After trying a sample of Lean Dreams that ALRI put out through NP...I was impressed enough to buy a bottle and try it out on a longer term basis.

The ingredient list is fairly impressive although I don't even know what the heck "Oleamide" is or what it is extracted from. All the other ingredients..Valerian extracts, Jujube extract, Scutellaria I'm all quite familiar with.

Overall Impression

This product definitely can put me to sleep and that's a fairly hard thing to do. Like many of you who are a bit bigger than their genetic norm, I have a heck of time sleeping comfortably. Arms going numb, stiff neck, lots of tossing and turning are the norm even on a Tempur-Pedic bed. I was even reliant upon MJ for a period of time...even the more powerful strains often failed to keep me asleep.

2 caps of Lean Dreams 30-60 minutes before bed and I was crawling for bed. It completely shut off all anxious thoughts with an all out fog. The body and mind demanded sleep and sleep it got. I did not wake up except to go to the bathroom and crashed right back to deep slumber.

It's quite pleasant.

Waking up in the morning was not difficult though I can imagine it might vary with the user. I'm a new Dad so when the baby cries, I spring awake whether I like it or not.

Now, with continued use it does lose a little bit of it's efficacy which I believe is due to the Valerian. I've used Valerian many times and it always loses it's magic after about two solid days of use. BUT the loss of efficacy with Lean Dreams is fairly mild. I still slept very well after 10 days of straight use

As for the claims of increased recovery...I will say there's some truth to it. You are always going to recover more efficiently the better you sleep. Since ALRI wisely put a little melatonin in this product..there is science backing up increased recovery so it's a valid claim IMO.

Have I gotten "leaner" by taking this?, but that's not the reason I bought it so I'm not disappointed.

All in all, great product.

If you REALLY want to be put down for the count..add some NueroBalance. It's what I have termed "The Coma Stack". lol