Alaska triple threat

  1. Alaska triple threat

    Ok here is my after fishing review. Commercial fishing that is. Started out with a few months of Intraxcell and steel edge my reviews of those are around. Added super cissus which needs no new review still a fantastic product that I don't think I can live without. I added p-slin partway through my season and even though Jacob was not super impressed with my choice of carbs ( there is just something about donuts and boats) I am super impressed with the product, when I was able to take in the suggested amount of COMPLEX carbs it was noticeable. I only succomed to the donut fest one day. I think the sleeper supp of my stack was Omega T-force I ran one bottle that was comped by Omega, (I purchased all the other supps) It took about a week or so but I noticed a definite recomp (I have noticed this on more than one occasion with t-boosting supps I seem to respond well to the ones I have used) My energy level was through the roof I was able to grind out day after day with very little sleep and than take my wife out for a night on the town when I snuck back home between openings. I finished the T-force about a week ago and I have to say that my energy level has decreased, my wife thinks its just cumulative after a solid 2 months of bust ass long days. I am ordering some more so we shall see. All in all USP. Athletic Edge and Omega are a hands down winner for the proper supps for an Alaskan fishing season. My friend who was out on the boat turned into a steel edge junkie, I had to hide it from him so he wouldn't drink it all before we got back to port. I also had some Stim-X that I keep on hand for those times when I absolutley am so tired that I can hardly stay awake, I am used to pulling 48 hrs straight so I really only break it out occasionally, We had a mechanical failure one opening and had to completley tear out a bulkhead and replace our transmission (called a reduction gear on a boat) and I gave my friend a few (Stm-X) with the direction to take 1 at a time and only 1 or 2 a day, he took all 6 in one day and was tweaked out of his mind. I had to run for parts and was not around or else I would have stopped that madness. Next on the agenda is a halibut trip in Sept. Stay tuned.

  2. Great review BC!!! I'm looking forward to trying Omega's T-Force as well!

  3. I think you'll like it. I used the recomended dose but tapered it up a bit and than tapered it down, don't know if it made a difference but it lasted a bit longer.

  4. Nice, I'm in!

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