Reconstructing DaZilla "PAL Transformation"

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  1. For sure, waiting to hear it!

  2. THE GOOD NEWS... My workouts are better than ever... As you can tell my strength is shooting threw the roof..

    MY body is RECONSTRUCTING ... i just can tell..

    Squats 5sets
    155*6 205*6
    175*6 215*6

    St8 Leg Deadlifts 5sets
    135*6 for 2 sets
    155*6 for 2 sets

    Leg Curls 3 sets
    70*6 85*6

    Standing BB Lunges 5sets
    60*6 for 3 sets
    70*6 for 2

    Leg Ext 3sets
    120*6 145*8

    Donkey Calf Raises 4sets
    4 plates *6
    6 plates*6
    8 plates *6

    HS High Rows 5sets
    275*6 for 3 sets

    Close Grip Low Row 5sets

    Wide Grip Pulldowns

    DB Pullovers

    DB Shrugs *normally barbell but the machine was hogged*
    80*8 for 2
    90*8 for 3

  3. OK the BAD NEWS

    I had to rectify a financial boo boo.. so my funds are very limited and the CUT DIET is not the cheapest diet to be on ...

    I know one of the reasons i was picked was because of the diet i was on ... I will continue to do the cut diet as much as possible. I was a little upset yesterday because I'm the type of person that really like to follow a plan WORD FOR WORD...

    OK OK OK >>>>> enough of the sad ... CRY ME A RIVER STUFF...

    BECAUSE MY NAME IS DaZilla and

    " I'm a winner; I will always find my way"

  4. I've spent my entire life rectifying financial booboos You can still eat pretty clean on a budget, just have to move to walmart tilapia and whole chickens for protein

    I think i speak for everyone when I say we were more concerned it was an injury or family problem, having to change your diet happens

  5. I did kinda pull a muscle in my back... but i was not gonna cry over that to... Yeah.. it can be done... i had to VENT FOR A SEC

  6. my cheap protein tricks are the 4lb box of frozen tilapia at walmart ($10, so $2.50 a lb) or buying 1 or two whole roaster chickens raw, and baking them then peeling all the meat off . deboning and putting it into one pile and ziploc bag it up. Cottage cheese too is pretty inexpensive for decent protein, since its mostly casein. Any help we can give, just ask!

  7. Thanks... Another good things is that i did kinda stock up on meats... So i should be able to follow the program for another 2 weekss...

    Thanks again for the advice... I will be asking more about the best way to adjust my plan once, I start to get low on food...

  8. Do you know how to do the fat reduction on ground beef? This is a great way to cut costs on meat and I personally feel that beef is the best whole-food protein for muscle and recovery.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  9. Not Really, I would love to know

  10. Quote Originally Posted by dazilla View Post
    Not Really, I would love to know
    basically buy the cheapest fattiest ground beef you can, you can get it sometimes under $2/lb. Pan fry it (in crumbles size works best, like for hamburger helper) and then in a strainer rinse it all with water as hot as you can get it after frying, clean the fat out of the frying pan and then reheat the ground beef in the frying pan shortly to make sure you got out as much grease as possible. Turns out that doing this is cheaper on an ounces of beef after cooking basis, as well as lower fat than even the 93/7 stuff. I think its close to the 96/4 in fat, but still way cheaper per ounce.

  11. Easy,

    You ever try the Ground Turkey? I have been finding it at 2.49 a lb lately... Normally 2.99. It a little more expensive.

    Also, I have not heard about your fat reduction method on Ground Beef. I will have to try that.


  12. I've used ground turkey in chili, meatloaf, a few other things, but I don't really like it much as a burger. Works great in a strong chili, as you can't really taste the meat over all the other flavors if you are doing it with ground (sometimes I use cubed steak or veal or gator, and thats different). At 249/lb tho its a pretty good grams of protein per dollar that way.

  13. Sorry I haven't update ( doing system upgrades at work) with my workouts... STILL GOING GREAT... lower back hurts a little from strain last week, but i keep going

    **** Are you talking about Ground Turkey Breast or just Ground Turkey***

  14. ARMS 9/7/07

    Standing DB Curls 5 Sets
    35*6 for 2 sets
    40*6 for 3 sets

    Single Arm DB P-Curls 5 sets
    35*6 for 2 sets
    40*6 for 2 sets

    C-Curls 3 sets
    35*6 for 2 sets

    Close Grip BP 5 sets
    135*6 for 2 sets
    155*6 for 2 sets

    V-Bar Pressdown 5 sets
    65*6 87*6
    72*6 95*6

    Overhead Tri Ext 3 sets
    20*8 for 2

  15. You can do the reduction on ground turkey to make it roughly the fat content of ground turkey breast.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  16. 9/8/07 Shoulders

    DB Shoulder Press 5 Sets
    45*6 for 2 sets
    50*6 for 2 sets

    Seated Front DB Raises
    25*6 for 2 sets
    30*6 for 2 sets

    Standing Side Lat Raises

    25*6 for 2 sets
    30*6 for 3 sets

    Rear Delt Machine

    140*6 for 2 sets

    SM Standing Calf Raises

    235*8 for 2 sets

    BACK was starting to get tight from the strain on that past tuesday.

  17. Chest

    Incline BP 6 sets

    135*8 for 2 sets
    155*8 for 4 sets

    Flat BP 6 set
    135*8 for 2 sets
    155*8 for 2 sets
    165*8 for 2 sets

    Peak Deck 6 sets

    155*8 for 2 sets

    Push UP til Failure
    V-UP 3 set until failure
    Leg Raises 3 set until Failure

    I was very care full because of my back..

  18. 9/11/07 Back

    Finally my back feels better, Normally I do legs on tuesday but wanted to give my lower back some more time to heal.:good:

    HS High Rows 6 sets

    245*8 for 2 sets

    Close Grip Low Row 5sets
    170*8 for 2 sets
    175*8 for 3 sets

    Wide Grip Pulldowns

    130*8 for 2 sets

    DB Pullovers
    60*8 for 2 sets

    DB Shrugs

  19. Subscribed.

    I'm watchin this as well bruh. Keep at it!

  20. keep it up Daz

  21. 9/12/07


    DB Shoulder Press 6
    40*6 for 2
    45*6 for 2 sets
    50*6 for 2 sets

    Seated Front DB Raises
    30*8 for 5 sets

    Standing Side Lat Raises
    25*8 for 2 sets
    30*8 for 2 sets

    Rear Delt Machine
    130*8 for 3 sets

    I don't know what happen but i just lost all my energy... i could not focus...

  22. Everyone has a bad day here or there bro! its a marathon, not a sprint, so run the course!

  23. After dog-crap workout on 9/12/07.. I had an off day ... went to bed really really early and slept all night... i realize i was really close to over training...Friday came i thought i was need more time off but i was game to workout....

    ARMS 9/14/07

    Standing DB Curls 6 Sets

    40*8 for 6 sets

    Single Arm DB P-Curls 6 sets
    35*8 for 2 sets
    40*8 for 3 sets

    C-Curls 3 sets

    30*8 for 2 sets
    35*8 for 2 sets

    Close Grip BP 6 sets
    135*8 for 2 sets
    145*8 for 2 sets
    155*8 for 2 sets

    V-Bar Pressdown 5 sets
    65*8 87*8
    72*8 95*8

    Overhead Tri Ext 3 sets
    25*8 for 2 sets

  24. Keep up the good work man...are you doing any cardio?

  25. Yeah....sorry i was not logging my cardio, but I'm doing about 30 to 45 min after each workout even legs (bike)...


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