My 1sT 4 weeks WiTh *ActivaTe Xtreme*

  1. 1sT 4 weeks *ActivaTe Xtreme* (Now comes 4 More..)

    First I would like to start out by thanking everyone at Designer Supplements for giving me this opportunity to try out and Log ActivaTe XTREME!


    ============================== ====================

    Measurements & Pictures

    • Weight: 215 lbs. +3lbs
    • BiCeps: 17" +1/8"
    • ForeArms: 13.5" +1/2"
    • Calves: 15 7/8" -1/8"
    • Thighs: 24 1/4" +1/4"
    • Waist: 35" Same

    Before/After Photos

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  2. Trial length (weeks): 4 weeks

    Beginning body weight: 212
    Beginning body fat % (approx): ?

    End body weight: 215
    End body fat % (approx): ?

    Weight difference: +3
    Body fat % difference: There was a definite change, I just have NO clue with guessing what it is. Sorry

    Give a basic description of your training and dietary approach:
    My training routine stays pretty similar week to week. I have been putting a lot of emphasis on hitting the rear delts because they seemed to be lacking the most. I do my best to push as hard as I can and give it everything I've got every time I am in the gym. There was one week maybe one and a half during this log where I switched to a higher rep range with lower weights. Most of the time though I try to increase the weight I am lifting once I am able to put it up 8-10 times.
    When I started I was consuming around 3300-3900 cals/310-370g. carbs/60-80g. fat/300-400g Protein. I had increased my intake about 300-500 cals a day mainly with added oats to every protien shake. My diet is far from perfect, but for the most part I do not eat really bad things and do my best to make sure I hit my daily intake goals.

    Please note any effects the product had on:

    I experienced great strength increases while using ActivaTe Xtreme.. I was able to push through on a few lifts that I had been stuck on for a while. I also increased enormously the amount of reps I could do on the lower weights as well.

    My Energy levels, Endurance, as well as Recovery were greatly increased while using ActivaTe Xtreme. I have a pretty physical job, and even on the more rough days at work I was able to get to the gym and produce some great workouts! This is also where the Endurance factor plays a role. Normally when I may get tired or maybe I couldn't push that one last rep, I seemed to have no problems what so ever doing that the past 4 weeks.. The Recovery benefits were something I enjoyed due to the fact that I was pushing so hard and at points even had DOMS(normally never get em). I was most of the time fine with soreness by the next day. Even the recovery between sets, I have found myself rushing from set to set or movement to movement. This was mostly apparent during Super Sets.

    My mood was greatly increased. Some days I would have a mix of Aggressive type feelings mixed with a great sense of well being. The aggression only came out while at the gym. Not aggression like road rage type aggression, just an aggression that made me focus and get done what needed to be done. The conflicting feelings are somewhat hard to explain, but the mixture of the two worked out perfectly. Stress levels seemed to be more under control as well.

    Sex drive:
    There seemed to be a point where my Libido kicked in big time and was somewhat annoying. Then about 2 weeks or so in it seemed to level out. The last 2 weeks it seemed to go back up again to the almost annoying level. I really did not think it was possible for my Libido to actually get higher then it already was.

    Erection strength:
    I didn't really notice any improvements here. Erections were just apparent a LOT more often.. I did notice that semen volume was increased.

    Add anything miscellaneous here:
    [i]I'm gonna keep it short here. I absolutely think ActivaTe Xtreme has lived up to it's claims. To this point have have met and even exceeded my goals during this last 4 weeks. I have purchased another bottle to push this thing 8 weeks and would recommend ActivaTe Xtreme to anyone wanting to experience basically everything it claims..
    Some of the side effects noticed include, increased hunger, Oily skin with increased acne. A warm feeling after every dose.
    I also noticed I was getting better quality sleep. I would wake feeling refreshed and rested even though I average about 5 hrs a night.

    Overall product rating (1-10): 9
    This is the only rating I gave. The 9 and not a 10 only due to the annoying acne..

    Well, I want to thank all of DS for allowing me to test this Awesome product! I hope I have covered all areas you have required in the review. Feel free to ask any questions if I have missed anything. I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 weeks of ActivaTe Xtreme and I hope everyone continues to follow the final 4weeks.
    Thanks to ALL who followed and ALL the comments, suggestions made during the past 4 weeks! Round 1 has now come to a close.. Stay tuned for Round 2 starting Tuesday. Everyone have a great night!!
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  3. Links to Log can be given upon request.
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  4. damn good review!
  5. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    damn good review!
    Thank you.
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  6. Here are some examples of Lift increases during this past 4 weeks.

    DB Press:
    • Beginning: 3x100
      End: 3x110

    DB Incline:
    • Beginning: 8x75
      End: 8x85

    ============================== ====================

    Back Squat:
    • Beginning: 8x205

    Front Squat:
    • Beginning: 8x155

    ============================== ====================

    • Beginning: 8x275

    Chin Ups:
    • Beginning: 8xBW+20

    ============================== ====================

    I hit some good PR's and plan on hitting more over the next 4 weeks. My main goal is to get that DB Press at 8x110. Maybe even get the 120's up a few times. Also since Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups have become myu new obsession, I will also focus on adding weight to those.
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  7. Looking great man!

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    Looking great man!

    damn unc... i look at your avi and it's Myers (awesome) and then see your post count (666) WTF!?! lol

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    damn unc... i look at your avi and it's Myers (awesome) and then see your post count (666) WTF!?! lol
    LOL let me fix the post count, I can't be having that number hanging on me lol.

  10. I will be posting in here my continued progress with another 4 weeks of ActivaTe Xtreme.
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  11. Nice review

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    Nice review
    thank you!
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  13. Day 32 :Tuesday - Aug. 21, 2007

    The Work ouT

    Single Arm DB Row:
    • Set1: 8x110, 8x100, 8x90, 8x80, 11x70

    • Set2: 8x110, 8x100, 8x90, 8x80, 11x70

    - Each Set done as Drop Set, No rest. Then 3 Min. Rest between Set 1 and Set 2. -

    WG Pull Ups:
    • 5x8xBW

    Rev Grip BB Row:
    • 8x185, 8x205, 6x225 *Drop Set* 15x135

    Rev Cable Cross:
    • 2x15x20

    Cross Body Chop:
    • 2x20x42

    Today's Thoughts:

    Pretty good workout today. Strength was Ok when I got to the gym. I think maybe I need to do some more warm up sets. It seems every time lately as I get further in to my workouts I get stronger. I also did some Ab work today. Im always indecisive on what I wanna do on Back days. I usually just wong it when I get to the gym. Any suggestions are definitely welcome. I do not do deads every week. I usually switch from regular deads to rack deads. Friday it usually dead lift day. Until next time, everyone have a great day!!
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