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  1. Looks good! I'm thinking about picking some up soon!

  2. Day 33 (Saturday's hike)
    Workout - Cardio:
    7 hour, approximately 10 mile hike part way up Yosemite's Half Dome trail (including mist trail, and nevada falls).

    Diet: All over the charts here. Friday nite we hit the buffet and I loaded up on chicken and roasted red potatoes as well as some mac and cheese. Most of saturday was gatorade, dried fruit with nuts, peanut butter and jelly sandwhichs and water with Poseidon in it. At night to celebrate we hit the pizza parlor and beer bar
    Overall Feeling: I don't know how much to attribute to adreniline or IGF-2 but I would have thought during a hike that strenuous that I'd be wearing out during the day. However I felt pretty good the whole time. I feel fine now as well. I have no way to compare this hike pre IGF-2 but I have to believe it helped my stamina and recovery times.
    Notes: What was supposed to be a 17 mile round trip hike with elevation gain of around 4000 feet turned into a 10 mile hike with elevation gain of 2300 feet.

    Bad news - We didn't make it to the top b/c of weather. About 3/4 of the way up we ran into a rain/hail storm. I was wearing shorts, t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, nice socks and boots. Not prepared to say the least but I wasn't cold (due to my body making heat while hiking) until we stopped for 10 or more minutes, or until it started pouring rain. Also there was about 6-8 inches of snow on top and we heard a little thunder. Standing on the highest point of granite and holding onto metal cables in the snow while lightning was going on didn't seem the smartest thing to do at the time .

    Good news - We got in about 10 miles round trip. Elevation went from 4500 feet to about 6800 feet. It was absolutely awesome scenery. At some points we were going up a "staircase" of granite with each step anywhere from 8 inches to 16 inches tall to climb up. Some places were roughly 4-5 feet wide with an edge you REALLY would not want to fall over unless you like free falling.

    Great news - I feel fine today. Feet, calves, and quads are a little stiff but overall not bad. I did not get overly tired during the hike despite not being in great cardio shape. I have no doubt that the IGF-2 cycle I am on and the Poseidon that I was drinking during the day helped me out quite a bit. I was surprised how my body was able to handle it actually. Now I'm hooked and have to wait until next spring to finish it off (after the snow melts).

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    While the log is great, the avy is in a class of it's own. lol
    lol - thanks - I'm also hoping people realize that it isn't me wearing that underwear

  4. Day 36
    Workout - Chest/Tris:
    Bench Press:
    12 @ 185
    8 @ 225 = +1 rep
    7 @ 230 = +2 reps +5 lbs
    7 @ 230 = +2 reps +5 lbs
    9 @ 210 = +1 rep
    7 @ 210 = -1 rep +5 lbs
    13 @ 185 = +3 reps
    Dumbell Pullover:
    11 @ 45 = -1 rep +5 lbs
    10 @ 45
    Incline Flys - Dumbell:
    12 @ 50 = +5 lbs
    12 @ 50 = +5 lbs
    Tricep Pushdown:
    8 @ 110 = -2 reps +10lbs
    12 @ 105 = +1 rep +5lbs
    10 @ 105 = +1 rep +5lbs
    Single Overhead Tricep Dumbell:
    12 @ 20 = +4 reps
    11 @ 20 = +1 rep
    18 = +5 reps
    14 = +4 reps

    Diet: Normal - didn't get to eat much before workout though.
    Overall Feeling: Today was one of those days that tests your mental toughness. I didn't feel like working out as I feel tired, rundown, and have a sore throat. However I can't let AppNut (and all my fans ) down so I pressed on and hit the gym. My bench suffered. Obviously I'm up from when I started but I went down from last week. The good news is that about 25 minutes into my workout my body woke up and went into aggressive mode! My tricep and incline fly work was great as well as extra pushups at the end.
    Notes: I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow as I"m going to try and get some extra sleep tonight, at least a good 8 hours. Another note, I looked HUGE (by my standards anyway) and pretty cut after the chest and tricep workout. I've been bigger but that's only when I'm retaining creatine water so I don't look as cut in my opinion.

  5. hey ninja, check your PM

  6. That hike sounds awesome Ninja. Picturing myself on the "steps" that close to a free fall seriously just triggered a chill type feeling. Me no likey heights where edges are nearby.

  7. Day 37 (yesterday's workout)
    Workout - Legs/Shoulders:
    Barbell Squat:
    14 @ 135
    12 @ 185
    12 @ 225 = +20lbs
    10 @ 235 = +1 rep +10lbs
    10 @ 235 = +2 reps +10lbs
    9 @ 235 = +2 reps +15lbs
    drop set immediately into
    3 @ 100 = -7 must have been tired
    Military Press with Barbell:
    14 @ 95
    12 @ 125
    10 @ 135 = +2 reps
    10 @ 135 = +3 reps
    9 @ 135 = +1 rep +5lbs
    drop set immediately into
    12 @ 35 dumbells = +3 reps
    Upright Row - Barbell:
    12 @ 85 = +10 lbs
    12 @ 85 = +5 lbs
    11 @ 85 = +5 lbs
    immediately drop into Shrugs:
    12 @ 50s
    12 @ 50s
    12 @ 50s
    Good Morning:
    12 @ 70 = +2 reps
    11 @ 75 = +1 rep +5lbs
    12 @ 75 = +2 reps +5lbs

    Diet: Missed my morning snack at 10am - but had a nice lunch of meaty pizza to make up for it.
    Overall Feeling: I thought my squats might suffer from my long hike but in reality my legs recovered very nicely. I was again able to make gains in squats, which is awesome. It goes up every week. I'm having some problems with Military press though. In a little more than a month I've only managed to put up a few more reps per set. I'm not sure what to do here, possibly move Military further away from Chest/Tricep day might help.
    I also felt sort of sick yesterday but was able to push through. I felt good lifting though, just a nagging headache and runny nose.
    Notes: Today (Thursday) I feel like crap though. It feels like I have a fever. I have a headache and a little bit of body aches. I'll probably take today off of lifting as I was planning to do back workout and I want all my energy and focus for that. I'm still getting good pumps and a leaner feeling. I have about 8-10 days of IGF-2 left so I hope to tear it up in the next week and a half if I can kick this cold.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    That hike sounds awesome Ninja. Picturing myself on the "steps" that close to a free fall seriously just triggered a chill type feeling. Me no likey heights where edges are nearby.
    It was pretty fun indeed. Backpacking and hicking is something I never really go into before but something I will do in the future for sure. I'm not scared of heights really but I'm kind of a hands guy, where I feel more comfortable if I have something to hold. I'm much more confident in my hand and upper body than my legs, knees, and feet . Next spring I will conquer the top though. Now I have some time to train at least, to make it more enjoyable and not feel dead tired.

  9. Good gains on those squats man!

  10. Day 38 (Friday's workout)
    Workout - Back:
    Bent over Barbell Row:
    12 @ 135 = +2 reps
    12 @ 140 = +4 reps + 5 lbs
    10 @ 145 = +10lbs
    10 @ 145 = +10lbs
    9 @ 145 = +10lbs
    T-Bar Row (actually the barbell stuffed into the corner with weights on one end):
    12 @ 80 = +10lbs
    10 @ 85 = -1 rep +5lbs
    10 @ 85 = +1 rep +5lbs
    11 @ 85 = +1 rep +5lbs
    10 @ 80 = +5lbs

    Diet: Normal
    Overall Feeling: I'm fighting this head cold going around. I don't feel to great and the lung capacity is suffering. That being said, my workout still went great. I don't feel as good after workout but during the workout I was focused and felt very strong muscular-wise.
    Notes: Hopefully I can kick this head cold. - I'm liking the overall affects of IGF-2 still. A good lean feel. I think a change in diet would really affect it as well. I think this stuff would work for a bulk or a cut quite well.

  11. Strange you mention head cold.... it got me as well.

    No people.... we haven't had contact.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Strange you mention head cold.... it got me as well.

    No people.... we haven't had contact.
    you don't have to lie to everyone else - actually I hear it's going around. I think it's just the start of the school year where everyone is exchanging germs and bringing it to the workplace or out in public or something, who knows? I feel pretty good today though. A little shallow in the lung capacity department but overall much better than last week. Hope you are feeling better as well.

  13. Day 41 (Sunday's workout)
    Workout - Biceps / Calves / Abs:

    Well I normally have my notebook at my work gym. Since today is Sunday I didn't have my notebook when I went to my gym.

    Feeling very strong again. Dumbell curling 50s if I do them on their own day, 45s if I combine with back day.

    It's hard for me to actually see increase in the size, but the tightness and pump feels pretty good

    I detest doing abs, which is why you rarely see it in my workout log. I don't do them enough on their own for IGF-2 to really make a difference in my opinion.

    Diet: Normal "weekend" diet consisting of larger meals and usually some alcohol at some point
    Overall Feeling: Head cold still there a little but it is going away. Felt good and strong.
    Notes: Got some good sleep over the weekend and felt much better and refreshed ready to rip up some weights this week.

  14. Day 43
    Workout - Chest/Tris:
    Bench Press:
    12 @ 185
    8 @ 225 = +1 rep
    5 @ 235 = +10 lbs
    5 @ 235 = +10 lbs
    10 @ 210 = +2 reps
    8 @ 210 = +5 lbs
    12 @ 185 = +2 reps
    Incline Flys - Dumbell:
    13 @ 55 = +1 rep +10 lbs
    12 @ 55 = +10 lbs
    10 @ 55 = +10 lbs
    Skull Crushers / Narrow Grip Press (superset):
    10/12 @ 35s = +1rep/+4reps +10lbs
    9/8 @ 35s = 0reps/-1rep +10 lbs
    8/6 @ 35s = +1rep/-1rep +10 lbs
    OverHead Tricep Dumbell:
    11 @ 60 = -1rep +10 lbs
    11 @ 60 = -1rep +10 lbs
    Pushups (ok, I was dead tired :
    15 = +2
    13 = +3

    Diet: Normal. Very good today actually.
    Overall Feeling: Felt great today. I've been sleeping great and have been in a good mood. The dreams that I had when I first started aren't as noticable but I'm sleeping like a baby and waking up refreshed (as long as I get 7+ hours).
    Notes: This is probably my last chest workout while on IGF-2. I'll include more in my summary, but I'm pretty excited about the gains. I just hope I don't lose any when I go off this product. I notice 0 negative side effects and again, my recovery time cardio-wise is far better than when I'm off IGF-2

  15. You've made some GREAT gains man! Drive will only keep them going......................... ...

  16. Day 44
    Workout - Back/Bis:
    Pull Down (don't know if the numbers are pounds but it is just the number I use on the stack):
    12 @ 120
    11 @ 140 = +3 reps
    8 @ 145 = +5 lbs
    7 @ 150 = +10 lbs
    7 @ 150 = +10 lbs
    16 @ 100
    Bent over Barbell Row:
    10 @ 135 = +2 reps
    10 @ 145 = +10 lbs
    9 @ 145 = -1 rep +10 lbs
    10 @ 145 = +10 lbs
    9 @ 145 = +10 lbs
    Bicep Barbell (with large 45lb bar)
    11 @ 85 = +1 rep +5 lbs
    9 @ 90 = +10 lbs
    7 @ 90 = -1 rep +10 lbs
    Alternating Seated Dumbell Hammer:
    10 @ 35 = -2 reps +5 lbs
    9 @ 35 = -2 reps +5 lbs
    Reverse Forum Curl (behind the back with large 45lb bar):
    14 @ 105 = +10 lbs
    11 @ 105 = -2 reps +10 lbs

    Diet: Normal - Had probably a 1000 calorie lunch of chinese food....mmm tasty.
    Overall Feeling: WOW! - I'm not sure if there were roids in my chinese food, if MSG helps when lifting, or what but my lifts were off the chart today. I have a feeling this IGF-2 certainly doesn't hurt either . I've never done 150 on pulldowns at that number of reps before. Barbell curling 90 lbs almost 10 times with the big bar is also nice for me!
    Notes: Good (but not great) pumps. However I'm not concerned about the pump during workout per se as it usually goes away in an hour or less. I want strength and mass. My stength has gone up, my weight seems about the same...which would make sense b/c I'm on maintenance calories. I'll check my measurements as I wrap this log up.

  17. Awsome log man, well done sir! Man I know what your talking about with Chinese Food, I worked out after eating at Pick Up Sticks one time, and man my workout lasted forever. Could just be from the exsessive amount of calories though to keep me going through the workout, lol.
    RXS Supplements
    [email protected]

  18. Day 45
    Workout - Legs/Shoulders:
    Barbell Squat:
    14 @ 135
    12 @ 185
    12@ 220 = +15 lbs
    10 @ 235 = +1 rep +10lbs
    8 @ 235 = +10 lbs
    8 @ 235 = +1 rep +15 lbs
    drop set immediately into:
    3 @ 100 = had to stop early (hip flexor)
    Military Press with Barbell:
    14 @ 95
    12 @ 125
    8 @ 140 = +5 lbs
    7 @ 140 = +5 lbs
    8 @ 135 = +5 lbs
    drop set immediately into:
    12 @ 35 dumbells = +3 reps
    Single Calf Raise with Dumbell on shoulder:
    12 @ 60 = +10 lbs
    12 @ 55 = +5 lbs
    12 @ 55 = +5 lbs
    Seated Side Raise:
    11 @ 20 = +1 rep +2lbs
    10 @ 20 = +2lbs
    9 @ 20 = -1 rep +2 lbs

    Diet: Normal - Another nice large free lunch of various pastas and sauces
    Overall Feeling: Chest and Biceps are sore from the previous days but not horrible. Leg workout went quite good again. I think I did slightly better last time, but this workout was nothing to laugh at. My endurance and recovery was awesome. One slight problem was that on my last 2 sets I had a slight tweaked feeling in my left inner hip flexor area. It prevented me from doing my last burn-out set at 100. This is the first time I've got 140 up on military with those reps. It doesn't seem like much to add 5 pounds over 6-7 weeks but in reality if I could do that every 6-7 weeks I'd be adding 40 pounds a year.
    Notes: Recovery, attitude, and overall feeeling was once again very good. I have a good sense of well being and I feel pretty thick in my chest and shoulders but not heavy or saggy. Very tight feeling most of the time.

  19. Day 48

    This ends my heavy lifts and my dosing of IGF-2.

    I have like 12 pills left that I'll just take 6 on Monday and 6 on Tuesday but my official lifts are done. I'll get a writeup done ASAP.

    Note: I will still be posting here though so that people can following that post IGF-2 era of TheNinja - I want to see what % of the gains I keep when going off.

    Note #2: I'm taking this week to lift lighter weight, higher reps, VERY slow lifts and a lot of deep heavy stretches. This should prepare me for another big run starting next week.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
    Day 48

    This ends my heavy lifts and my dosing of IGF-2.

    I have like 12 pills left that I'll just take 6 on Monday and 6 on Tuesday but my official lifts are done. I'll get a writeup done ASAP.

    Note: I will still be posting here though so that people can following that post IGF-2 era of TheNinja - I want to see what % of the gains I keep when going off.
    Great log man. You made good gains and yes I too am interested in seeing what happens in the time period following your cycle.

  21. Day 49
    Workout - Chest/Tris:
    Bench Press:
    12 @ 185
    12 @ 205
    11 @ 205
    8 @ 205
    12 @ 185
    Incline Barbell:
    16 @ 95
    14 @ 115
    14 @ 155
    immediately into sets of Dumbbell fly:
    6 @ 40 followed by 20 seconds of deep stretch with 40s
    4 @ 40 followed by 20 seconds of deep stretch with 40s
    8 @ 30 followed by 25 seconds of deep stretch with 30s
    Tricep Dip using benchs:
    12 @ 30
    8 @ 30
    Overhead Extension:
    14 @ 50 followed by 30 second stretches with 15 in each hand
    14 @ 50 followed by 30 second stretches with 15 in each hand
    16 wide
    6 diamond with hands

    Diet: Normal
    Overall Feeling: I feel both excited and tired from the past 3 months of lifting. I'm taking this week to lift lighter weight, higher reps, VERY slow lifts and a lot of deep heavy stretches. This should prepare me for another big run starting next week.
    Notes: A nice workout and a great pump after the workout from the many reps and stretching.

  22. SIZE="3"]Day 50 (yesterday's workout)[/SIZE]
    Workout - Back:
    Wide Grip Pulldowns (slow and steady):
    12 @ 120
    12 @ 120
    12 @ 120
    12 @ 120
    T-Bar Row with the 45lb bar:
    12 @ 70
    12 @ 75
    12 @ 75
    12 @ 75
    Reverse Fly:
    12 @ 15
    12 @ 15
    14 @ 10 - VERY slow
    2 sets
    2 sets

    Diet: Normal
    Overall Feeling: Yesterday's workout was good. I didn't go heavy but got a nice workout anyway. Great pumps all around and it felt good to get some deep stretches.
    Notes: My libido and sleep patterns are still awesome like they were while on IGF-2. I really hope those 2 things continue although I'm sure they'll be some dropoff during the next week or so.
    DOMS is killing me today (Wednesday). I'm probably more sore from doing the lighter weights, more reps, and going nice and slow they lifting explosively on heavier weights with less reps. I may have to change my routine a little.

  23. In a strange way, don't you just love DOMS?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    In a strange way, don't you just love DOMS?
    In an odd way, it does make you feel like you've had a great workout. I like to think that the soreness means I'm growing

  25. Day 51 (yesterday's workout)
    Workout - Legs:
    Squat: (nice and slow and deep...ouch!)
    14 @ 135
    12 @ 185
    12 @ 185
    12 @ 185
    12 @ 185
    And a "good morning" to you sir:
    12 @ 60
    12 @ 60
    12 @ 60
    12 @ 60
    Single leg calf up on a bench followed by stretch:
    Leg Extension (hold for 5 at near full extension at the top):
    16 @ 75
    16 @ 75

    Diet: Normal - Monsterous meal of hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch followed by ice cream....I'm going to get fat!
    Overall Feeling: Very sore from previous workouts but I still feel great. I think the cycle of IGF-2 has really helped me feel a little leaner and stronger at the same time.
    Notes: All workouts today were slow and low with nice stretching. I miss my IGF-2 though

  26. New log starting soon?

  27. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    New log starting soon?
    Yep. New log starts Monday - Drive+RPM!! I was trying to get some pictures and measurements to end this log. My women is being a pain in the ass about it. I'll probably just have to post a summary based on how I appear in the mirror, my lifts, and my body weight.

  28. Summary of 50 days of IGF-2

    You can go back through my last couple workout logs to see the changes but it comes down to this.
    In every major workout category I gained around 5-10% on my maximum lifts and even better, my stamina in all lifts went way up. For example, on my bench press, my 4th and 5th sets I was able to lift more weight with more reps.

    Bench Press from 5 @ 225 to 5 @ 235. - 10lbs doesn't seem huge but that would equate to over 60lbs a year in gains
    Incline Flys from 12 @ 45 to 12 @ 55 - That's a 20% gain
    Pulldowns from 7 @ 140 to 7 @ 150 - 7% gain in roughly 7 weeks
    Bicep Barbell 9 @ 80 to 9 @ 90 - That's a 10lb gain in biceps in less that 2 months!
    Final set of squats 7 @ 220 to 8 @ 235 - 15lb gain plus an extra rep.

    Final Body Stats: - First of all I have to sincerely apologize to AN for not getting full proper measurements and pictures at the end. I couldn't get anybody to do it and had a bunch of stuff going on with visitors coming..blah, blah, blah. Now I've had a really rough couple of days with some personal things going on and haven't ate or worked out very well since Wednesday so I don't think measurements now would be fair. I did get a few measurements in last week though:
    Shoulders/Chest : 50.75 to 51.50
    Chest : 42.5 to 43.5
    Arms : 16.75 / 16.5 to 16.25 = actually shrunk....but got stronger, odd but probably means I was carrying excess fat/water on my arms
    Weight: ~187 to ~185.5 = Interesting here. I did not gain any weight. I actually lost weight during this cycle. However I did not change my diet. If anything I cut out the alcohol and late night bowls of cereal before bed . So with that I would not expect to gain any weight because I was eating maintenance calories before.
    Composition: I honestly believe I leaned out while on this stack. How else would I explain a slight drop in weight yet gained strength. I also believe that when I look in the mirror my chest is larger, my legs are starting (just barely ) to show some muscle, and my gut is a little less flabby.

    Endurance and Recovery between sets and postworkout was out of this world. - Instead of falling over like I wanted to die for 2 minutes after heavy sets, I was feeling almost fully recovered withing 30-40 seconds after a set.
    A very good LEAN feel well on it with maintenance calories (i.e. no change in diet).
    Great focus and very good pumps during workout.
    Overall great attitude while on it.
    Increased libido but not out of control.
    Awesome sleep while on it. Crazy dreams the first few weeks until my body got used to it too
    No negative side effects like oily skin, acne, anger issues.

    Not "great" pumps during all workouts compared to a preworkout stim if that's all you are after.
    Won't gain that instant 5-10lbs like on creatine or other supp that holds water weight.
    Some might consider it pricey at $50 - but in reality you could get an 8 week cycle out of $100.

    Recommendations: I would recommend IGF-2 to anyone looking for a good solid supplement. It may take a few weeks to kick in and it might not be as flashy as some supps that pump you up or give you temporary gains/pumps, but the postives of this supplement shouldn't be overlooked. I'm not sure if it's meant for a bulk or a cut but I think it would work for either. I really think that on a bulk you would make some serious gains while on IGF-2 but on a cut or a recomp (like I was doing) it will hold and even gain muscle while allowing you to lean out.

  29. great log and good review! you made some really impressive gains. i have two bottles sitting here beside me and i can't wait to start. i'm gonna stack it w/ JW. should be a good solid stack. i'm really looking forward to trying it out myself.


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