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  1. ColOssaL labS SavAge StAck LoG


    read the rules next time.

  2. Well just recieved the stack of a life time here with some great supplements from colossal Labs. I will basically log on here as much as possible to let you know the in's and out's of these products and what i think of the products. Punksurfer and colossal gave me this oppurtunity and i will take full advantage on giving my honest opinion.

    I will be doing DC training and hope to beat my log book everytime with the help of these products. Here is a preview of my current work out routine.

    Mon: chest, shoulders, triceps, back(width) and Back (thickness)

    Tue: off

    Weds: Biceps, forearm, calves, hamstrings, and quads


    Fri:chest, shoulders, triceps, back(width) and Back (thickness)

    weekends: off

    this cycle repeats starting MON: with Biceps, forearm, calves, hamstrings, and quads and so fourth
    this has worked for me in my past ofseason to add quality size and plan on doing even bigger things this time around...

    My nutrition is very basic and strict: usually i have a beef week, a tuna week, and a chicken week, just to keep things changing.... this is my beef week and starting tomorrow i'll log the nutrition aspect i'm around 3,400 -3,700 cals a day

    current supplements:

    The new Colossal stack
    Xtend by scivation
    O.N whey protein
    L-dopa by Unique Nutrition

    So get ready for the log to begin tomorrow...if any onw has any questions feel free to ask me and PM and i'll try to answer them the best i can



  3. To make my nutrition portion of this easier i've incorporated the use of my FITDAY account which allows every to see what my daily intake looks like. For the majority of the time it will be the same, but the only various meal would be dinner. All my meals prior to that are planned out.... I am folllowing a bit of SCIVATIONS Cut Diet but using the portion above maintenance which would be around 3500+

    hope this makes things easier to follow... This will also include the activities during the day as well



    INCLINED Press @ 275
    5 x 3 x 2

    MILITARY press @ 185
    8 x 4 x 3

    Seated Overhead barbell Extension ( cool tricep machine)@ 210
    9 x 4 x 3

    Seated CABLE [email protected] 235
    7 x 6 x 4

    PULL [email protected] 205
    5 x 5 x 3

    This was from my workout yesterday... like i stated before i will try to increase the weight or reps next time around when doing these exercises.... So that is how i will gauge my progress... I'm hoping the testofreak and nomonster can give me the strength to push through each workout... stay tuned...

  5. hope you enjoy the product, although i don't see how that is a "stack of a life time" - it's just trib



    heres day two nutriton log...

    I'm starting N.O monster stacking with testo Freak today prior to my workout...

    I'll give my thoughts on it later today or tomorrow

    I'm hitting

  7. Here are my current stats for those who don't know me

    I'm 6'0 5'11'' on a good day and weight about 213lbs.. my contest weight was 203ish, so i'm about 10 lbs heavier... my goal is to stay leaner this time around and hopefully get to a high of 230..i feel comfortable there..
    i will try and take some pics today so you can see the 30 day transition...

  8. VItaMoNsTer is also part of the stack which is a one tablet multi vitamin.. first thing i noticed as with alot of other vitamins is, the BRIGHT yellow urine....

  9. well guys, i took my first dose of N.o monster at 245 and by 330 as i was changing to hit the gym, i noticed the vascularity i had before even getting a pump, so i decided to take a pic....

    What i did notice different in my workout routine was a different pump, with the majority being my legs( hence it was leg day) and my legs looked huge... if it wasn't for my phone dying i most def would have taken a pic... hopefully FRI i'll have some GYM shots to show the vascularity i've had ...

    [IMG]****81 4763&d=1186631019[/IMG]

  10. soooo... how much is Colossal Labs paying you?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    soooo... how much is Colossal Labs paying you?
    why would you think they were paying me....

    they sent me the three products and asked that i gave my honest opinion... is there something you cant believe in what i posted..??

    MOD EDIT: Read the rules next time. Colossal reps, first-last warning.


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