HGH yes or no?

  1. HGH yes or no?

    im 18 years old and im 6'2. i want to get some size. ive been working out for 3 years the past year with a buddy of mine whose arms are easily bigger yet we do relatively the same weight in all lifts. its just frustrating and i want to gain some muscle.

    ive been taking creatine protien and a multivitamin with a descent diet.

    if yes to hgh i need to know what product. every add as amazing garuntee but none have the side efeects so thats where you guys come in.


  2. no!
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  3. hahahaha well you guys feel strongly about that. is it really that harmful

  4. No is the best advice...at 18yrs....but to point out some facts in case your hard headed like myself,Anavar is one of the few steroids that does not hinder growth plate development...so if one was to dabble,anavar would be the safest ...if you weren't already so tall I might say the hgh wouldn't be complete insanity,but you'r already so tall...just start eating high calories and lift heavy,low reps...and give it a few years,see where your at and how much you can really dedicate yourself to bodybuilding,and if your still at it hard in a few years you might be ready to dabble and pursue other things.At 18,your a muscle building machine,you just don't know it yet...hard work and lots of food is your friend

  5. You even said it, you're diet is decent. Get your diet down and then think about using supplements.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    You even said it, you're diet is decent. Get your diet down and then think about using supplements.
    Thats exactly what I notcied,if your diet is decent,then thats the most you will ever be is decent,now if your diet is Superior,well....you get the idea...

  7. i heard this stuff it the sh1t!

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  8. no offense,but if you don't inject it,its not hgh...

  9. i appreciate the input. especially from getswole. thanks you were a big help.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by cassiusclay View Post
    i appreciate the input. especially from getswole. thanks you were a big help.
    o problem,basically there isn't a true HGH that is a pill,not that you can buy anyways...hgh comes in a vial and will need be injected daily w/ a syringe....Pretty much anything you can get at GNC is crap besides protien,which protien is protien....
    Up your diet and you will up your lbs,also since you are 6'2" you have a longer limb,slimmer build,its gonna take alot more work for you too get bulky thanj for instance someone who's 5'5"....it will literally take you years to get where you want,the more you eat the faster you will get there,strive for 5,000-8,000 calories a day,and 300-400g's protien,30-40g taken evcery 3 hrs or so...eat 6-8 meals a day,and fill up on protien before you sleep,fat is good at your age,you will need it to grow,lots of carbs will make size,pasta,pizza,breads,etc... and lots of meats...just go on a 2-3 yr eating frenzy and workout hard and you will succeeed for sure...


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