Sample review for Leviathan

  1. Sample review for Leviathan

    First, I want to thank Dave and the guys over at PAL for hooking me up with some free samples of Leviathan!

    Now the review -

    I took 2 in the morning (as directed). About an hour later I felt pretty alive and up-beat. Which is not like me in the morning. I didn't get a nervous feeling like I do some other fat-burners, which is a plus. I always have my mid-morning snack at 10AM which consist of a protein drink, almonds, and some fruit. That usually will hold me over until 12PM. Well, I had to eat at 0915AM because I was starving! I mean damn, does this stuff work that fast? Any way, after lunch and later in the afternoon I took 2 more an hour before I hit the gym. My workout was very intense (which is nothing out of the ordinary) but the thing that I noticed was the large amounts of sweat pouring from my body. I was drenched! Which is a good thing - shows me that this product is in full affect. It's now around 2300PM and I have not felt a crash, nor do I feel as if I'm wired. So that's a plus.

    All in all - I enjoyed Leviathan. I'm super happy that I got to sample it so I could make my mind up about purchasing it or not. Well, I ordered 2 bottles from the PLANET for my next cut.


  2. mnnn. leviathan is an awesome product. I had a bit of trouble sleeping the first week tho. Leviathan also was a pretty good help at the gym for me. The Yomb made me a little nauseated however.

  3. I still have two bottles at home o.0. gonna be awhile when i cut!

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