EST - Bio-Pro - Sustained Release Protein - Review

  1. EST - Bio-Pro - Sustained Release Protein - Review

    Well, after the demise of Sustain powder, I needed something to to chug down at night before bed. So I am giving the new Bio-Pro from EST a shot for this position.

    Last night I mixed one scoop of it (Vanilla) in about 10 ounces of 1% Milk, and a few ounces of water.

    Well I use a Blender Bottle, which could mix concrete, so this was no issue, nice and smooth, mixed into a very thin milk shake texture.

    Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate, Potassium Caseinate, Egg Albumin.
    Fortified with Digestive Enzymes (no bloat this morning, even Sustain made me feel a little bloated in the AM, so this is a good thing for Bio-Pro), BCAA's and vitamins. So overall its a nice package.

    It costs about $1 per serving if you look around, so its got a competitive price

    I've never been a huge vanilla fan, but my early days of buying GNC protein might have caused this, so for a change I tried it. I tasted like vanilla ice cream that had melted down, very good, totally changed my perception of what vanilla can taste like.

    I'll try it in water and report back tonight.

  2. Bats chug?

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