Trenadrol / Phera-Vol 6 week cycle

  1. Trenadrol / Phera-Vol 6 week cycle

    i'll start by saying what's up to everyone here at the boards. as you can see, i'm brand new. i am going to be providing a little mini log here and a full log on my web blog. to give some back ground info:

    25 yrs old (26 in November)
    currently 218 lbs / 6'0"
    training since age of 16 - 150lbs / 6'0" then
    lost 40lbs for the air force - have put it back on it past 2 yrs.

    i'm running trenadrol for the first 3 weeks, then running phera vol the next 3 weeks. i'm looking to put 12+ pounds on.
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