ALRI Pro-Anabol + Jungle Warefare Final Review W/ BLOOD TESTS

  1. ALRI Pro-Anabol + Jungle Warfare Final Review W/ BLOOD TESTS

    I'd like to start by thanking ALRI, fit, and the rest of ALRI's staff (and former staff) for providing the products for this review. It was originally going to be a bottle each of PA and JW, but they ended up providing another bottle to for blood tests at the end.

    Since I already did a review of PA (found here) this review will focus on JW. My results were similar to many of the other JW logs. I had increased strength starting around week 3 which continued to increase all the way to the end of the cycle. By week 5 I was adding weight to almost every exercise at each workout.

    Squats +35 lbs (possibly more)
    Leg Press +70 lbs & +2 reps
    SLDL +35 lbs (possibly more)
    Standing Calf Raises +35 lbs
    Bench +20 lbs & +2 reps
    Incline DB Bench +10 lbs & +2 reps
    Chins +4 reps (BW)
    Bent Over Rows +20 lbs & +2 reps
    BB Shrugs +50 lbs & +2 reps
    Military Press +40 lbs & -2 reps
    Seated DB Press +7.5 lbs & -2 reps
    EZ Bar Curls +10 lbs
    Preacher EZ Bar Curls +25 lbs
    Lying Tri Extensions +10 lbs & +2 reps
    Pushdowns +10 lbs & +2 reps

    I weighed myself daily and recorded it in BodySpace. Weight was only up about 6.5 lbs, but half way through I did a 5 day cut that resulted in the loss of 3 lbs. Excluding that I would have gained about 9.5 lbs.

    All measurements were taken cold upon waking with a MyoTape.

    Weight: +6.5 lbs

    Waist: +1.25"
    Waist (Vacuum): +1.5"
    Hips: +1.75"
    Chest: +0.5"
    Chest Flexed: +3.75"
    Shoulders: +2"
    Neck: +1.25"
    L Bicep: +0.5"
    L Bicep Flexed: +0.875"
    R Bicep: +0.5"
    R Bicep Flexed: +1"
    Forearms: +1"
    L Thigh: +0.50"
    L Thigh Flexed: +1.25"
    R Thigh: +0.625"
    R Thigh Flexed: +1.375"
    L Calf: +0.625"
    R Calf: +0.375"

    Side Effects
    Side effects were minor. I had increased acne, with the worst occuring during PA. I did have some androgenic-type sides, increased shedding and body hair growth. I'm predisposed to MPB (mom's dad had no hair as far back as I can remember). Chest hair about doubled from 10 to 20 hairs

    The first week of JW I had some lethargy for 2-3 days but it went away. I didn't have any other sides. Libido didn't seem to change during or after.

    Blood Test Results
    Now for what everyone is waiting for. I decided to go all out on the blood tests, including liver values, cholesterol, and testosterone. The complete labs can be seen below, but I'll summarize the results along with my conclusions. Blood was drawn 35-36 hours after the last cap of JW.

    Note: Due to NY's laws against direct testing I was unable to get starting values done. To get these tests done I had to travel about 400 miles to MA and stay with my parents. That limits the conclusions that can be made, but there is still a lot to be seen from post blood tests. All of my conclusions are about my results and how they pertain to my body. Results may vary from user to user.

    Liver: Liver values were normal and showed no sign of liver stress. I conclude that JW had no negative effect on liver function.

    Cholesterol: Total cholesterol was low at 94 mg/dL, HDL was low at 20 mg/dL. With a low overall level a low level of HDL is to be expected. The ratio of 4.7 is within the normal range. I conclude that JW had no negative effect on cholesterol levels. The impact on HDL may be debatable, but without a starting value no further conclusions can be made.

    Thyroid: T3 Uptake was on the high end of normal. My metabolism was high before starting JW and didn't seem to change. I conclude that JW had minimal to no effect on this value, but a solid conclusion cannot be made without starting levels.

    Testosterone: Total test was low at 175 ng/dL and free test was normal at 13.1 pg/mL. Without starting values it's impossible to know JW's exact impact. However, it CAN be concluded that JW does NOT function through high levels of test and does not cause complete shut down.

    Conclusions and Discussion
    JW worked and worked well. Based on my results I am already considering another cycle of JW in the future.

    One thing to consider is my size. I'm 5'5" and about 160 lbs. 3 caps per day works out to about 1 cap per 53 lbs. That means an individual weighing 200-220 lbs may need 4 caps per day to have the same effect.

    There has been a lot of speculation as to how JW actually functions. One side suggests it's a mild steroid, the other that it's an AI. I showed significant increases in strength, increased shedding and body hair, and low levels of test at the end of the cycle. I'm going to allow you to make your own conclusions.

    Start on left, finish on right. You can tell I put on some fat, I lost some definition in my back and legs.

  2. Nice work, Dan!

  3. Hmm, JW looks pretty suppressive.

    I guess PA was right, it is a prosteroid.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by FrankJ View Post
    Hmm, JW looks pretty suppressive.

    I guess PA was right, it is a prosteroid.
    thats a pretty bold assumption, considering there is no test before the PA,JW.

    good job dan you worked really hard and it shows!

  5. Great job!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ALRILUKE View Post
    thats a pretty bold assumption, considering there is no test before the PA,JW.
    I dont think its a stretch - look at the guy - he is young and healthy. His T levels should be on the high end of normal, not below normal.

  7. Frank and Luke, you both make good points. Without starting blood tests there's no way to know exactly how JW impacted my test levels. BUT we can assume it works through some means other than boosting test since I did have good results with it. I strongly doubt I would have been adding 5-10 lbs to every exercise every workout at such low test without something else helping.


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