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    I agree cissus helps out which is why I'm trying to find out a more economical way of buying it. I think I'm going to buy a bulk tub from nutraplanet. It seems to help my overall recovery. I actually stopped using glucosamine since I started cissus.
    Yea I got that, I just was stateing it took some time for it too kick in at 2-3 caps a day. I think you said you had to dose 5 caps a day to get relife. I was under the impression you didnt wait out the 3 weeks at the lower dose, correct? When I hurt my shoulder I bumped to 5-6 per day and could really tell the recovery your talking about in only a few days.

    Seems to me that if you ran at a low dose for a few months (2-3caps) and then when decideding to go on a hardcore cut/bulk to kick to (5-6 a day) and get real real good results. I dont know if thats what your thinking of I was just thinking out loud as I was typing.
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  2. just get the incarnate that stuff kicks ass i get joint relieve,strenght thru the roof,and gain mucle while droping fat.but as you can see it did not help my spelling lol.just my two cents

  3. Guys, check this out:

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Through much trial and error…not to mention costs…our research team has perfected the extraction process. This is crucial to getting results. Get the extract wrong and you might as well be swallowing dirt.

    Here are the pics to prove it…

    Notice how "bulk" Cissus is very dark and dirty, containing impurities and parts of the herb cissus quadrangularis that are useless to you. While the ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade SuperCissus RX™ is clean and lighter in color. This premium product is the result of our special extraction process. Each capsule of SuperCissus RX™ has more active ingredients that 20 capsules of the "bulk" stuff - without all the junk!

    We have "juiced-up" SuperCissus RX™ so much that each capsule is loaded with only the crucial ketosterones that can help eliminate your joint pain, significantly reduce cortisol and increase anabolism through extremely powerful anti-catabolic properties!

    USP Labs brought SuperCissus RX™ to America and we are the only ones who know how to extract the critical, powerful active ingredients.

    As you know, this industry has many rip-off artists and "me-too" products. SuperCissus RX™ is THE ORIGINAL and the only way to guarantee you receive all of the benefits of this super herb.

    Since the extract process is extremely detailed and exact, we produce Super Cissus RX™ in very small batches. This is to ensure pharmaceutical-grade quality and potency. In fact, our product is so fresh it's possible to be at your door less than 30 days after the Cissus Quadrangularis was harvested in India!
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  4. These claims of differing effects based on % strength are sales lies.

    There is not one study out that support these claims.

    Don't believe the hype, follow the evidence.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dexterium View Post
    Guys, check this out:

    Hope this helps,


    Not really b/c that was just a sales pitch.

    *sigh* thanks anyway handyman.

  6. RD, I've seen a few studies (pubmed type stuff) that have shown the differences in % to have different result.

    But I am lazy, and I think sinner had them, so I'll check and see if he still does.

  7. ...I could've sworn it was bad.

  8. lalala bulk cissus tastes HORRIBLE...

    paracutting it works but i dont wanna do that. so im capping it.

    and their comment about

    20bulk cissus pills vs 1 supercissus pills. BULLCRAP.
    if its true then something is wrong

  9. I've searched Pubmed, Scirus and Ixquick for any and all keywords and search terms related to Cissus that I can think of, the result has been nothing, nada, zip showing a difference in effect based on extract strength.

    What we do have is User Testimonals saying USP's SuperCissus (10%) at 75mgs of Ketosterone per cap works for joint health, and so does Primaforces's (40%) 200mgs of the same, etc, etc, on varying strengths. Once a therapeutically sufficient per dose and per day level is reached it does it's job, all the rest is a sales pitch to promote a higher price per mg of active.

    There is so so very much of this going on around this board, a lot of people around here need to get a healthy dose of skepticism and willingness to do their own research.

    Please, somebody prove me wrong on this, my creaky joints would appreciate getting to the truth.

  10. RD, I'll take a look tonight...I'm about to call it a day.

    But either way, it's gonna help your joints.

  11. Same here, I couldn't find any studies comparing different purity extracts.

    I did however find a listing of various other goodies inside Cissus Quadrangularis. So I mean, there's at least some other good things to come from it than just the 3-keto (BTW, if you know the full name for 3-keto I can see if googlescholar has anything on that).

  12. hey guys not sure if this is best thread to ask.but

    i just got my bulk cissus in. and capping kits.

    howmuch do i wanna be putting in and consuming daily?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    You can probably fit about 500mg or so in a nicely tampered cap.

    You'll wanna take about 6 caps per day split into 2-3 doses.

    This was one of the things I miss about not having CissusRx (original), is that their 5% gave the same effect with 4 caps per day (for me at least).
    bulk cissus says 1/4 tsp = 700mg
    size 00 is 700-900ms. so id wanna fill those right.

    not the 0. 400-500? since i gotta take so many?

  14. just dump the powder in your protein shake dont cap da shet.

  15. i fill 1 gram into 000..750 would fit nicely into 00..i dont use fillers..

  16. Quote Originally Posted by wojo View Post
    i fill 1 gram into 000..750 would fit nicely into 00..i dont use fillers..
    howmany you take a day?

  17. 2 grams of the supercissus which is a 10%


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