3clipseGT and SuperdrolNG a powerful love story!(Sponsored)

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  1. Ok guys tonight i did chest. Worked out with my workout partner and we just killed it!

    Threw up weights with ease that a couple weeks ago were a bit of a struggle for me. Energy is great. Sleep is kinda getting crappy but i always seem to be that way with sleep its just a little more pronounced now.

    My arms are fuller, chest is fuller, traps are coming around slowly, and shoulders are adding some nice striations. Tomorrow will be shoulders probly and im gonna kill it again! Im gonna be sore as hell tomorrow!! Ima be screaming for more!!!

  2. Alright guys finally back to my comp.

    Nothings changed per say. Weights still going up nice n slow but steady the way i like. Still weighin in at about 192, not getting any leaner but the leaning affect it had was very nice while it lasted. Pumps are rediculous, veiny n hungry, both for food and for more weight!

  3. can't complain about that...........start mine in about a week or so........

  4. If nebody has any questions or comments or whatever lemme know.

    I also have an off-topic quick question for a buddy.. He wants to join the airforce and has cycle a good amount, EQ here n there, tren a few times, and 1,4ad which converts to boldenone.. Now when taking the piss test for the airforce to they look for gear at all? Also if asked just deny it i assume right?

    Thanks for any possible help and ill relay the info to him!

  5. if he isn't on now, he should be fine. it doesn't stay in the body that long..........

  6. Quote Originally Posted by macedaddy View Post
    if he isn't on now, he should be fine. it doesn't stay in the body that long..........
    Well hes wanting to join after the first of the year, and hes actualy on now. 1,4ad and phera. But was just wondering if they actualy test for gear when you take a piss test.

  7. Wasnt able to get to the gym last night because of work, so ill be making up back tonight and possibly shoulders.

    I shall be back with my findings! heheh

  8. Back went great. My shoulders look more striated and my upperchest is fillin out a bit more nicely. Added about another lb id say. Up to roughly 193. Still lookin lean but fatloss has for the most part halted. I think im gonna pick up some cardio a little bit.

    Eating is clean. Sleep is a little rough but i workout late at night so its to be expected.

  9. Alright guys my time is up as far as the tester bottle goes!

    I must say i loved this product, energy was great, pumps and vascularity were great as well. I ended up with about 3 lbs muscle and about 4 lbs fatloss in 4 weeks.. Not to shabby and im very please!

    Ill sum up the pros n cons of the product.

    Positive mood
    Fat loss

    Sleepless nights at times
    Appetite would get outa control at times! lol

    Thats pretty much it, this was a great supp all around and i really cant find to many complaints to be honest. It was a very enjoyable experience and i already have another bottle sitting on my desk!

    Thanks again to Mace n Bigsmith for letting me get a chance to test this product!

    End results as far as weight n bf percentage would be 191 lbs and id say bf percentage right around 11.5..

  10. awesome results! glad we could help you meet your goals!

    thanks for testing for us!

  11. looks like I may have to give this a try... this winter!


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