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  1. Epithin-E Pulse by Edvanp


    Thanks to GL, I was selected to test Epithin-E.

    A little about me:
    42 years old
    5'11, 238lbs, Bf: 15%

    Lifting experience: On/off the past 25 years, hard the past 2 years

    Supplement experience: Just the basics, though I did use Cissus-Drol by GL with very good results about 2 months ago

    My Cycle:
    I will pulse Epithin-E on workout days only and this will be done as I try to "cut". I typically workout every other day, so in a perfect world, I would take it 3 times one week, 4 the next. This will last 8 weeks and I'm hoping for minimal shutdown and side-effects. I also will do my best to keep my calories right around 2500 per day. I'm not going to monitor fat/carb/protein ratios, my focus will be on total calories in. With that said, I do try to eat clean and I am sensitive to carbs, so I try not to over do it.

    Bulk Cissus (joints)
    Guggul (skin)
    Fish Oil (health)
    Sesathin (health)
    High Potency Anti-Oxidants (health)
    Resveratrol (health)

    Non-Workout days
    DHEA 25-50mg
    Cycle Support or other liver support

    Workout days
    -Xtend (BCAA)
    -Protein Drink post-workout

    Cycle Dosage

    Week 1 20, 30, 30
    Week 2 30 x 4
    Week 3 30 x 3
    Week 4 40 x 4
    Week 5 40 x 3
    Week 6 40 x 4
    Week 7 30 x 3
    Week 8 20 x 4

    This will be taken Pre & Post workout

    Workout Schedule
    I try to workout everyother day, splitting between legs/back/bicep and chest/shoulders/triceps. Cardio is usually done at the end of the workout. I like to lift heavy, but my shoulders don't, so I try to keep my lifts in the 8-12 range though once or twice a month I will go real heavy just to see where I'm at.

    I will monitor the following:

    For Strength, the bench press is what I'll track. Last time I went heavy, I did 275lbs x 7.

    I hope to lean out and get stronger. Is that asking too much? We'll see I guess.

  2. Day 1

    Took 10mg.pre & post workout for 20mg total. Didn't experience anything notable, not that I expected too. My workout was good but my left shoulder & right elbow (tendon) have been sore lately, so my next few workouts will be lighter weight, higher rep. Did legs, back & biceps btw.

    Weight this a.m. was 238.5.

    I'm going to try to get some before/after pictures to see what kind of change takes place after 8 weeks. :bb:

    Off-Topic: I scored some nice 1lb tubs of Muscle Milk & Designer Whey at a local Retail outlet store for $4 each. Too good to pass up!

  3. Day 3

    Weight: 237.5

    Dosage: 30mg (20 mg pre-workout, 10mg post-workout)

    Notes: I feel "tight", nothing else worth noting (too early I think). Also, I took my Blood Pressure on the first day of this and it was 124/71, which is in my normal range. I'll continue to monitor BP over the course of this 8 week log.

    Diet: In-check. I'm trying to hit 2,500 calories per day and this was day 5. This highest I was this week was 2,800, so I'm doing good. I'm writing down everything I eat and I think that keeps me honest.

    Workout: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
    -Went lighter today because of several sore/nagging body parts. When I go light, then I lift similar to a DoggCrapp style, meaning, after I warmup, I pick a weight I can do about 15 reps, rest 15-20, lift again, which now is down to around 5 reps, rest once again 15 seconds, then do a third set which I can usually get 2-3 reps. It's a good change of pace and for me, the lighter weight is easier on my joints. Yesterday I did 16 x 205lbs on the bench, rested 15 seconds then managed to get 6 reps, rest again and needed help on my last rep, which was 3. If you haven't tried this before, it's worth a shot especially when you current workout has become a bit stale.

    Today is an off-day, tomorrow will be back/legs/biceps and 30mg.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by edvanp View Post
    ... Off-Topic: I scored some nice 1lb tubs of Muscle Milk & Designer Whey at a local Retail outlet store for $4 each. Too good to pass up!
    Nice! I would have grabbed about 10 of 'em at that price, lol.

    The plan looks very solid. I can tell you know what your doing. At your weight and experience level, I think you'll start to notice effects at 30, but I am not familiar with this brand specifically.

  5. From what I read Cissus / bulk cissus from NP will help you with your joint issues. Monitor this carefully as Epi is a dry compound. Add some healthy EFA's etc and Cissus, and you should be golden!

    Much Love,


  6. Thanks Dr. D & Neo, I appreciate the remarks.

    -About 6-8 months ago, I bought a Kilo of bulk Cissus from USP direct and have been using that on/off for quite some time. It's a great supplement and I think it's the reason I bounced back so quickly from my hip surgery (resurfacing, a variation of replacement) 3 months ago!
  7. Day 5

    Dosage: 20 Pre, 10 Post, 30 total.

    Weight: 239.5 (I'm anywhere from 237 to 240 daily which is typical for me).

    Workout: Legs, Back & Biceps

    I had a nice workout yesterday. I had a killer pump going in my legs and it lasted all night. My legs lag the rest of my body because of surgery 3 months ago. Still, I've never experienced a pump like this! I was able to squeeze out a couple extra reps on some of my upper body lifts. I really was sweating too!

    Strength=slightly up
  8. Day 7

    Weight: 236.5

    Dosage: 20 Pre, 10 Post. 30 total

    Workout: Pushing (chest/shoulders/triceps)

    I decided to avoid the bench and did incline DB presses today, Pyramid style. Highlights were doing 95lbers x 12 and 110lbers x 4. Didn't rest long between doing the 95s & the 110s, otherwise I think I could have squeezed out a few more reps. I'm lifting with little rest between sets. Strength was good, stamina was good, had a nice pump going. I'm feeling "tight" or "On" I guess you could say. I also think there might be a little leaning out in the mid-section. I'm down a bit in weight, thanks to cutting about 500 cals per day, but I think the Epithin is helping too.

    Strength=slightly up
    Weight=down 1.5lbs

    Looks like I maybe lifting tomorrow, which would put me on back to back days taking Epithin, but I won't be lifting Friday and possibly Saturday.
  9. Day 8

    Weight: 236.5

    -Dosage: 20 Pre, 10 Post. 30 total
    This was back to back days taking Epithin for me. I know I won't be lifting today or tomorrow, so I'll have 2 days off.

    Workout: Back/legs/Biceps

    -Good workout for the legs, I didn't experience the "crippling" pump that I did last time I worked out Back and biceps were ok, though my right elbow is sore (inside, sorta like tennis elbow?). I'll need to change things up next time.

    Observations (not sure any are related to Epithin, just observations):
    -I've had a slight dull headache the past few days.
    -Slight lethargy? I could take a nap each day and have a couple of them.
    -strength/stamina slightly up
    -Slight decrease in appetite
    -I seem to be drinking a lot of water the past few days and still seem to be thirsty.

  10. 1. Good log keep it up

    2. Has it been really hot where you are?

    3. Are you sweating alot?

    4. How hydrated are you ( minus when taking vitamin C / B or multivitamin )? How yellow is the water, if not clear then up your water intake spread throughout the day.

    5. If you are sweating alot and not replacing the minerals your body is flushing / sweating then perhaps a little salt to the water ( small amount sprinkle here sprinkle there )

    6. Has the weather been changing in your area ? Storms approaching etc? Sugar intake?

    7. If you feel the need to take a nap and can do this, then go for it and take one.

    8. How is your Blood Pressure ( BP )?

    9. Make sure you are getting enough rest.

    Please supply feedback, the solution is in the details.

    Much Love,

  11. Day 11

    30mg today after taking the past two days off.

    Weight: 240.5

    Gym: Pushing exercises today, felt good, especially the shoulders so I decided to go heavier with the bench press. Ended up doing 295 x 5 reps, which is I think it a personal best I should have tried for 6 reps, but no spotter.

    Feeling good today, well rested. Still drinking lots of water, taking posideon each day prior to lifting. As you can see, my weight can be up or down by 5 lbs on a given day, depending on what I'm eating.

    Thanks for the post neoborn. Everything is pretty good on my end, especially the blood pressure and the weather finally did break (cooler...FINALLY!). My headache is gone too! I did take some airborne for a couple of days and I feel a lot better, so maybe I was starting to get a bug or something?

    Non-workout day tomorrow (Monday), so no dosage, but Tuesday will be with legs/back/biceps on schedule.

  12. this is the same as Epistane correct?

    great log keep up the good work

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Reaper329 View Post
    this is the same as Epistane correct?

    great log keep up the good work
    It's supposed to be, but I'd bet against it. Epistane appears to test unique against the other brands.

  14. Keep up the good work on the log.

    I see your drinking alot of water, I definitely feel more thirsty since Ive been on Epthin-E.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Reaper329 View Post
    this is the same as Epistane correct?

    great log keep up the good work
    Yes, it is the same.
  16. Regarding Thirst

    On the days I take the Epithin, I feel the need to drink more water that's for sure!

    Thanks for the posts everyone.
  17. Day 13

    Weight: 239

    Dosage: 30 total, 20 pre & 10 post-workout

    Workout: Legs/Back/Biceps
    -Good workout, seeing more vascularity, strength was good, nice solid workout!

    Diet: Has been good, though I've been more at maintenance calories then my projected 500 below calories.

    Sleep: Good

    Aggression/Mood: Fine, no problems here

    appetite: NC

    Libido: NC

    Blood Pressure: Up slightly (130/78)

    THOUGHTS: Doing well, not seeing anything negative.
    I do seem to drink a lot more water. Joints were slightly achy, maybe being dryed out? I upped the dosage of Cissus. I'm also only taking 25mg of DHEA on off days, so I may bump that to 50mg. I have a couple more days of 30mg of Epithin then I'm going to 40mg. Almost two weeks of pulsing and all is going well.
  18. Day 16

    Days 14 & 15, no workout so no Epithin.

    Weight: 241.5 (+3lbs from start)
    Dosage: 30mg, 20 pre & 10 post workout

    Workout: Total body workout today. Strength was good. Did 275x8 reps on the Bench Press, so that's 1 more rep then I was able to do at the start. Did hack squats today and legs also are feeling stronger. Other misc. lifts also done.

    Nothing negative to report. Mood is good, sleep is good, no change in other areas. I'm going to try to bike tomorrow and then lift again on Sunday.

  19. good log so far. keep it up !

    1. howmuch bulk cissus u taking normally and what did you bump it up too i just capped 100g and trying to figureout dosages

    2. your taking dhea and zma on nonworkout days ok. i think most tend to take a stronger natural test booster if im correct but ok nothing wrong wiht your approach as im new to pulsing and stuff.

    3. gluck bro try to be as detailed as possible cuz all this epi logs are very diff. i just ran one too

  20. Hello nycste-

    On average, I'm taking 1/4 tsp of bulk Cissus per day. I think that works out to 500mg and that seems to help my joints out. I have gone up to 1/2 tsp a few times, when I've really been sore, but 1/4 is usually all I need.

    As for the ZMA & the Dhea on non-workout days, right now, this seems to be working. I'm not seeing any type of shutdown whatsoever.

    thanks for the note!

  21. Great Log
  22. Day 18

    Weight: 240.5
    Dosage: 30mg (20 pre, 10 post)
    I did a very light, total body workout/warmup then moved on to 30 minutes of cardio. I lifted hard two days ago and my body wasn't ready for some heavy lifting, so I did a warmup set per body part (bench, hack squat, assisted dips,etc). I hope to bike tomorrow and then be back in the gym in two days for heavy lifting. My workout schedule becomes pretty hit or miss now. I have a daughter who swims on her high school team and my son plays hockey, so that doesn't leave me consistent workout days. I still plan to workout atleast 3 days per week, but the schedule varies too much for me to set aside days, thus the reason for going to total body workouts.

    -I'm 2 1/2 weeks into this and I would say I'm making slow, but steady gains. I haven't noticed anything negative thus far. My body/joints feel good and my skin is pretty clear. My mood and sleep have been great and I'm noticing strength increases. This is what I expected from a pulse cycle. Slow steady games with minimal sides. Hopefully I can say the same thing in another 2 weeks. I have another couple of workouts/dosages @ 30mg. then I'm bumping up to 40mg. I have a feeling things will really start to take off at 40mg, but we'll see.

    Thanks to those for following this thread and a hello to MadJim.

  23. Keep up the good log E, I enjoy reading this daily / every time you update!

    Much Love,

  24. Day 19

    Weight: 240lbs
    Dosage: 30mg (20 pre/10 post)

    Went back to back days with 30mg. each day. Did not lift but did go out for a bike ride. I have a very hilly 6 mile route I take that really gives me a great workout! It takes me about 30 min. to complete and this was the first time I've attempted it this year. Surprisingly, I did quite well. My thighs were burning at times, but that was a good feeling.

    I plan to lift today, but I won't be taking an epithin-E since I've gone back to back days. I believe I have a case of Golfer's elbow, or medial epicondylitis right now. Any type of pullups or similar type of lift really makes it hurt, so tonight I may just do the big three (bench/squat/deads). I haven't done deads in 15 years I bet, so I'll have to see how that goes.

    All going well otherwise, nothing negative to report.
  25. Day 20

    Weight: 240lbs
    Dosage: None

    Workout: Total body.

    Did Bench, Hack squats, close grip pulldowns, pushups on a balance ball type thing (half a ball?), abs and 1 set of light curls. Tried avoid doing anything that would cause my elbow any pain and I pretty much had success. Not a bad workout, but not quite as strong as the last one (only did 275 x 7 and last time was x 8). Short on time today, so I missed a lot of normal lifts.

    Since I went back to back days with my doses, today I didn't take any. I seem to workout a little better after taking 20mg of epithin-e.

    Tomorrow I will bike, Thursday will be off an off day and then back in the gym on Friday. According to my chart, I now begin taking 40mg. of epithin-e for the next 12 doses (3 1/2 weeks).


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