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    Fellas whats going on. As I am sure most of you already know, MRI is making yet another claim to fame with their new NO2 Black. Claiming to be 950% more NO effective then their previous NO2 Platinum. Now having a time released formula that will keep the majority of you pumps active into the following day, and giving you "in gym" recovery time. Is one of those 'too good to be true' scenerios? I am just posting this in hope that there have been a couple of people in the AM community that have tried this and will post their honest opinions about this product. Especially seeing that GNC charges almost $150 for a months supply of the stuff (they might have a payment plan where you can sell them your soul but I am not sure) haha. Solid feedback is greatly appreciated. Keep pushing that iron fellas. Thanks!

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  2. 150 dollars for a month supply... Either their old product was extremely ineffective or their new one is just a hype. with that 150 dollars i recommend you get white flood. combined with green magnitude ive notice the claims that the MRI has stated. white flood gives you amazing pumps that last throughout the day with a clean energy feeling. The crazy pumps you get are only when you hit the gym. Ive noticed some better recovery time from the products as well. and if you want even better recovery time just buy some Citrulline Malate bulk powder or buy incarnate. with all those products it would still probably be cheaper than the supplement your about to buy. My sig has the link to my log. check it out. for the 150 your spending for 1 months supply you can spend half of that for all the claims that company is making. for a longer supply as well ( 2month supply) check out my log. keep an opened mind. there are lots of products on the market that have big claims and big price tags. its better to go with the products that "work" without the big hype. hype = pulling more of your hard earned cash out of your pocket.

  3. also if you look at the product info. all the product contains mainly is Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate (A-AKG) 3000.00 mg (AAKG) which can be purchased at nutraplanet for 100g for under 10 bucks or 500g for 30 bucks. save your money man. another bs hype to take your money.

  4. What's up with this recent rush of Product placement and/or hype from non-board sponsers? Am I missing something? Or am I the only one that sees it that way?

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