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  1. Halovar by Purus Log

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. Some history. I used to work out like a mad man when I was 14 until I was 18. I did a cycle of Test Cypianate when I was 16 and a cycle of Deca Durabolin I snuck back from Bolivia when I was 17. I was rock solid 185 lbs.

    Since then I've been up and down weight-wise. Two years ago I started running and lost a **** ton of weight. I did a triathlon last summer. I am 188 lbs at the moment, 18% bodyfat. Guns are a wimpy 14 1/2 inches. I just started working out again three weeks ago.

    I'm 29 now and started to work at a gym. They had one bottle of Halovar by Purus Labs for sale. I did a little research and was amazed at the new "supplements" available. When I was a kid I used Creatine.

    So I bougt the Halovar. I started it yesterday. I also ordered Universal M Stak which I should get in a few days.

    I'll post all my stats tomorrow. That way you can see my progress.

    Do I need to do a post therapy product after my "cycle?"

    Purus has some other products that we carry. I'm thinking of checking into them. My gym carries "Re-cycle" and "E-Pol."

    Anybody tried em? I get 20% off.


  2. post cycle therapy is a good idea - how are you dosing?

  3. how am i dosing?
    orally 50mg daily in the morning.
    i think thats what you mean. i'm still kinda out of the loop when it comes to the new jargon.
    i definately feel a little "wierd" tonight.

  4. bro, i think you may want to research the "supplement" you are taking - if you do not know that you have to have a PCT (a SERM)for a designer knockoff of oral turinabol (steroid) then you may want to reconsider this cycle...

  5. hmm, i tried to read alot about this stuff. i couldn't find alot of information. the last time i did roids i didn't do any post cycle therapy. is there anything i can get that is over the counter?

  6. haha - you may want to read the forum rules man

    i cannot answer that one

  7. i don't understand. i'm looking for something that i can get from a supplement store. just like the halovar that i bought at my gym. there isn't any post cycle theraply products that i can buy from a supp store? thats all i'm asking. thanks.

  8. yes, you can get "supporting" supplement for your PCT, but it is still advisible for you to research SERM - because that is what you truely need (unless you would like breast)

    check out Nutra Planet for all your supporting supplements.

    SERM is up to you

  9. It looks like Purus labs "recycle" might be good. there isn't alot of info on it at all.

  10. ok so i need something like tamoxifen. ok thanks for the info.

  11. halovar is similar to oral turinabol????????????

    Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    bro, i think you may want to research the "supplement" you are taking - if you do not know that you have to have a post cycle therapy (a SERM)for a designer knockoff of oral turinabol (steroid) then you may want to reconsider this cycle...

  12. Yes - 4-chloro-17a-methyl-4-ene-3,17 diol

  13. is oral turinabol a good thing?

    Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    Yes - 4-chloro-17a-methyl-4-ene-3,17 diol

  14. it's a designer (steroid)... search the boards - sorry, don't wish to get in a discussion about (steroids) unless it is in the correct forum

    board rules bro

  15. ok so i've taken this stuff for 6 days and want out. i'm not prepared for serms and **** like that. am i already past the point of no return? if i HAVE to i can order some stuff online but i'd rather not have it sent to my house. so can i just stop this stuff without consequences? thx

  16. not smart planning

  17. Quote Originally Posted by king1033 View Post
    not smart planning
    thanks mr obvious

    i had no clue what this stuff was when i bought it. it is sold in my gym an an anabolic analogue. The last time I checked (10 years ago) it was illegal to sell steroids in gyms. Why would i think that it was legal now? what did i know

    anyway, i decided to stick with it. i've got plenty of info on SERMs and have a place to get some. I've got before pictures and before measurements. I'm going to start a cycle of Epistane as I'm coming off the Halovar and then I'm going to start the Serm and X-Lean after a month of the Epi.

    i appreciate the feedback.

  18. good luck bro!

    you should enjoy EPI!

  19. i think so too. i'm glad this site is here, thats for sure otherwise i'd be out of luck. thanks

  20. what amazes me is that they can sell roids in the gym but they can't repackage nolva and sell that.

  21. yep - it is such a damn shame!

    nolva needs to be sold everywhere!

  22. psychologically i feel great! I feel pretty pumped. I'm up 2lbs and am hoping its not fat or water. I am working out tonight and will report on any strength increases I notice.

  23. just make sure you're getting enough protein/carbs/fats - it's very crucial to your cycle

  24. just purchased a bottle of halovar keep us updated!! and yes diet is key in the musle building process the supps are just a plus


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