IGF2 first impressions

  1. IGF2 first impressions

    I got off a 6 week cycle of epistane and decided to run the IGF2 with the post cycle therapy.. lean xtreme / RPM / Nolva/Clomid

    The first thing I noticed while on IGF2 is that feeling when i was 18 (27now) and my hormones were raging.. libido way up..strength still going up... muscles seem fuller.. my skin seems more elastic.. I noticed I was really darn oily when I started IGF2 and now its more elastic and youthful than oily.

    On the scale.. beginning epistane i was 162lbs and went to 176 by the end of the cycle.. I'm in week 3 of PCT and so far no increses in weight since going off epi... I will update this again as I haven't weighed in a few days.

    Normally I have alot of social anxiety and panic attacks and I have been so relaxed the last couple of weeks... a better sense of well being, and confidence.

    Im anxious to see how I feel when I come off IGF2 .. then I'll know for sure what exactly I've been getting out of it.

    Has anyone here that has tried this experienced the same? I'm loving this stuff.

  2. I'm running IGF-2/RPM/RESET AD and I'm 37 and I also feel confident, and a great sense of well being. What I like the most is how intense and focused my workouts are. This is no doubt one of, if not the best stack I have used and I have used many supps in my years.

  3. Yea man, that is my favorite stack! I love it, the libido and sleep improvments are insane! Keep up updated!

  4. Ok I stepped in the scale today and to my suprise I see 178lbs .. so up 2 lbs ...

  5. How long you plan on running IGF-2?

  6. I hope for 8 weeks, that is where it shines!

  7. I will run it till the bottle runs out which is about another 3-4 weeks or so. I'm alittle short on pills since backin Jan. I started and aborted the IGF2 due to back injury. Wanted to save it cause its not exactly cheap.

    I am curious if this is something you can take continuously.
    All the ingredients from what I have researched have little/no side effects.
    But long term use .. no idea.

    IGF2 Ingredients:
    Safed musli (50% Extract)
    Mucuna Pruriens (standardized to 25% L-Dopa )
    Rhodiola Rosea (3% Rosavins)
    Dodder Seed (Cuscuta Chineses)
    Inactives: Gelatin, Cellulose

  8. 8-12 weeks is what it's stated as...dont know of anyone that has gone longer than 8 myself....

  9. soo um I decided to get another bottle of IGF-2 and continue past 8 weeks .. I'm starting Neovar along with it so .. that will be week 13-14 or so that I've been on IGF-2 .. I said earlier the skin was youthful .. well not anymore.. I'm getting old not young ..

    anyways this stuff is still suprising me.. I'm up to 182 now and bodyfat seems to be where it was 6-7 weeks ago around 14%.

  10. I've been running Powerfull for a month and so far I like it. Has anyone used both as to compare to, and which would you recommend?

  11. I'm debating whether or not I should get some IGF-2 and RPM for a cycle during my post cycle therapy when I get off the Epi/HDRol-50. I might put together a detailed log. However, I'm pretty skeptical and am not sure I want to shell out $60 or more for a month or two of the stuff only to have it be worthless.

    A two month supply is over 440 pills or two bottles.

    Like you, I'll be running LeanXTreme for cort control.


  12. Dude get them, you will love it for PCT, really helps out, I am using it in my PCT!


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