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  1. Day 49
    Workout - Chest/Tris:
    Bench Press:
    12 @ 185
    12 @ 205
    11 @ 205
    8 @ 205
    12 @ 185
    Incline Barbell:
    16 @ 95
    14 @ 115
    14 @ 155
    immediately into sets of Dumbbell fly:
    6 @ 40 followed by 20 seconds of deep stretch with 40s
    4 @ 40 followed by 20 seconds of deep stretch with 40s
    8 @ 30 followed by 25 seconds of deep stretch with 30s
    Tricep Dip using benchs:
    12 @ 30
    8 @ 30
    Overhead Extension:
    14 @ 50 followed by 30 second stretches with 15 in each hand
    14 @ 50 followed by 30 second stretches with 15 in each hand
    16 wide
    6 diamond with hands

    Diet: Normal
    Overall Feeling: I feel both excited and tired from the past 3 months of lifting. I'm taking this week to lift lighter weight, higher reps, VERY slow lifts and a lot of deep heavy stretches. This should prepare me for another big run starting next week.
    Notes: A nice workout and a great pump after the workout from the many reps and stretching.

  2. SIZE="3"]Day 50 (yesterday's workout)[/SIZE]
    Workout - Back:
    Wide Grip Pulldowns (slow and steady):
    12 @ 120
    12 @ 120
    12 @ 120
    12 @ 120
    T-Bar Row with the 45lb bar:
    12 @ 70
    12 @ 75
    12 @ 75
    12 @ 75
    Reverse Fly:
    12 @ 15
    12 @ 15
    14 @ 10 - VERY slow
    2 sets
    2 sets

    Diet: Normal
    Overall Feeling: Yesterday's workout was good. I didn't go heavy but got a nice workout anyway. Great pumps all around and it felt good to get some deep stretches.
    Notes: My libido and sleep patterns are still awesome like they were while on IGF-2. I really hope those 2 things continue although I'm sure they'll be some dropoff during the next week or so.
    DOMS is killing me today (Wednesday). I'm probably more sore from doing the lighter weights, more reps, and going nice and slow they lifting explosively on heavier weights with less reps. I may have to change my routine a little.

  3. In a strange way, don't you just love DOMS?
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Better Results Through Science
    Success occurs when everything you have is APPLIED.
    Have you heard about N.O. Uptake? ;-)

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    In a strange way, don't you just love DOMS?
    In an odd way, it does make you feel like you've had a great workout. I like to think that the soreness means I'm growing

  5. Day 51 (yesterday's workout)
    Workout - Legs:
    Squat: (nice and slow and deep...ouch!)
    14 @ 135
    12 @ 185
    12 @ 185
    12 @ 185
    12 @ 185
    And a "good morning" to you sir:
    12 @ 60
    12 @ 60
    12 @ 60
    12 @ 60
    Single leg calf up on a bench followed by stretch:
    Leg Extension (hold for 5 at near full extension at the top):
    16 @ 75
    16 @ 75

    Diet: Normal - Monsterous meal of hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch followed by ice cream....I'm going to get fat!
    Overall Feeling: Very sore from previous workouts but I still feel great. I think the cycle of IGF-2 has really helped me feel a little leaner and stronger at the same time.
    Notes: All workouts today were slow and low with nice stretching. I miss my IGF-2 though

  6. New log starting soon?
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Better Results Through Science
    Success occurs when everything you have is APPLIED.
    Have you heard about N.O. Uptake? ;-)

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    New log starting soon?
    Yep. New log starts Monday - Drive+RPM!! I was trying to get some pictures and measurements to end this log. My women is being a pain in the ass about it. I'll probably just have to post a summary based on how I appear in the mirror, my lifts, and my body weight.

  8. Summary of 50 days of IGF-2

    You can go back through my last couple workout logs to see the changes but it comes down to this.
    In every major workout category I gained around 5-10% on my maximum lifts and even better, my stamina in all lifts went way up. For example, on my bench press, my 4th and 5th sets I was able to lift more weight with more reps.

    Bench Press from 5 @ 225 to 5 @ 235. - 10lbs doesn't seem huge but that would equate to over 60lbs a year in gains
    Incline Flys from 12 @ 45 to 12 @ 55 - That's a 20% gain
    Pulldowns from 7 @ 140 to 7 @ 150 - 7% gain in roughly 7 weeks
    Bicep Barbell 9 @ 80 to 9 @ 90 - That's a 10lb gain in biceps in less that 2 months!
    Final set of squats 7 @ 220 to 8 @ 235 - 15lb gain plus an extra rep.

    Final Body Stats: - First of all I have to sincerely apologize to AN for not getting full proper measurements and pictures at the end. I couldn't get anybody to do it and had a bunch of stuff going on with visitors coming..blah, blah, blah. Now I've had a really rough couple of days with some personal things going on and haven't ate or worked out very well since Wednesday so I don't think measurements now would be fair. I did get a few measurements in last week though:
    Shoulders/Chest : 50.75 to 51.50
    Chest : 42.5 to 43.5
    Arms : 16.75 / 16.5 to 16.25 = actually shrunk....but got stronger, odd but probably means I was carrying excess fat/water on my arms
    Weight: ~187 to ~185.5 = Interesting here. I did not gain any weight. I actually lost weight during this cycle. However I did not change my diet. If anything I cut out the alcohol and late night bowls of cereal before bed . So with that I would not expect to gain any weight because I was eating maintenance calories before.
    Composition: I honestly believe I leaned out while on this stack. How else would I explain a slight drop in weight yet gained strength. I also believe that when I look in the mirror my chest is larger, my legs are starting (just barely ) to show some muscle, and my gut is a little less flabby.

    Endurance and Recovery between sets and postworkout was out of this world. - Instead of falling over like I wanted to die for 2 minutes after heavy sets, I was feeling almost fully recovered withing 30-40 seconds after a set.
    A very good LEAN feel well on it with maintenance calories (i.e. no change in diet).
    Great focus and very good pumps during workout.
    Overall great attitude while on it.
    Increased libido but not out of control.
    Awesome sleep while on it. Crazy dreams the first few weeks until my body got used to it too
    No negative side effects like oily skin, acne, anger issues.

    Not "great" pumps during all workouts compared to a preworkout stim if that's all you are after.
    Won't gain that instant 5-10lbs like on creatine or other supp that holds water weight.
    Some might consider it pricey at $50 - but in reality you could get an 8 week cycle out of $100.

    Recommendations: I would recommend IGF-2 to anyone looking for a good solid supplement. It may take a few weeks to kick in and it might not be as flashy as some supps that pump you up or give you temporary gains/pumps, but the postives of this supplement shouldn't be overlooked. I'm not sure if it's meant for a bulk or a cut but I think it would work for either. I really think that on a bulk you would make some serious gains while on IGF-2 but on a cut or a recomp (like I was doing) it will hold and even gain muscle while allowing you to lean out.

  9. great log and good review! you made some really impressive gains. i have two bottles sitting here beside me and i can't wait to start. i'm gonna stack it w/ JW. should be a good solid stack. i'm really looking forward to trying it out myself.


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