Reconstructing DaZilla "PAL Transformation"

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    Yeah, I should have started with this... but hey, you live and learn... I do see improvements anyway

  2. 10/01/07


    Incline BP 6 sets

    175*6 for 2 sets

    Flat BP 6 set

    205*6 for 2 sets

    DB Fly

    65*6 for 2 sets

    Push up til failure
    V- up

  3. 10/2/07

    Squats 6sets

    135*6 225*6
    185*6 245*6
    205*6 255*4

    St8 Leg Deadlifts 6 sets

    225*6 for 2 sets

    Leg Curls 3 sets

    100*6 for 2 sets

    Standing BB Lunges 5sets

    60*4 for
    80*4 for 3 sets
    90*6 for 2sets

    Leg Ext 3sets
    Tried but my knee i had my ACL replaced starting to hurt

  4. I love this stack... I'm the strongest and leanest I've been in a long time or if ever ... Even if I don't win the competition .. I'm still a winner (that was soooo cheesy).

    What to do when this is all over is a mystery to me.

  5. Keep goin! follow it till you are done

  6. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY>>>>>>> :bb2:

  7. cool, happy birthday! how old?

  8. mine is on the 30th this month btw, turn 40

  9. 28.... but feel 18

  10. hows the mirror treating you dazilla? I think I botched the transformation some with my bulking attempt as I gained too much fat, but i'm starting to lean out pretty well now. I'm up around 6lbs from the start of the contest, and leaner than I started.

  11. I looked in the mirror... and I'm liking what i see.... My diet hasn't been as tight as i like it...

    When I started... I was around 198 morning.... 200 at night give or take a pound at night

    But NOW.... Morning I'm about 194-195 and about 197 at night... but look leaner and more muscular.

    I wish went into more of a lean bulk instead of a cut... but you live and learn

  12. when i started I was at 200, hit a peack of 213 in the bulk phase (but now i'm pretty sure about half was fat) down to 205 now, and i've added at least 2 more pounds of muscle since I ended the bulk. so I'm noticeably (but not hugely) leaner than I started. If i wouldnt have been so sloppy on the bulk, I'd definitely be doing better too. That bulking for endos will help next time I try it

  13. 10/9/07 Legs

    Squats 6sets
    155*6 225*6
    165*6 245*6
    205*6 265*6

    St8 Leg Deadlifts 6sets
    185*6 for 2 sets
    205*6 for 3 sets

    Leg Curls 3 sets
    80*6 for 2sets

    Standing BB Lunges 6sets
    80*6 for 4 sets

    Leg Ext 3sets
    145*6 165*6

  14. 10/11/07 Back

    SM Bent Over row 6 sets
    195*6 for 2 sets

    One Are Row
    90*6 for 3 sets
    95*6 for 2ests

    Wide Grip Pulldowns
    165*6 for 2 sets

    Cable Pulldowns


  15. keep it up brutha

  16. People at work are starting to call me SWOLE:bb:

  17. Props to you man, this is some inspiring shyt

  18. Thanks Guys

    Only 2 Leviathan left... DANG....

    But its only 4 days left in the competition.

  19. bro your lifts are looking awesome...niiiice work.

    can't wait to see the finished product

  20. I think i have improved over the last 8 weeks but I'm very hard on myself.. I know where i want to get so, ANY IMPROVEMENT IS GREAT but still have a ways to go

    Straight wise I'm really impressed.. best stack I've every been on..

  21. This week is just a light high rep week...

  22. Tennis elbow flared up and I haven’t had that problem while on the stack. I think its just time to take that week off..

  23. Well this transformation is over, but I’m just getting started.

    I would like to thank the people over at PAL for the opportunity to log. It was really my first real log and I don’t think I did to bad but hopeful I will have other times to run a sponsored log.

    Leviathan- It’s my favorite stimulant bar none. I was felt good and never crashed. 8/10 ***have to leave room for Reloaded***

    Incarnate- I love this supplement. Incarnate took a little while to kick in for me; I think that everybody should run at lease 8 weeks on this. 8/10 ***leaving room for REMIX, RELOADED, PART II***

    I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, INCREASED in all exercise and felt like a beast. For the most part I was never sore after workouts except after legs.
    Everyday I wanted to go to the gym felt like I could go twice a day with no problem THANKS INCARNATE

    My Weight has been all over the map

    Beginning at 197-198 shooting up to 201 then back down to 194.5 about a week ago, then I had my birthday and it shot up to 200…

    END- 198 but I feel a little bloated because I eating more carbs in my diet I guess.

    I was on the cut diet before I start and then I hit about 8 weeks on it and I feel on my face… but I still was losing and seem like I was gaining muscle.

    Some of the comments over the last 3 weeks

    “Man you are swole”
    “You start looking like the dudes in the gym all the time”
    “Are you taking steroids” ------ My favorite one because I always want to be asked if I’m on steroids and not be on them…

    Still working on the review... pics coming soon I have to borrow a camera

  24. My friend did not bring her camera but her are some from my phone
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