Rpm mixed with ephedrine HCL is the shiznit but I got a question

  1. Rpm mixed with ephedrine HCL is the shiznit but I got a question

    doesnt ephedrine effect the L- argine in it I know its not AKG but just wondering because I feel great on this stack. And I am about to start an H-drol cycle with it soon. anythoughts would help. I know I'm selfish but my girl can wait til my libido goes up and she shoul be happy, peace luv and marijuana JK. any thoughts herewould be appreciated

  2. I don't know about stacking epherdrine with it, if you think you can handle it, do it. Me personally I wouldn't do the combo, too much of a stimulation. RPM is enough on its own. But if you do, start with a low dose of each to assess your tolerance. Hope this helps Kirkatis!

  3. E HCl will have some effects on Arginine. To me, however, it is well worth it becuase I how much better I breathe when I use E HCl.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

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