Starting Today Havoc Pulse Cycle

  1. Starting Today Havoc Pulse Cycle

    Right after god knows how many questions and hours reading posts on every forum out there, then waiting for my bottle to arrive I have started!

    I am going to run a pulse cycle taking Havoc EOD. It will be M-W-F but being I could not wait today I will start out T-TH-SA then loop round.

    I am 29 and live in the UK.
    I have this morning weighed in at 185.5lbs and a bf of 14% (taken using skin fold calipers).

    The Cycle

    Week 1 Day 1 10mg Havoc Pre W/O
    Week 1 Day 2 10mg Havoc Pre W/O 10mg Post W/O
    Week 1 Day 3 20mg Havoc Pre W/O 10mg Post W/O

    Week 2 20mg Havoc Pre W/O 10mg Post W/O

    Week 3 20mg Havoc Pre W/O 10mg Post W/O

    Week 4 I will decide based on gains and body reaction if I bump to 40mg 20mg either side of workouts or continue as weeks 2+3.

    I will also start on the 4th week taking a low dose 2-3 tabs of 6-oxo extreme on my 'off days' in the evening and continue this process till the end of my cycle.

    Week 5 Same as above, If I am still gaining and not feeling to many sides I will continue potentially upto 7 weeks in total. I f I feel that the benefits are slowing or feeling that my body has had enough I will quit after 4 weeks.

    Post Cycle

    I intend to run 2 weeks of 6-oxo extreme and milk thistle and CQ10. I will have Tamoxifen on hand but have found few posts where people who have pulsed for brief periods needing a SERM. However, I have the sachets if needed.


    I will be looking to consume 4000 cals a day (I normally average just over 3000) all clean, but then I always do eat clean - I am lucky and have little food cravings and no sweet tooth. I will be using a 35/35/30 ratio which if I remember correctly from typing this into my meal tracker it worked out 320g protein, 350g carbs, 150g fat.


    3x Week

    Day 1 Chest, shoulders and triceps
    Day 2 Legs, Back and bieps
    Day 3 Repeat Day 1
    Day 4 Repeat Day 2 and so on..............

    Cycle Start

    Day 1
    Woke up 05:30
    Meal 1 Whey, oats and an apple blended. 10mg HAVOC

    Work Out 06:45
    Went nicely - no difference - hardly suprised expect to feel nothing before at least 3rd dose if then.

    Post W/O Shake 07:25
    100g Waxy Maize Starch
    30g Whey
    400ml Skimmed Milk
    5g Glutamine

    Meal 2 08:15

    I will then eat every 3 hours before settling down roughly 21:30. My last main meal at around 18:30 will always be either fish or poultry and vegetables, possibly cottage cheese ommelettes on days when I am in a rush but basically carbs stop as of late afternoon. Pre bed will be a 40g protein shake with 20g of fats from Udo's Choice.

    I will look to post every 2-3 days, ideally every work out day.

    Any comments are welcome on the log itself or the cycle, diet or training.

    Wish me luck!

  2. Sub'd! Looks good, I'll be following!


  3. Quick 1st day update:-

    It is lunch time, and I have eaten for the 4th time today! But I am posting to say that 'the boys' have felt good this morning.

    When I have a good w/o for a couple of hours I get that feeling of production (best way I can think of describing it). Well today I still have this strong, nearly 5 hours on - normally would have gone by now.

    Nice....................Lookin g forward to thursday when I have 10mg post w/o already to see what impact that has - the office furtniture legs had better watch out if it gets more intense, unfortunately that is more attractive then any of the staff!

  4. Day 3 and my 2nd w/o.

    Took 20mg today, 10mg either side of my workout. Can't day that I have noticed any benefit or difference during the workout yet, byt I have always thought it would take till week 2 before it did.

    The thing I am most aware of at the moment is throbbing balls all day long, in that stimulated way you get after a high gh session.

    Did deadlifts and squats before moving on to barbell rows, I think next time I will do my rows first as the strain from the lifts told when rowing and I struggled to feel my lats working and lift quite aswell as I would have liked to.

    I have eaten like a horse today though, went to Nando's for lunch and had a whole chicken and rice, then finished the mrs's 1/4 chicken. I also managed to munch through 300g of oats and 120g whey too, a few eggs and some extra lean bacon, couple of apples - just my pre bed shake to go - my arse has plenty to say though as my body tries to deal with the onslaught!

    Can't wait till saturday and day 3 on 30mg's. Bench press! really hoping to see some extra reps squeezed out over last week but have told myself not to get to downhearted if it does'nt. Week 2 gains that is my prediction. Will weight myself and get the calipers out the following day again and post back as I fear I could be on route to becoming a fat bastard with all this food.

  5. Subbed hope to watch you gain lots of lean muscle!!!!:bb3:

  6. 1 Calender week completed.

    Weight +1.5 lbm

    I have decided to switch my training to a full body 3x a week alternating heavy low reps and lighter higher reps for body parts, yestredays session felt better for this.

    So far I have not really noticed anything at all since starting the cycle, possibly my chest felt a bit more pumped when benching yesterday..........I am hoping that this week hitting 30mg each dose will be the start of things!

  7. Kickass!!! Time to GFH!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    Kickass!!! Time to GFH!
    GFH! I wish that was used more around here! Good luck on the log!
  9. Havoc Pulse Log Week 2

    Well didnt get the chance to weight and measure this morning as I was in a rush so had to settle just for the workout.

    Had a good workout though still not really aware of any strength increases on any lifts, I am a little dissapointed but reading over posts again it seems that those who use Epi and do not oulse say that most strength comes at week 2-3 so on that basis it oculd still take some time if pusling?

    Not yet really had any sides, I have had 2 spots on my face but am not convinced it is purely the cycle and not excess sweat from the intense heat I have been sleeping in and the sun duting the day.

    I am desperate to try and weight myself tom and measure as 1 week in will give me a good guide on calorie intake based on my bf readings so hopefully will have time when waking in the morning and will report my gains (hopefully, but I think if anything my weight will be constant and I may have dropped.5% bf or so)
  10. Day 9 Results

    Weighed in @ 189lbs with bf at 14%

    +3.5lbm gain so far

    If I can continue to gain 3lbs a week and no fat I will be delighted, by the end of my 4 weeks a stone of muscle should show!

    I am considering upping to 40mgs and starting very low 6-oxo extreme doses on my 'off' days from day 13.

  11. Looking great!! Must be nice to see gains without the fat!

  12. gluck dude

  13. Quote Originally Posted by nycste View Post
    gluck dude
    shut your face newb..................
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  14. lol somebody is aggro in here!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by asianbabe View Post
    lol somebody is aggro in here!
    sorry asianbabe.....but it had to be said...... nycste is really a 12 year old girl with braces anyway....ahahahah the new pic btw
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2
  16. Day 14

    Well day 12's bench press was positive as I finally had some strength increases, nothing amazing but lifting in a pyramid fashion I worked up in weight/down in reps to do a 2 set max and lifted 4 reps and then managed 5lbs more for my 2 rep set - felt good to feel some progress!

    Day 14

    I have decided to leave my bulking focus, since taking my bf measurements again for the purpose of logging progress on this cycle I have come to realise I am not happy with my layer on my abs - had not really noticed untill pinching it for caliper readings!

    I am not going to diet as such but eat a regular calorie intake which for me would be around the 2800-3200 mark, more on weight days if only from the post w/o drink. I am also going to be restrictive with the carbs, no atkins or anything but a conservative intake and none after lunch to try and lean out but keeping overall calories high enough that I should still make some gains, just leaner.

    For the last 3 'on' says I have upped it to 40mgs and believe this has made a difference with finally seeing some progress. I did start taking 6-oxo extreme on my 'off' days but have now stopped as I was not feeling shut down and have started getting a couple of spots on my face and feel it is this product more than then havoc/epi. My only ever ph cycle using superdrol a year ago I expierienced the worst acne during pct!

    Well I am going to try and jump back on the scales in the morning and take bf readings again, am confident that they will not have gone up, hopefully down - but ideally weight sat at the gained 3.5lbm of 189lbs!?

    We'll see................

  17. So what did the scale read?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    So what did the scale read?
    I'll tell you tommorrow, need new batteries for it!

    I have now stopped the cycle for 2 weeks.

    I have bene handed a hectic work schedule and can not guarantee consistency of workouts so felt it better to let my body have a couple of weeks to sort itself out before going again.

    When I start up I am going to stack Havoc with 11-oxo for better fat loss and hopefully maintiaining maybe even gaining a little strength.

    I will take 6 caps a day of the oxo which I think gives 10 servings from memory, so 20 days on a pulse of EOD. I have sufficent Havoc to last a month running at 4 a day. I will ramp up on the Havoc 20, 30 40.

    I will post back my weight and bf before closing this thread.

  19. Havoc and 11-oxo is a wicked combo. I was on the 11-oxo but I stopped it soon because the sides were to much for a female.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Havoc and 11-oxo is a wicked combo. I was on the 11-oxo but I stopped it soon because the sides were to much for a female.
    What sides did you get?


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