well, i've finished my first week. Switched to taking just the 2 HDx2 at night and have included the AX PCT in my cycle so as not to waste them. I feel this has been a good move because I've been getting fantastic deep sleeps. Which obviously helps.

    I feel that my urge to get into the gym and hit the weights has been at an all time high. I'm only 34, but i've not felt this good since my early 20's about getting into the gym. FK man, I'm puting a lot of the younger guys to shame.

    I've gone down to 98.9kgs....but I look bigger and much more pumped. I'll up the cals a couple of hundred.

    since taking only the 2 [email protected] at night though my strength seems to have plateaued. This isn't an issue for me as i'm still lifting heavier than I have for a long time plus the extra good nights sleep really helps, Especially as i have to get up at 6am. Don't feel too sorry for me though, as i do finnish at 11am .

    I've increased my carbs again to 55%, so protein is 35%, fat 10% so as to fuel my workouts. still the same routine.

    The only side effect I've noticed is the oily skin. Nothing else to mention.

    I feel very tight. My concentration and focus is amazing. Not getting tired or losing motivation to get to the gym. I really am impressed by the change these supplements have given me over the last week. Maybe because as a 34yr old the increase in test levels are somewhat more substantial due to fact that........well, they're not naturally as high as they were when i was20!!

    I'm really enjoying the whole experience and people have started commenting on how good I look. Although I think that's more down to the extra energy and positivity that I feel I'm getting from the cycle. FK, wish I'd bought a 12wks supply.

    I've taken a few days off from the stimulant x because i felt I wasn't getting the same kick from them. May have something to do with my palteau, but will start them up again tomorrow.

    there's a lot of positivity and motivation flowing through me at the moment and I'm glad that it's not coming through in an aggresive way.

    So, roll on week 2.

    Am starting to consider a 10week test cycle after this. Probably just 250mg wk but I am 220lbs so maybe 500mg.

  7. sounds GREAT!

    the aPCt should kick in soon and help with some of that strength issues. isn't the sleep AMAZING!?!?!?!
  8. Smile

    Well, end of wk3. 1 week left of the Mass FX. The HDx2 will last me into wk 5. This is because I wanted to use the AX PCT up so started taking 3 a day of those and only 2 HDx2 a day. All thanks to Macedaddy

    I did notice a slight decrease in my strength after 2 days of only taking 2 HDx2 a day, but within 4 or 5 days of including the AX PCT, I was back on fire.

    My weight at the start was around the 99.8kg and dropped to around 98.9kg within a week. Now, I wasn't looking to increase my bodyweight however, but to stay around the same weight, reduce my waist line, and lift heavier.

    Well, at the end of week 3, I'm 98.8kg. My waist line has gone down from 36inches to 35inches. My strength has gone up between 10 and 20%. Wk 1 I was doing 90kg for 12reps on lat pulldown. Now doing 110kg for 11 good reps.

    Slight changes to my routine. Now only doing between 20mins and 30mins cardio per session. Still on each bodypart per week. Except for now doing my biceps twice a week, different exercises. One complete day off, and another solely cardio and abs.

    My diet has remaind clean. Keeping at around 2600cals a day at 55%-35%-10%. This is low, I know, but was determined to lose my back saddles.

    I feel tighter, leaner, and my pumps are fantastic. But STILL, the thing that's impressed me the most is that I've been able to have such intense workouts. Especially as I've only been on 2600cals a day.

    Side effects? None to really worry about. Slightly oilly skin. Dry mouth. Probably shouting at other drivers more. But it's all under control.

    Great feeling of confidence and positivity.

    Since I moved to Qatar last Nov., I always trained with my buddy from Canada. Having not seen him for 8 weeks, I decided to send a few photos. Great response back. But I also got the feling that he wa a bit sceptical about how truthfull I was being about the 'supplements' I was taking, and how they could have given me such noticeable result in such a short time. By the way, he has done test and deca cycles in the past.

    Future plans? will wait until after christmas then hopefuly do a 12week buling cycle of the same OR 3AD (if it ever comes out), or a short 8 or 10wk cycle of test. I'll see what santa brings me

  9. nice log bro.....think of running a cycle like this after a superdrol clone cycle......you and mace gave me a couple of new ideas ....thx again

  10. Bro, what superdrol clone you taking? I know it's a damn site harsher than the cycle I'm on at the moment but thinking of the same. Will it be you 1st superdrol cycle? I take it you're not talking about the superdrolNG.

    Cheers for the feedback by the way.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by chalk View Post
    Bro, what superdrol clone you taking? I know it's a damn site harsher than the cycle I'm on at the moment but thinking of the same. Will it be you 1st superdrol cycle? I take it you're not talking about the superdrolNG.

    Cheers for the feedback by the way.
    you're correct it will not be the "NG"....it's methyl DX3.

  12. Been a while since i last wrote on this. well, it's pretty much 3 weks post a 4 week cycle on Mass FX, Hyperdrol, and Stimulant X.

    looking back at my first thread, i saw that I was around the 99kg mark. I was definately full of motivation, energy, and felt a real agressive attitude in the gym towards the weights.

    My weight now is around the 96.5kg mark. And although my workouts are not as long or intense, I'm still liftin the sam weights.

    So, at the moment, I'm 3kgs lighter, still just as strong, but most importantly for me, I'm looking a lot trimmer. More than I thought 3kgs would make.

    Taking EAS Phosphogen Elite, and EAS 100% whey only (obviously food as well), increasing the cardio, and enjoying the way my body looks and feels.

    Negative sides: Did notice that I was ejeculating too easily. erections became soft, which really surprised me. Thought the oposite would happen. But all back to normal.

    Would i do it again? Yes. Would love to try the 4AD stacked with a suitable extra.

    Overall: Pricey, but it's given me a lot in the gym, out of the gym, and really felt it was well worth the money. BUT I did work my bolocks off!!


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