SUPERDROL NG + Mass Fx (Phase 1)

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  1. when does your sdng run out?

  2. It's great to see these results. I'm about to start the same stack.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    when does your sdng run out?
    I still have two more days left. I should be able to squeeze another workout in.

  4. how much weight have you gained? what much did ur bench squat dead go up?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by whitedevil74 View Post
    I still have two more days left. I should be able to squeeze another workout in.
    It doesn't hurt to do a fast ramp down. For example, if you'd been taking 3caps/day, on the last 2 days you might consider 2,1 just for a smoother transition into "offness".

    Hope you're doing well my friend, this log was great and provided some stellar info! Nice improvements too, you really got the most of it.

  6. Leg workout

    Squat Machine (regular squats have left my hips really sore the past few times so I tried the squat machine today)
    205 x 17
    205 x 16
    205 x 17
    205 x 17 x 6 x 3

    These really hit my quads and hams much better than regular squats. My quads were burning at the end of these sets and I had a great pump in my legs.

    Lying Leg curls
    110 x 11 x 7 x 4 (+10lbs)

    Cybex Leg Press
    250 x 18 x 9 x 5 (Up 3 reps + I performed this at the end of my workout instead of the beginning so this gain was actually pretty impressive)

    Standing Calf Raises
    115 x 25 (+5 reps)
    115 x 20
    115 x 25
    115 x 20
    alternating between toes facing forward and toes facing out.

    - another good workout. Honestly since about one week into these products i have not had a bad workout, I have improved on every lift on each successive workout, which is excellent. Libido has still been a bit lower than i like but that tends to be a side effect with ATD.
  7. October 9

    Chest Workout

    Bench Press
    2 warm up sets
    225 x 10 (+1 rep)
    275 x 1
    285 x 1 (+10 lbs Personal record)
    295 x 1 (+20lbs all new Personal Bench Press Record):bb3:
    205 x 12 x 6 x 4 (+2 reps)

    Hammer Incline Bench Press
    205 x 10 x 5 x 3 (+10lbs)

    Decline Hammer Bench
    285 x 8 x 5 x 3

    Biceps Curls
    27.5's x 17 x 9 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 3 (10 second breaks between sets, varied arm postion from outside, to inside, to hammer, this fries my bis and I love performing biceps like this)

    Leg Raises - 100 reps

    Stretching - 10 minutes

    - Set some big numbers yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled about this. I should have just gone for 300 on the bench but I was performing it without a spotter and doubt crept in my head and then would not leave but still a 20lbs jump is huge. My strength was just off the charts yesterday. Also today is my last day on both products and it is an off day so this is going to be one of my last entries. I will write a final review in the next couple of days.
  8. Final Review

    Pictures are up at, I am trying to figure out how to put them on here.
    I am not going to go through here and look up how much each of my lifts went up, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. My diet really did not change much while using this product, but I added about 5 pounds, and while I did not have my bodyfat tested it looks like it dropped. I know I fit into some pants better than I did before

    Now to the review. Overall I really enjoyed this combo once my body acclimated to the yohimbe. The energy was intense but I never felt a crash afterwards, just great energy for most of the day. The energizing effect diminished towards the end of the log, but overall I was pretty pleased with this aspect of the product. My mood tended to be elevated and upbeat but I did experience somewhat of a lowered libido, which returned to normal after I discontinued SDNG. Now it was not a dramatic drop but it was noticeable but nothing that I was concerned about.

    The strength gains on this combo were terrific, I hit several personal records in both my bench press and deadlift, but overall, the strength gains were great. In the gym I would sweat like a Klansman at a DMX concert, but this was an effect I enjoyed. The focus and endurance aspects were good as well.

    I am not sure what benefits to attribute to what product as I was running Mass FX and Superdrol NG, but as a combo this stack was superb. I wish the price of the two was a bit cheaper and I would definitely run this again, but there are so many products I want to try out I may wait a bit. I am also going to attempt to formulate my own SDNG with DHEA, ATD, Yohimbe, etc and see how it works out, but from some preliminary experiments using VPX redline + ATD + DHEA the results have fallen short of SDNG.

    Talk all the **** you want about this product (I agree the marketing is a bit of a problem) but overall this is a damn good formulation for an older gentleman such as myself and when combined with MassFX, really helped get me over a hump in my training and produced some very noticeable gains.
  9. After Pictures

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  10. TRying to edit my signature and it will not work, Damn!

  11. congrats, man!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    congrats, man!
    did you see my final review on the previous page? It has pics and everything.

  13. yeah, GREAT review!

    glad you liked the product. So what is phase 2?

    take care and be on the look out for additional testing opps!


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