asianbabe's PAL transformation

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  1. asianbabe's PAL transformation

    big ups to Pu12en12g for creating the banner

    Due to my residence on the other side of the hemisphere, I am yet to receive the PALpack, but I'll get the transformation log started regardless! Pics and other things will be taken tomorrow. I still have a bit of Reset AD and Leviathan left.
    PAL supps to be used during this log (I think): Leviathan, Incarnate, Reset AD.

    I have already been using Lev + Reset: My most recent log is here if you are after some more info about me. Again, thanks muchly to the PAL crew for their sponsorship of this whole competition, and in advance to everyone following along....time to get get ready for spring aka mating season!

    be my PAL!

    I'll talk some more later about what I'm going to do for training and soon to be (lack of) cardio and stuff, but I just wanted to start the thread so I won't forget in the morning.. well that and get some lovin' in here .

  2. first post!

    Hi AB...

    EDIT: loving that banner, sweeet and nice title, suits you well haha.

  3. I'm in for this AB, great banner


  4. signed on good luck AB

  5. IN!!!..good luck Liv

  6. Peeking in...
    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve
    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  7. I'm in...GL!

  8. Good Luck AB! I dont know how HOT can get HOTTER but I am sure you will show us!

  9. big ups to Pu12en12g for creating the banner

    Well... wow hey everyone!
    Guess I should post up the before pics.. front, back, the newspaper..
    And, no I couldn't do this pose ==> :bb3:
    Attached Images Attached Images    

  10. Along for the journey.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  11. Thanks hun!

  12. big ups to Pu12en12g for creating the banner

    I don't really feel like writing a life story, so I'll talk in bits and pieces each day..essentially my aim will be to cover all bodyparts twice a week, and as little cardio as possible. I've found that I have a lot more energy and I recover much better when I take some time off cardio.. ::insert O'rly sign here ::

    so we'll see how long that lasts before I get the itch.. hence also for the banner title...

    Today's workout: (key ==> :::sets x reps x weight (kg)::: )

    Back, Shoulders, Arms Supersets

    1)... bent row 3x10x20 ss
    ...... shoulder press 10x20, 7x20, 5x20(finished with 17.5)

    2)... machine row 10x25, 12x20, 12x20 ss
    ...... straight leg raises 3x10

    3)... assisted chins/dips 3setsx8 ss

    4)... sumo deadlift 5x2x60

    5)... bb curls 3x10x15 ss
    ...... db lat raises 3x12x4s ss
    .........db hammercurls 3x10x4s

    6)... close grip bench 3x15x15 ss
    ...... elevated bench dips 3xfailure (about 10)

    Good intense workout. Deads are getting easier.

  13. im dissappointed you didnt do the:bb3: pose for me

  14. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    Today's workout: (key ==> :::sets x reps x weight (kg)::: )
    I've gotta stop reading your log first thing in the morning. I definitely read this as something else the first time.

    Killer, intense-looking workout by the way. I always love to see/hear a girl is doing something beyond 3 sets of concentration curls with a 5lbs DB and calling it a day.

  15. big ups to Pu12en12g for creating the banner

    Whats up fellas.. really long day today, so I'll just post my workout, and gotta get back to work... here it went:

    Today's workout: (key ==> :::sets x reps x weight (kg)::: )

    Legs, Chest

    • Db incline bench 15x12s, 10x14s, 8x14s, 10x14s
    • Front squats 10x30, 2x6x40
    • Cable flyes 2x15x25 superset
    • Hybrid calves 3x55
    • Shoulder machine 2x15x40 superset
    • Lying hamstrings 2x15 (light because of deads yesterday)

    Random notes: time to try the 16kg dbs next time for bench.. If I can even heave them into position. The 30lbers are getting comfy-er.

    Front squats > back squat!

    For lunch today I had these rice paper rolls.. if you don't know what they are.. they're pretty good. Kinda half way between a spring roll and a sushi, but not really, much yummier Mine today had chicken breast, lettuce and rice noodles in the roll, and you dip it in this peanut/chilli/sweet sauce. Delectable.

    Dinner was smoked trout, lightly seared, yes a bit of a $plurge but oh well, taste is pretty on par with salmon

    One more thing.. I am guilty of eating a punnet of strawberries a day.

  16. what are hybrid calves? im guessing its a machine, how is it set up?

    another log from you that just makes me hungry!!!! lol :

  17. yo! Nah, hybrid, as in a mix of different types. I'll do say15-20 weighted calf raises, then another set unweighted and then some on the floor.. just whatever it takes to get a burn/cramp.. and then you get a break.. adapted from the FIT SHOW! - The Fit Show - Episode 30: Calf Training With James Flex Lewis!

    Oh yeahh I just saw the lunar eclipse in my backyard!

  18. i see i see. i do less volume with calves now but i will do just random no weight floor raises in between sets on upper body days.

    i saw it too, here at work. you probably saw it in the morning with light??? I like solar eclipses better anyway.

  19. Nah it was at about 8pm. Kind of overrated ey? 2007 Mr O = PP???

  20. overrated ey yes i reckon howdy partner lol just kidding...but yah im actually a well known IFBB pro in secretivity, serious.

  21. Stopping in to say good luck with the body transformation contest. I agree with a previous poster that your journals make me very hungry. This must be a strategy of yours to make everyone else eat and not make any progress.

  22. is Jason....

    Liv good job!..lemme know when your PAL goodies get there

  23. good luck to you, ms babe I'll be cheering you on

  24. Quote Originally Posted by jason2459 View Post
    Stopping in to say good luck with the body transformation contest. I agree with a previous poster that your journals make me very hungry. This must be a strategy of yours to make everyone else eat and not make any progress.
    are you one of the competitors at i think i saw you there....???


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