Bludevils Final Incarnate Review

  1. Bludevils Final Incarnate Review

    7/27 - FINAL REVIEW

    Ok, here's my review for Incarnate. But first a few stats -

    Bodyweight 7/17 - 194
    Bodyweight 8/27 - 204

    Bench Press 7/17 - 250x5reps
    Bench Press 8/27 - 275x5reps

    Sumo Deadlifts 7/17 - 315x5reps
    Sumo Deadlifts 8/27 - 350x5reps

    Weighted Chins 7/17 - BW+35x5reps
    Weighted Chins 8/27 - BW-45x5reps

    Weighted Dips 7/17 - BW+85x5reps
    Weighted Dips 8/27 - BW+110x5reps

    I will judge on 3 aspects since I think Incarnate works on 3 different fronts (Strength, Recovery, Endurance) with a scale of 1-10, with 1 being awful and 10 being outstanding.

    Strength (7) - OK, this one I'm having trouble with. As you can see my poundages definately increased but my issue is I'm currently bulking and my #'s always increase while consuming excess calories. I want to be totally honest to the end-users who are thinking of purchasing Incarnate and to PAL as well. So with that being said, the increase in weight is nothing I haven't hit before (no pr's or anything), but what I can state is that I got to these #'s faster than previously. In the past, it would take me about 8-12 weeks to get to this weight while bulking while it only took me 5-6 weeks with Incarnate. I think the jump is pretty good but I can't go higher than 7 on my scale because the label states "Massive Strength" increases. To me, massive brings up prohormone/prosteriod type gains. While I certainly know Incarnate can't live up to ph/ps gains, I wouldn't make claims that lead the end-user to believe that it could. For me, I would feel more comfortable if the label stated "strength gains" instead of "Massive Strength".

    Recovery (10) - This one's a no-brainer for me. The cissus did it's job and did it well. If you've been following my journal you know that I sprained my ankle pretty good playing bball. From the pain and swelling, I was expecting to be sidelined for at least 2 weeks. I increased the dosage a little and found myself playing the very next week. I can truthfully say that this coudn't have happened without the cissus in Incarnate.

    Endurance (8.5) - As far as lifting goes, this is where I seen the most benefit. My body hates high reps, and lactic acid kills me after 8 reps. While taking Incarnate, on the last 2 weeks, I noticed I was hitting reps of 10-15 with little lactic acid buildup. I still had some burn, but nothing like pre-Incarnate.

    Overall I thought Incarnate was a good product and would probably purchase again for the recovery/endurance aspect of it more than the strength gains.

    Again, would like to thank PAL for choosing me to test out INCARNATE.

  2. Awesome man, that is an impressive weight gain for a 40 day run. I am currently running Incarnate and loving the endurance aspect. How much BF do you think you gained?

  3. At the beginning I was probably 8-10% (I had a 6pak), but now only the top 2 are visible. So I'm guessing I'm around 12 -15%. The only diet I've been on is the seefood diet. If if see it, I eat it.

  4. Great review bd are you planing on running it again

  5. Quote Originally Posted by brass monkey View Post
    Great review bd are you planing on running it again
    I'm thinking about it, but not totally sure. I have some bulk cissus lying around the house. I thought about buying some bulk beta alanine and measure the results from this.



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