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  1. DAY 42: Rest Day
    I find that working my chest tires out my shoulders, so I usually try and give a day inbetween my Chest WO and my back/shoulders.

    DAY 43: Back
    Had the usual preworkout setup (Oatmeal 90mins pre, WF 20mins before, GM During). I find that sipping on some BCAA + Green Mag during my working is the best timing for it; I didn't notice any effect for taking it before my workout so I figured taking it during would let the stuff get uptaken either during my workout or right afterwards. Today there wasn't too much energy from the White Flood. It seems to be tapering off in effectiveness for me after being on it for so long now. For my last workout or two I think I'll up it to 3 scoops and see how it goes.

    Low Rows
    T-Bar Rows
    Chinups and Pullups
    Trap Raises
    Back Extensions
    Bent Rows

  2. DAY 44: Shoulders

    Today I had two cups of tea before my WF, so I was running high on caffeine today. (Black tea has a decent amount of caffeine, it's no coffee but it adds up!). Had tons of energy during my workout but the endurance wasn't there. I was bouncing off the walls, but I just couldn't pull off that last rep. I guess White Flood isn't the solution to all my problems, just the mindset and energy Maybe a few more carbs before my workout next time will do the trick.

    DB Delts, Shoulder Press, Romanian Rows, Lateral Raises and some Rotator Cuff Exercises.

  3. DAY 46 : Legs Again
    After a day off (Still training pretty hard. Not overtraining though because I'm seeing decent gains). Had an awesome workout today. Just was in the zone. Had some good sustained energy throughout my workout, and I just had this insane focus today, I loved it. I had the bar on my shoulders ready to squat, and it was the cool calm and determined feeling every set. Today was one of those good days' maybe I woke up on the right side of bed, or maybe the powder was a bit extra strong lol.

    Workout: (Long one today)
    Leg Press
    Standing Calf Raises
    Front Squats
    Seated Calf Raises
    Freeweight Leg Extensions
    Leg Curls
    Seated Calf Raises
    Hack Squat

  4. DAY 47: CHest Again

    Well the White Flood is getting low, only a few more workouts left. I think some of my scoops in the past have been a bit generous lol, because with not taking WF on some off days I should have a bit more left than this. A housemate may have taken a few scoops though, I'll never know.
    Today's workout wasn't the greatest. I didn't get that energy boost that I often get about 20 mins after WF, and still didn't feel any boost really at all during my workout; sometimes it kicked in a bit later but nada today. Could have been the rainy weather keeping my energy down. I had to actually drop the weight on one exercise which sucked, but perhaps my form improved

    Workout: Chest
    Barbell Flat and Decline Bench
    Dumbell Incline Bench
    DB Fly's
    DB Pullovers

    DAY 48: Not DOMS, but I can tell my muscles are still recovering. Giving them a break

  5. Day 49: Back Workout

    Well it's almost over and I've got enough so I'm going to put 3 scoops in. The first thing I noticed was the taste; I still used the same amount of water and the WF sure was sour today. It still took about 25 minutes until I started feeling it. I think 3 scoops is way too much for me ; my hands started getting jittery and after working out I couldn't really write for a few hours I had such crazy hand jitters. Aside from that, my workout went amazingly , every lift was a powerful explosion. Lots of raw energy. Too bad the jitters are so annoying otherwise I'd put 3 scoops in every day, but my body would probably adapt quite quickly to that trick. I really liked the intensity of my workout today though.


    Back Deadlifts
    T-Bar Lat Pulldown Superset BB Trap Raises
    Pullovers with Superset Back Fly
    Back Ext with Standing Row
    Chins with Low Row
    Romanian DB Rows

  6. Day 50: Last Legs Workout
    (Actually day 51, needed a break but wanted to log another one).
    Today I took 3 scoops of White Flood again, remembering to mix it with more water. Took the same time, about 25 minutes for me to notice the effects. This time I got this funny eye twitch from the crazy caffeine and energy. I even noticed my heart rate speeding up I think, and almost felt out of breath, definitely odd feeling. The energy today dropped off towards the end of the workout, and a few hours afterwards I was exhausted, sort of a post-caffeine crash if that's possible. The hard part of my leg workout with the squats went well at the start, with the end becoming a bit sloppy. Not the same clean energy as 1.5-2 scoops way back a few weeks ago.

    BB Squats (Regular then Front)
    DB Lunges (Front and Lateral)
    Leg Extensions & Curls
    Calf Raises
    Hack Squat
    Leg Press


    Once again I would just like to thank Controlled Labs for sending me out these 2 products to log for them. I tried to be as honest as I could; If you have any questions about my comments or want to ask me anything, post here or PM me. My final thoughts on the products:

    White Flood
    - Great for giving you an energy boost to get the plates moving
    - Taste was so-so. Not an amazing lemonade flavour but it was decent, not a nasty detergent-like flavour that some lemonades are like.
    - Mixability is awesome, it will dissolve by the time you find your spoon to mix it with!
    - Energy was clean and sustained at the start, but I found that it varied. I would recommend shaking your tub of White Flood occasionally so that the different components don't separate
    - The effects of White Flood seemed to be best up until about Day 30-35, then I noticed a slight tapering off. I would recommend taking WF for maybe a month, then taking time off, or upping the dosage if you want to try that.

    Green Magnitude
    - Tastes Awesome!
    - Mixes readily as well, perhaps not quite instantly as WF but you should have no problems with it.
    - Made me quite thirsty for the first week, although I noticed no water bloating/retention
    - Didn't notice too much from taking Green Mag on it's own from before my workouts, and ended up taking it during the workout.

    Overall, I would recommend that if you're interested in a pre-WO energy booster, White Flood is one of the better options I've tried. The good news is that there is half-sizes of White Flood good for about a month for only $25. Definitely give it a shot for a month. As for Green Magnitude, it is a great tasting creatine with some other goodies, but I honestly can't say I noticed enough of an effect from it to recommend it. At 80 Servings for $35 it gets you some good creatine, flavour, mixability and a few other goodies so it's a decent value if that's what your looking for.

    Thanks again for this opportunity Controlled Labs,

  8. Thanks for the log and review Steve, nice to see you saw some good things

  9. Yea I definitely enjoyed the energy from White Flood. I think I might buy another half-tub for those early morning workouts when I really don't feel up to hitting the gym.


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