OMG Stack - AP and P-Slin! its on now baby

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  1. Not at all brother... as long as I get one too! hahaha.

  2. Gunna keep an eye on this one.. Been debating trying out AP/pslin..

    Keep up the great work..

  3. I am jealous of your hairy, crotch filled picture.

    Hyuge quads! Nice!:donut:
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    When Performance is EVERYTHING.

  4. Been feeling ****ty for the past couple days, but my workouts have been pretty damn good.

    Hit legs yesterday and had an absurd pump the entire time...

    hit chest today
    flat db presses 120s 3 sets of 15 (damn school gymDBs only go to 120)

    Incline DB fly - 70s, 3 sets of 12

    incline BB press - 225, 3 sets 12

    fly machine 3 sets full stack.

    siick pump, vascularity is still very prominent, but starting to get that off season bloaty feeling that i dont like.... maybe time to incorporate some light cardio. weighed in at 219. still lean. definately looking thicker in the chest/traps/delts. pics soon. - httc


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