Renegade's Comprehensive CONTROLLED LABS Thread

  1. Renegade's Comprehensive CONTROLLED LABS Thread

    Green BULGE & White BLOOD combo - 8/10

    This is one of my favorite all time stacks. Green BULGE alone provides great recovery, strength and pumps. White BLOOD compliments this very well. This stack was affordable, and very convenient (pills.) I noticed about 3lbs gained in 1 month. Endurance went way up in my workouts. I will use this stack again.

    GlycerGROW - 7/10

    This product provided excellent hydration and volumization. Three scoops taken directly into my mouth, chased with a drink. The taste was very salty and enjoyable, almost like ... well I can't describe it, but it was very tastey. This product will greatly enhance any creatine you take, and is very cheap and provides lots of servings! The only drawback I had was that it acted like a diuretic and made me pee alot. Make sure to drink lots of water on this. HUGE VASCULARITY.

    Green MAGnitude - 8.5/10

    This affordable, economy protein tastes delicious - Sour Green Apple. Even though I said it's an 'economy' protein, it has 2 advanced forms of creatine as well as added taurine, nootropic and betaine. I saw mostly strength and endurance gains from this product. Not a lot of volumization but when stacked with GG/PW/WB/WF you will see massive pumps.

    Purple WRAATH - 7.5/10

    This formula is very advanced. 7g+ of EAAs along with pre workout enhancers. The taste is great and the company spent lots of time and effort improving the taste. It provided excellent recovery and endurance for me. Drawbacks were the Beta-alanine tinglies, but I think I'm the only one around that DOESNT like that feeling!

    Black HOLE - 7.5/10

    I love eating and this product is all about eating. It makes you hungry and able to digest food, and it works. I take it before a large meal and I'm able to finish the whole thing with room for dessert. And I DONT feel like I'll explode afterwards.

    Some good ideas:

    The "I don't have much money but want maximum results" stack
    Green MAGnitude + Glycer GROW
    This stack will last 3+ months and is a one-two punch of endurance, strength and volumization.

    The "I want to bulk and just got my paycheck in" Stack
    Green MAGnitude + Black HOLE + Glycer GROW
    This will put quality mass on you. A great bulking stack.

    The "Endurance, Triathalon, Athlete guy" stack
    Green MAGnitude + Purple WRAATH
    Great for recovery and endurance, and served me well training in sports / martial arts / boxing.

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