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  1. always love when the lifts go up!

  2. Round3 Day(15)

    Weight: 223


    High Iso Pull: 270x8, 290 2x8, 300x8
    DL: 225x8, 275x8, 295x8
    Bent Row: 135 2x8, 145 2x8, 150x8
    Not sure what the next exercise is called, basically i get a cable in each hand and pulldown while on my knees 60 4x8
    Lawnmowers 75 4x8

    I did no cardio today because i went to physical therapy for my ankle and he told me to take the next couple days off. On monday i will go back to running on a elliptical. Never ran on one before so i am going to do it for atleast 20 min unless it gets really hard. I was going to up my cardio to 30 min this week so we'll see. No sides to report.

    Round3 Day(16)


    off day

    All i did today was play Halo 3 cause blockbuster messed up and released it early.
    Off day

  3. blockbuster everywhere? did you just rent it then?

    how was it?

  4. My friend rented it. Not sure if everyone has it or not. I am not a huge Halo fan but i like the game and will be buying it when it comes out. I am looking forward to COD 4.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JakeF View Post
    My friend rented it. Not sure if everyone has it or not. I am not a huge Halo fan but i like the game and will be buying it when it comes out. I am looking forward to COD 4.
    who isnt!

  6. have u played the beta? My gamertag is flowersan

  7. Been busy so here is a long one

    Round3 Day17
    Weight: 223


    Squats: 135 6x8 Again my hammy was really tight. I have physical therapy for a leg related issue so maybe the prob

    Seated Calf raise: 160 4x15 1 min break between sets

    Leg Ext: 205 2x8, 215 2x8

    Calf ext singles: 125 4x15 1 min rest

    Leg Press: 450 2x8, 540 2x8

    Legs feel good and so does the Superdrol-NG!!

    Round3 Day(18)
    Weight: 223 cant seem to get over that hump

    Seated Preacher: 110 2x8 115 2x8
    Tri ext: 100 4x8
    Alt Curls: 50 4x8 really happy bout this
    Overhead Tri Ext seated: 100 4x8
    Straight Bar Curls: 70 4x10 1min rest between set
    Superset rev tri ext/one arm tri ext: 15x10 20 3x10 1 min rest between set
    Machine curls: 57.5 2x8 65 2x8

    Great arm day today!!! I am finally curling 50 which i did last week but not for the whole exercise. Everything else either went slightly up or same. Cant complain so far about this prduct has made me stronger and gives me great energy.

    Round 3 Day (19)
    Weight: 223

    Normally not an off day but when work calls i unfortunately have to answer.

    Later today will be chest since it should be and i will do shoulders on my normal off day

  8. curling 50 is no small feat!

  9. Round3 Day(20)

    Weight: 223

    DB flies machine 175 4x10
    Incline Bar press 160x8 165x8 170x8 175x8
    Decline Bar 185 4x8
    DB flat press 80 4x8
    DB Flies 45 4x8
    Iso lateral wide Machine 140 3x10

    Well my cable flies and decline and incline went up!!! I was hoping to go up in flat db but after the first set I knew it wasnt going to happen this week. Next week is a def

  10. Just checking in bro! Looks like your still killing the weights

  11. its always nice when the weights keep increasing!


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