Get Diesel NOS ETHER Final Review

  1. Get Diesel NOS ETHER Final Review

    This is from a log ran on another board. If you wish to see the log in full, let me know.

    Get Diesel Nutrition NOS ETHER Final Review

    Starting Weight: 183.5 lbs.
    Ending Weight: 185 lbs.

    Measurements: (empty stomach/depleted this morning)
    Upper Arms: 15 in.---15.15in. (+.15 in.)
    Forearm: 13.5 in.-----13.5in. (No change)
    Waist (at widest point): 33 in.---32.25 in. (-.75 in.)
    Calves: 14 in.-----14 in. (No change)
    Quads: 23 in.------23.3 in. (+.3 in)

    Lean Muscle Mass: Well based on the measurements I would say I added some LBM. I am up 1.5 lbs, and quads seemed to get the most out of that, which is awesome (although I'm sure there may be some measuring error). Also added some size to my arms, which I'm very happy with. For 25 days, I would say this category was impressive.

    Keep in mind, I am an endomorph, and gain fat easily. That said, I was eating a cyclical diet, slightly above maintenance. I was not on an all out bulk, so these results surprise/impress me given my caloric intake. Had my diet been bigger, I could have gained much more weight. People tend to think weight gain == results, but hopefully people understand why 1.5 lbs was fine in this situation.

    Endurance: At the beginning of this log endurance did not seem to be much improved. However, this might have been the most noticeable effect in the last 3-4 workouts. My intensity started to pick up quite a bit, and I ended up doing 20 rep DLs, or squats, or anything to totally finish off the given body part. Even then, I ended up adding in abs or calves because I didn't want to leave.

    Since this product increased my appetite so much, many times the only reason I would leave is because I was so hungry. When I run this again, I may bring a banana and some whey to take while there, and continue my workouts quite a bit longer.

    Recovery: This is somewhat difficult for me to evaluate, as it is a broad term. In regards to reduced DOMS, this was certainly not the case. Today my legs are as sore as I can ever remember, and throughout the log DOMS were consistent with the weeks before this log.

    Recovery from set to set seemed improved, especially toward the end of the log. I found myself resting less and less, without trying to. I worked up quite a sweat, and my reps/weight didn't suffer with less rest time.

    Now, one I took my PWO dose and came home and ate, I very often felt in the mood to lift immediately after. Of course, I didn't, but if I had a need to workout twice in one day, I easily could have on some days.

    Strength/Power: All along this was what I wanted to evaluate the most. Some of the other categories are great aspects, but nothing you would buy a creatine/NO product for that solely. Strength is why I would purchase a product of this sort. That said, my strength improvements are listed below.

    Seated DB Press:
    Before Log: 65s x 10, 70s x 8
    After Log: 65s x 12, 75s x 9

    DB Incline Press:
    Before: 90s x 8, 95s x 6
    After: 95s x 9x2, 105s x 6

    Chin Ups:
    Before: 6 x BW
    After: 8 x BW

    These are my most noticeable strength increases, and they are pretty dramatic. Unfortunately, my legs did not improve as much as I would've liked in terms of strength, but they certainly have seemed to grow.

    I can now consistently do 8 chinups, as I tried yesterday to check consistency. I am really thrilled about my DB presses though. I didn't even realize how much they improved until looking at them just now.

    Almost all other lifts I was able to add a couple reps for the same weight, and some marginal weight increases. Overall I must say the strength gains were amazing. I only wish I would have seen more in my legs, but that might have to do with my training (i.e. too much cardio) and not the product.

    Pumps: While this isn't overly important to me in the grand scheme, these pumps were great. More impressive than that, however, was the vascularity. I honestly saw veins I have NEVER seen before, and that is certainly motivating while working out. I loved some of the veins I saw in my quads, and my arms seriously looked much improved while working out.

    Miscellaneous: There were many miscellaneous effects that weren't claimed on the front of the bottle.

    The first one I noticed was the "non-stim" energy, as I described in my log. I noticed it early on, but it was very subtle I didn't make the connection immediately. This was great for late workouts, without needing caffeine that would keep me awake later. Some days this wasn't noticeable at all, however.

    Toward the end of the log I noticed a great mood elevating effect. My mood was overall better for various reasons, so my assumption is that the mood effect is mild, and won't overcome a ****ty day, but can certainly help, and will amplify a great day.

    My libido was positively affected early on, but more noticeable was completely random erections. This was confusingly an on and off effect, but I wouldn't have welcomed it constantly, so that's not a bad thing.

    Appetite took a while to pick up, but once it did it got somewhat out of control. Like I already noted, there were days I only left the gym because I was so hungry.

    This also claims to have a positive impact on bodyfat, and I can confidently say it does. My waist got smaller as I gained weight, which seems to be impossible for me. With the increased appetite, I ended up eating more than normal a couple times PWO, which never lead to fat gain. Unfortunately my before pics turned out in bad lighting. I'll try and get finals in similar lighting, for comparison purposes. However, not sure these improvements will be noticeable in them, but we'll see. I don't look much different, but improvements were certainly made. Keep in mind, this was after only 25 days, so if 2 tubs were ran I would be interested in those overall results.

    Sides: The only real side I noticed would have to be headaches early on. It seemed to be from the nutrient partitioning ingredients, so once I added some more carbs they disappeared. They were quite annoying, but easily fixed.

    I also had stomach issues one day, and seemed to hold water in the midsection the first week or so. It went away, so not a big deal at all, and the stomach issue was only once, early on as well.

    Price: Many people may have a hard time justifying the price, and I can understand that, as they probably look at it as a creatine product, vs. other less expensive creatine products. If you are planning on using a pre-wo product stacked with your creatine product, it would only be fair to include both prices against this. That said, the 64$ is not too bad, and given the significant impact it had on my strength, I will be purchasing this in the future. I will be cutting. Once I begin to "bulk," I will be purchasing at least one tub of this, hopefully, funds allowing, two.

    I will also come here and post a picture of the transaction(or new bottle), since nobody believes positive reviews anymore, sometimes justifiably so, I guess.

    Notes: Endurance and mood increased, quite a bit in some instances, but not until later in the log.

    Waist shrunk while I gained weight, as an endo that is great.

    Strength gains were incredible for 3-4 exercises, and consistent across the board.

    Bottom Line: I will buy this product, and will recommend it often as well. If you are in the market for a creatine and/or NO product, give this a try. I'm happy I had the chance to.

    **I'd like to thank Chuck Diesel for allowing me to test this product, and opening my eyes to a great product I may not have tried had I not tested it.**

  2. I've been debating for awhile to buy this or not. It has a high price tag.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    I've been debating for awhile to buy this or not. It has a high price tag.
    Well its an effective NO/Creatine product really effective for strength/power.

    People always say "this cost 2 much" then they go and buy like a bs NO product for like $35 and a Bs creatine product for like $40 and thats $75 on a BS stack.

    Or they say DT Hardcore is to much at $50 then they run some other BS stack of like 3 $30 products that dont come close to DTH.

    Im not giving u attitude, but dont say it has a "high" price tag.

    Thats like saying "I'm thinking of buying a ferrari but they have a high price tag."

    Are you (or anyone) taking supplements for the best results possible without wasting ur money or are you taking certain supplements because they have a "low" price tag?

    Are you diesel?

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