I took Primal N2O for the first time last saturday. I started sipping on it about 45minutes before my workout. 2scoops in 12oz water.

Taste: 7/10
-Its not bad, I've had way worse, like NO-Xplode. Has a similar taste to posiedon when mixed with lemoade cyrstal lite and chugged. Either way I didnt mid just sipping on it at all.

Pumps: 8/10
-About 10min before stepping in the gym I was at the grocery store with the wife and picked up our 3year old and was holding him and shakeing by his feet so his change would fall out of his pockets, (playing) and after i had set him down I could feel it in my bi's and shoulders and vascularity in my forearms. Then when I got into the gym I looked like I had two cannon balls ontop of my arms

Endurance: 8/10
-I respond very well to L-Citrulline when it comes to endurance and this was def the case with N2O.

Strength: 9/10
- I mixed in another 2gr of Creatine Gluconate because I had a little bulk powder left over. Either way I did 10 @ 115lbs on standing behind the neck press which is a new PR (I'll credit a good amount of this to Cissus-Drol also)

Energy: 8/10
- I felt good with no shakes, really focused.

Overall: 9/10
-One reason this didnt get a 10/10 is because it has caffeine in it and only 2.5gr creatine. I'm not a huge fan of caffeine I become easily addicted to it and I dont really need it to get me going in the gym. I also love creatine, 5gr of mono is my sweet spot so if they added a little more that'd be awsome. Great price

*I would reccomend this over any other pre-workout drink I've tried
-No-Xplode (7/10)
-NO shotgun (8/10)
-Horsepower (7.5/10)
-Green Magwhatever from Controlled labs (7/10 taste is awful)