A One Eyed, One Horned, Flyin’ Purple and White People Eater Log!!!

  1. A One Eyed, One Horned, Flyin’ Purple and White People Eater Log!!!


    First off, I want to thank Applied Nutriceuticals for hookin me up with some left over Purple and White betas for their new product Anabolic Drive!!!

    I'm currently in Day 2 of my 2nd week in post cycle therapy and things are still going strong. My strength has dropped very little, size and weight has been maintained, and all around I feel great so I'm very excited to add the P&W to my post cycle therapy. I'm currently taking X-Lean, Tamoxifene Citrate, and Winadrol (clone of Orastan A...which ends in 2 days).

    Based on the amount of pills I received I can either do a 23 day cycle of 4 pills a day 2 pre-workout and 2 at a later time in the day or roughly 15 days of 6 pills 3 pre-workout and 3 at a later time. Based on my readings of earlier beta logs for this product and the overall positive feedback and the want for MORE, I think I will opt for the 23 days...even tho I really want to take 6 of these bad boys but oh well.

    I was planning on stacking it with RPM but I head back to school sometime next week and I want to start these right away so I'm just going to take it by itself. Of course Day 1 is Leg day so hopefully I feel something right away. I'm about to pop them and head to my friends house and then we'll proceed to the gym. I'll be back later on with details and such...VERY EXCITED!!! THANKS AGAIN TO AN!!!!!

  2. Man, how the heck is everyone getting this before me? Is this like some kind of running joke???? No biggie! Good luck man, look forward to seeing how this product works, yet again!!! lol

  3. i'm drunk as a skunk right now so I'm gunna tell you how today went.

    Day 1

    Leg Workout was not up to par...my friend was feelin tired today so we didn't do a full workout but don't worry the rest will be all out crazyness.

    ATG Squats:

    315x6 (just below parallel)

    Dead Lifts:

    315x4(strapless...my grip was f'n up)

    Leg Extensions:


    Calf Extensions (i think thats what the machine is called):


    That was it...not much of a leg workout, i know. We had a BBQ and then went to the bars down the shore...i go back to school in less than a week give me a break. But I assure all of you and to the people at AN that today was just a mess around day. Tomorrow is a rest day so HIIT cardio will be done and the dosages will be takin at a much better time. Monday is chest and hopefully my body will know whats what with this product. I have high hopes and i know things are going to be amazing. Stay tuned folks...we've just begun!!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TheMyth View Post
    i know i know...i'm sorry. It won't happen again...i hadn't drank all cycle and a lot of my friends are leaving for school early this week so I had to get in one night.

    On none work out days when should I take my dosage? Today I'll most likely take it before I go running but that won't be for a bit. So should I take my 2 now and then a mid day take it again b4 i do HIIT?

  5. correct. Just busting your balls bout drinking, once in a while is ok.

  6. don't listen to myth - he's the reason i'm in AA

    j/k of course

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  7. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    don't listen to myth - he's the reason i'm in AAA

    j/k of course

    You should thank him for getting you to join AAA. You never know when your car breaks down and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Bionic View Post
    You should thank him for getting you to join AAA. You never know when your car breaks down and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere.
    yeah you're right... haha! let me edit that

  9. DAY 2:
    Yesterday, i didn't go running... took my doses and I noticed something its hard to explain it was like i was pumped but not...for some reason i kept flexing my biceps, back, and chest to see what the hell was going on. Idk what it was but something was going on haha. Maybe my subconscious wanted me to get my ass in the gym.

    But today was chest day and HIIT. So I took my first dose before my dr.s appointment which was early in the morning. I'm usually not such a great morning person but I felt good and had some energy which is def. a plus. I went about my day and then had dinner. After dinner I rested for about 30/40 minutes popped my 2nd dose and headed to the gym.

    DAY 3
    Side Note: I don't do Flat Bench anymore and I haven't done it regularly for about 6 months or so I think...when i do it which is like once a month my Flat has Increased SUBSTANTIALLY I stopped using flat bench around 145lbs. I can now bench 275 on my 4th set for like 6-8x.

    135x15 (warm up)
    225x8(last 2 spotted)
    225x9(last one slightly spotted)

    I noticed if I rested a little bit longer inbetween sets I recovered rather quickly and it seemed as if I was on my first set again. I usually don't like to take long rests but now thinking about it I may take an extra 30 seconds or so.

    Side Note: I think i need to start with these and build up...my decline is weak b/c my shoulders and elbow joints are really bad. I have to have my boy spot me on the first rep so my joints are use to the movement then I'm good from there but the joints are weak. I like to go all the way to my chest. Should I not go down all the way and should I not lock my elbows at the top? Any suggestions on form?


    Flat Bench Skull Crushers Supersetted w/ CloseGrip EZ Curl:
    60x10 60x10
    70x10 70x10
    70x8 70x10

    Under Cable Flys Sitting: (its like flys but sh** idk how to explain it i have to show you...i just made up that name haha)
    25 (on each side)x10

    Tricep Rope Pulldowns Supersetted w/ this crazy bar tht works tris as well:
    Side Note: My rope strength sucks. Tri's were really pumped I couldn't really move up w/o sacrificing good form so I stayed put.

    Rope: 50x10
    Weird Bar: 65x10

    Rope: 50x10
    Weird Bar: 65x10

    Rope: 50x10
    Weird Bar: 65x10

    Incline Chest Hammer Strength Machine (Widegrip):

    Decline Chest Hammer Strength Machine (Widegrip):

    10 Minutes On Eliptical LVL 15
    30 secs walk/30 secs full running repeat until 10 minutes

    It's only day 3 and so far so good. This week I'll be able to see how everything is b/c usually my weekend is on and off depending. I go back to school either friday or sat. and I don't have a lifting partner so I'll be switching my entire routine to a 5x5 that way I can push myself on my own without looking like a d-bag trying to lift heavy when clearly i need a spotter. I'm likeing it so far and I can't wait till I have a week under my belt. Tomorrow is back and bi's...


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