Coasties Mass Fx Log

  1. Coasties Mass Fx Log

    I recieved my bottle of Mass Fx yesterday in the mail. I am doing it standalone I know it says to stack but I don,t have the cash to get the whole stack( just bought a new apartment). Any ways I am going to also be using Protein, and No xplode. The following are a list of my stats and the supps I will be using.

    Mass Fx 4 pills per day
    Musclemilk Vanilla

    151 pounds as of this morning

    My goal is MASS!! so I might at a creatine supp in there. I want to gain 10 pounds by the time my Mass FX is done. I will be eating the following:

    Meal 1
    Two whole eggs, a english muffin with peanut butter and honey, glass of milk.

    Meal 2
    Musclemilk shake with banannas

    Meal 3
    Anything I can scrounge up for lunch, and A lot of it. Chicken or Steak or Pasta.


    Meal 4 Post-workout:
    Muscle Milk

    Meal 5
    Whatever my girl friends mom makes for dinner which is usually, Chicken, Steak, or Fish.

    Im not going to eat very clean so that I can bulk.

    Today is day 1 and I will go to the gym for the first time after taking two pills of Mass FX, so lets see how I feel.

    Hopefully I can reach my goal and I will keep you guys updated about 2-3 times per week. I am also taking any advice you could give me to help obtain my goal. Thanks!


  2. good luck!

  3. looks solid, the things I would change or modify would be:
    1) Your pre/post workout. How much time is it between your meal 3 and your actual workout? Also You may want to look into a quality whey concentrate or isolate to take in post workout and some carbs (like oats and honey, oats by themselves, etc.) You can certainly use MM for postworkout but personally I feel it has too much fat and unneeded ingredients that I really dont want in the most crucial refeed time.
    2) Also you need more protein in your first meal, throw some egg whites into that meal and youll be fine. Also during meal 3 make sure that is chicken or steak AND pasta (not OR pasta.)
    3) Lastly dont forget to eat some quality vegetables and a pre-bed time meal (youll be fasting for quite some time and your body needs nutrients ~ cottage cheese and natty pb or flax would be perfect)

    Do you have a hard time gaining weight? Although that is a solid plan the calories dont seem to be all that high (although they could be because Im not familiar with using some of those items.)

    As far as this is not eating clean so you can bulk, I wouldnt go that far. Yes you can certainly not do a clean bulk and help gain lbs but make sure that you get in alot of quality protein and carb sources.

    Best of luck and looking forward to seeing your results on Mass FX!

  4. thanks a lot for the help, I will add more protein, and yes I have a hard time gaining weight but I can do it. i have about 3 hours between meal and workout, and I drink my No-xplode 30 min prior to workout. Do you mean like grind up the oats in the protein shake?

    Just got back from the gym, was really jittery I think I might tone the the No-Xplode to one scoop instead of two. Went pretty heavy and it felt good! Im going to take my third pill after dinner, and then one before bed with my protein shake. I look forward to working out tommorow! I heard you should drink a lot of water with the Mass Fx, is this true? I am also adding cottage cheese to the diet, some extra calories will be good for the weight gain!

    Will post tomm after the workout, and tell you how I feel.

  5. I am not sure if you Mass FX requires additional water but yes your water intake should be high in general (water plays crucial roles in body system funtions so dont skimp ~ get a minimum of 1 gallon a day but shoot for 2, espeically around your workouts.)

    Yes you could certainly grind up oats and throw them in your protein shake, fix the oats normally and eat them with the shake, or even have some w/w bread or bagel.

    I have heard people getting jittery from NO Xplode as you mentioned. I think it would be a good idea to lower the dose to one and work your way up until you know your bodies tolerance and ability to get the most out of it with the least possible (very economical that way too which is clutch.)

    Cottage cheese is a money protein souce, good add. And Im telling you Cottage Cheese + Natty PB = ****ing delicious.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by OCCFan023 View Post
    Cottage cheese is a money protein souce, good add. And Im telling you Cottage Cheese + Natty PB = ****ing delicious.
    you mix them? I'll have to try it.........

  7. haah no not mixed. I eat each straight up, but because the cottage cheese is sweet tasting and the pb following it as the fat just tastes so good, plus its natty PB so it will always taste good. I like to take the 2 tbsp and use it almost like dip and keep it behind my bottom lip so I can taste it for a while (not that messy either but do brush following it lol)


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